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Escort is a game mode in Overwatch 2.

Game[ | ]

In Escort, there is an attacking and a defending team. In Competitive Play, teams' roles are determined randomly when the map is chosen, and once the match is complete, roles are swapped.

The attacking team aims to escort a payload across the map to the objective, while the defending team aims to stop them.

At the start of each round, the defending team is allocated some time to set up defenses before the attacking team is allowed out of their spawn area. When the set up timer runs out, attackers may leave their spawn area and another timer begins counting down. Each checkpoint reached adds extra time to the timer.

If an attacker is within range of the payload when the timer expires, or shortly beforehand, Overtime will be activated. If the attacking team manages to get to an intermediate checkpoint during Overtime, the extra time is added and Overtime ends, with the game proceeding as normal.

List of maps[ | ]

Payload[ | ]

Having an attacker within range of the payload will cause the payload to move along a designated path. The payload will roll back towards the last checkpoint if no attacking players are near it for ten seconds.[1] Defending players can stay within range of the payload to contest it, stopping it from moving forward.

Attackers within range of the payload are healed at a rate of 10 health per second.

Payload Speed (in meters per second)[ | ]

Map 1 Player 2 Players 3 Players
Havana 1.55 1.8 2.05
Route 66 1.55 1.8 2.05
Junkertown 1.7 2 2.25
Dorado 1.7 2 2.25
Watchpoint: Gibraltar 1.7 2 2.25
Rialto 1.7 2 2.25
Circuit Royal 1.7 2 2.25
Shambali Monastery 1.7 2 2.25

Exact Payload Speed mechanics are as follows:

1 person = 100.0% speed

2 people = 116.5% speed (100.0% speed + 100.0% x 0.165)

3 people = 133.0% speed (100.0% speed + 100.0% x 0.33)

Some maps got payload speed buffs from the transition to Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2: Junkertown & Dorado payload speed increased by 10%

Payload Appearances[ | ]

References[ | ]