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Echo is one of the heroes in Overwatch. She is an evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, versatile enough to fill multiple battlefield combat roles.



To chart the origins of the Echo project, it is important to delve into the personal history of Singaporean scientist Dr. Mina Liao, who would later become perhaps best known as one of the founding members of Overwatch. But prior to joining the organization, Dr. Liao was widely considered one of the preeminent experts in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, and an employee of Omnica Corporation. There she worked on the team that was responsible for the design and creation of the omnics that would ultimately wage war against humanity during the Omnic Crisis. Ultimately, it was this expertise that led her to be recruited into Overwatch to help stop her creations.

Even that catastrophe was not enough to dissuade Liao of her firmly held belief in the potential artificial life and its power to transform the lives of humanity for the better. She dreamed of improving upon the original omnic designs. These theories would become the foundation of the Echo project. However, due to Overwatch's restrictions on artificial intelligence research and development after the Omnic Crisis, Liao was forced to limit Echo's capabilities. What she created was a multirole, adaptive robot that could be programmed to learn different functions: anything from medical support to construction: but had serious limits to its independent decision making. Critically, Echo had multiple layers of protections, failsafes, and security to keep it under control. Echo was used successfully on test missions alongside Overwatch strike teams, but Overwatch leadership was reluctant to put it into full service.


However, the truth was that Liao had programmed Echo with a powerful, general artificial intelligence that learned by observation. After thousands of hours in the scientist's presence, much of Liao's behaviors (including her speech), were adopted by the Echo robot. This secret that was known by very few, including Blackwatch agent Jesse McCree, who had, at times, been assigned to guard the scientist. When Liao was killed in attack on an Overwatch facility, Overwatch's leadership was reluctant to continue pursuing such a dangerous project, and all development on Echo was shut down, and the robot was placed into quarantine.

Overwatch 2

Having joined up with the new Overwatch team to defend Paris against the Null Sector incursion, for the first time, Echo is seeing action as a full-fledged team member. But as she is exposed to new people, new ideas, and new situations without Dr. Liao to guide her, no one knows how she might evolve in the future.


Burst fire linear projectile type
15 rounds per clip
1.5-second reload
17 per pellet
  3 pellets per shot
  Max 51 damage per shot
3 shots per second
75 m/s projectile speed
✔ Can headshot
Echo fires 3 shots at once, in a triangle pattern.
Default Key: (PC LMB.png, PS R2.png, XB RT.png)
Sticky Bombs
Timed bomb linear splash projectile type
5, 25 damage per bomb
  6 bombs per volley per shot
  Max 150 damage per volley
  12.5 splash self damage
1 bomb per 0.065 seconds
50 m/s projectile speed
2 m radius
1 second cast time
6-second cooldown
✔ Can inflict self damage
Echo fires a volley of sticky bombs that detonate after a delay.
Default Key: (PC RMB.png, PS L2.png, XB LT.png)

Non-damaging omni-directional movement type
8 m/s movement speed
Lasts 3 seconds
6-second cooldown
Echo surges forward quickly, then can fly freely.
Default Key: (PC LShift.png, PS L1.png, XB LB.png)
Focusing Beam
Linear beam type
  50 or 200 damage per second
16 m range
Lasts 2.5 seconds
8-second cooldown
✘ Cannot headshot
Echo channels a beam for a few seconds, dealing very high damage to targets with less than half health.
Default Key: (PC E.png, PS R1.png, XB RB.png)
Non-damaging movement type
8.33, 4 m/s movement speed
Echo can glide while falling.
Default Key: (PC Space.png, PS X.png, XB A.png)
Alternate Key: (PS L2.png, XB LT.png)
Ultimate Ability: Duplicate
Transformation ultimate type
Enemy-targetting duplication hitscan ability type
40 m range
1.35 seconds sec cast
Lasts 15 seconds or until health reaches 0.

Echo duplicates a targeted enemy hero and gains use of their abilities.

Default Key: (PC Q.png, PS Tri.png, XB Y.png)
"Adaptive Circuits Engaged!"

Besides these abilities, Echo is able to jump, crouch, reload, and perform Quick Melee. However, since her ultimate ability lets her copy other heroes, certain actions will be unavailable because they don't do it either.


All seasonal event items, which are marked with special event icons (Summer Games Item Icon.pngHalloween Terror Item Icon.pngWinter Wonderland Item Icon.pngYear of the Rooster Item Icon.pngUprising Item Icon.pngAnniversary Item Icon.png), are only available to be unlocked either through their respective Loot Boxes or by Credits within the event's duration. During the event, newly-introduced event items cost three times as much as non-event items of the same rarity, while returning seasonal items are unlocked at the regular price.





Victory Poses


Voice Lines

▪ Type: Echo (default)
"Type: Echo."
▪ Alamak! (Credits.png 25)
▪ Can or Not? (Credits.png 25)
"Can or not?"
▪ Double Confirmed (Credits.png 25)
"Double confirmed."
▪ Every Situation (Credits.png 25)
"You can learn something from every situation."
▪ Flight Plan (Credits.png 25)
"Following the flight plan."
▪ I'll Try Anything Once (Credits.png 25)
"I'll try anything once."
▪ Jialat! (Credits.png 25)
▪ Loading Modules (Credits.png 25)
"Loading additional skill modules."
▪ Non-Relevant? (Credits.png 25)
"Is this a non-relevant conversation?"
▪ So Awesome! (Credits.png 25)
"So shook!"
▪ That Was Different (Credits.png 25)
"That was different."


