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We see amazing players in Overwatch every day; now, you can officially celebrate them! When a match ends, take a look at players on both teams and endorse the players who made positive contributions to your matches. The world needs heroes: help create them!!
~ PlayOverwatch website

Endorsements are a social feature meant to reward and feature players for their good behavior.

Endorsement Rules[ | ]

  • You may endorse up to 2 players after each game
  • You may only endorse the same player once every 24 hours
  • Endorsing is not possible in custom games, 1v1 modes and Yeti Hunt
  • Endorsing a player earns you Battle Pass experience

Endorsement Level[ | ]

Endorsement Level

Endorsement levels

  • Receive endorsements to increase your endorsement level
  • Higher endorsement levels require more endorsements received per game
  • Earn periodic Battle Pass experience rewards based on your endorsement level
Endorsements rewards

An example of rewards being given out

The endorsement level is shown in the scoreboard for teammates, on your own career profile, and in the voice chat. The indicator for it is a circular meter that fills up with certain colors depending on the types of endorsements received, along with the endorsement level. All players begin at endorsement level 1 and can progress to a max level of 5; every endorsement you receive impacts your endorsement levels.

Your endorsement level decays slightly after every match. The decay amount is proportionally reduced for each player that cannot endorse you in that match, for example, having endorsed you recently. Punishments within the reporting system may also strip players of their endorsement level and place them at level 0.