Echo is one of the future heroes of Overwatch. At BlizzCon 2018 it was announced that she was not yet ready for testing or play, but was introduced in the same animated short as Ashe.



At some point in the past, Echo was involved with Overwatch in some capacity. She was put into stasis for unknown reasons. It is implied this may have been prior to McCree losing his arm.


Some time after Winston initiated the recall of Overwatch agents, McCree set off to locate Echo. His journey would lead him to Route 66, where the train transporting Echo was intercepted by Ashe, Bob, and other members of the Deadlock Gang. After a brief skirmish, McCree bested his former gang and sent them away via a payload. He then brought Echo out of stasis by inserting some sort of chip into her chest.

Echo questioned how long she has been gone, to which McCree replied "Too long." Noticing McCree's prosthetic robot arm, Echo asked what happened. McCree states that's a story for another time. He went on to explain that a recall of Overwatch agents has been initiated, and while they wanted him, they needed Echo. McCree then departed saying he has business to attend to, leaving Echo to find her way back to Winston.

While not being able to reach Winston at Watchpoint: Gibraltar before he, Lena, and Mei left for Paris to deal with Null Sector she did join them in battle much to the surprise of Winston.



  • Echo was revealed on November 2, at BlizzCon 2018.

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