Highlight Intros




Echo was the brainchild and the most ambitious project yet of Dr. Mina Liao a former Omnica Corporation employee who helped design and build the first Omnics and one of the founding members of Overwatch. After the end of the Omnic Crisis, Dr. Liao began asking the question What else was there? How could she evolve omnics to the next level? Her answer was Echo. She went to Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison and told them that "I can make an adaptive learning robot. So, that way, when we send out Overwatch strike teams, if you need a pilot, this robot can fly the ship; if you need medical care it can learn to provide medical care—whatever niche you have on the mission, the robot can adapt and fill that role. And that’s why we think she would be really important to Overwatch".

After getting the green light from a reluctant Jack with Liao giving her word that the project wouldn't get out of hand Project Echo officially started. However, Liao took some liberties during the project and really made the robot self-learning… through observation, because of this Echo then began using Liao's voice and adapting to all of the heroes that she was around all the time—watching them, learning to do what they did, the way they did it. Because of this adaptiveness, Echo became the ultimate mission aide in being able to reconfigure, adapt, and modify her behavior on the fly. However, this also made her question her place in the world as her sentience developed.

During Echo's development, Jesse Mccree a Blackwatch agent was sent to guard Liao and her research, and ended up becoming friends with the Doctor and was often present when she was working with Echo becoming friends with her to. This also allowed McCree to become one of the few people who knew of Echo’s true capabilities. However, While Echo was successful in test missions she would never see the true battlefield until after Overwatch fell. After Liao was killed in an attack on her laboratory. Overwatch shut the project down reluctant to continue pursuing the project without Liao and Echo was placed into quarantine. With Jesse somehow obtaining a chip to reactivate her.


Sometime after Winston initiated the recall of Overwatch agents, McCree set off to locate Echo. His journey would lead him to Route 66 were an attempt to transport Echo to a secure government facility was interrupted when the train carrying her was derailed by Ashe, Bob, and other members of the Deadlock Gang. It's highly implied that McCree knew of this plan and gave Ashe an anonymous tip in order to retrieve Echo. After a brief skirmish, McCree bested his former gang and sent them away via a payload. He then brought Echo out of stasis by inserting some sort of chip into her chest.

Echo questioned how long she has been gone, to which McCree replied "Too long." Noticing McCree's prosthetic robot arm, Echo asked what happened. McCree states that's a story for another time. He went on to explain that a recall of Overwatch agents has been initiated, and while they wanted him, they needed Echo. McCree then departed saying he has business to attend to, leaving Echo to find her way back to Winston.

While not being able to reach Winston at Watchpoint: Gibraltar before he, Lena, and Mei left for Paris to deal with Null Sector she did join them in battle much to the surprise of Winston.



  • When dueling a Roadhog wait until after he uses his Take A Breather because it can completly nulifiy your focusing beam.
  • If an enemy McCree uses Deadeye, you can save yourself by using Dupllicate as he shoots. While you are transforming, you are immune to damage, saving yourself and potentially an ally.
  • If you transform into Ashe, Bob will always stay for ten seconds or until he dies even if you transform back into Echo
  • Echo must have Line Of Sight (LOS) to be able to transform into a target, this also applies to shields. For example if the whole enemy team is behind a Shield you will have to either break it or go around it so keep this in mind.
  • The Focusing Beam also applies to shields, so if a shield is at half health using the focusing beam will do massive damege or even outright destroy it.
  • Using Echo's ultimate will immediatly cleanse all effects including: Orb of Discord, the effect from a Biotic Grenade, the burning effect fromAshe's Dynamite, Pulse Bomb, Widowmaker's Venom Mine, the freeze ticks from Mei's Endothermic Blaster, Echo's Sticky Bombs and Junkrat's Steel Trap.
  • Falling of the map while transformed will still result in Echo being eliminated, but it takes a little longer due to Echo having to transform back into herself to die, like a D.Va falling off the map while still inside her MEKA .
  • Echo cannot Duplicate an enemy Echo.
  • If there is an enemy Echo make sure to kill her before diving into the enemy team because if you don't she can chase you down and kill you because your abilities are still on cooldown.
  • Some Abilities/Ultimates will stay after Echo has transformed back into herself. These include: Bob (Ashe's Ultimate), Supercharger (Orisa's Ultimate, Nano Boost (Ana's Ultimate), The Shields from Sound Barrier (Lucio's Ultimate), The armor from Rally (Brigitte's Ultimate) and the mech from Self-Destruct (D.Va's Ultimate). Please keep in mind that I'm not 100% sure if all of this is correct so if you see anything wrong please change it. Thanks.  


  • Echo was revealed on November 2, at BlizzCon 2018. She was introduced in Reunion, the same animated short as Ashe.
  • Her "Hot Rod" skin is a reference to Iron Man as they both share the same color scheme and attacks.

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