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Fola Oladele

Nb.png Numbanian
Social worker
Bolaji Oladele (husband)
Yewande (sister/sister-in-law)
Efi Oladele (daughter)
Bisi, Dayo (nephews)

Fola Oladele is the wife of Bolaji, and mother of Efi.


Fola has plump cheeks and kind eyes, developed from her years of doing social work within the community. She loves wearing vibrant colors. She gets on well with Efi, easily able to intuit when something is wrong. However, there is a generation gap between them, not helped by Fola's concerns that Efi spends too much time with robots, and not enough with her friends.

Fola and Yewande have a strained relationship. Fola likes to brag to her about Efi's achievements.[1]

Early Life

Fola was 11 years old when the Omnic Crisis started. The war left her emotionally scarred, and she didn't talk about her experiences much. As a mother to Efi, she tried to ensure that Efi didn't miss out on the parties, friends, and other experiences the war had stolen from her.[1]


Fola and her family lived in Numbani during Doomfist's reign of terror. During his attacks, the Oladeles had a "Super Family Fun Time" game, where they would drop everything and rush into their flat's interior bathroom over the blare of warning sirens. They let Efi indulge in sugary snacks and allow her to watch Overwatch cartoons on her tablet. However, despite her parents' efforts, she never felt at ease during these times.[1]

The Hero of Numbani

I tried so hard to make the perfect protector for Numbani, but all she did was destroy stuff and hurt people.
That's not all she did. She taught you about responsibility. And friendship. She got you out and even more invested in our community. Maybe Orisa doesn't have to be perfect. Maybe she doesn't have to keep Numbani perfectly safe. Maybe if you and Orisa can make the world just a little better, that will be enough.
~ Efi and Fola

Fola asked Efi to spend more time with her friends. Entering Efi's workshop and finding her daughter working with Naade and Hassana on junior assistants, she commented that this wasn't what she had in mind.

Later, over dinner, Fola suggested that in light of the success of the junior assistants, they go out for dinner, and bring Efi's friends along. Efi put it off, saying that she needed to focus on meeting orders. Fola sighed, biting back her usual comments that Efi needed to spend more time with her friends. Efi left the dinner table early, and at 11:03, Fola came to her room, finding that Efi was still up. She revealed that Bolaji had told her about the Adawe Foundation "Genius Grant" that Efi was applying for, and she brought Efi some plantain slices. She told Efi that she supported her, but that she was worried about her, once again harping on Efi's need to spend time with her friends.

Efi promised that if she got the grant, she'd slow down. That maybe they'd take a family vacation. Fola was overjoyed, and suggested that they could go to Lagos or Yankari National Park. She told Efi that if she got the grant, she could choose where they went to. They talked some more before Fola left, telling Efi not to stay up past midnight.

Five weeks later, Efi won the grant, and told her parents that for her holiday gift, she wanted to go to Brazil to see Lúcio perform. Her parents refused at first, but eventually acquiesed. It was also agreed that Naade and Hassana would join them, and on Unity Day, they headed to the airport in a taxi. However, the airport was attacked by Doomfist, who in the resulting fight, destroyed the airport's OR15 units. Fola tried to shield Efi's eyes from the resulting carnage, but to no avail.

Afterwards, Fola and Bolaji stood at Efi's side as she was interviewed by Numbani Civic Defense Department officers. Fola comforted her as Efi opinioned that they should have just gone to the beach, telling her that the attack wasn't her fault. Efi asked one of the officers if she could purchase one of the destroyed OR15s, much to her parents' shock. The officer refused, but in secret, handed Efi the address to the auction house. Afterwards, the Oladeles headed home.

Efi nevertheless got her hand on an OR15, and her parents allowed her to work on it. The robot was successfully refurbished as "Orisa." However, Orisa made numerous mistakes as she learnt the ins and outs of Numbani society. One mistake was ruining groceries at Mr. Bankolé's grocery. Fola bought the ruined foodstuffs and took them home.

One Sunday, Fola, Bolaji, and their extended family gathered together to discuss the matter with Efi. Fola told Efi that while she knew she was brilliant, she had to reconsider what Orisa was doing. Asked her how long it was until someone was hurt by it? Efi relented, and deleted part of Orisa's personality core. In theory, this should have fixed the problem. However, acting of her own accord, Orisa engaged Doomfist at the Numbani Heritage Museum, and Efi ran over to join her. Doomfist was successfully repelled, and Efi's parents joined her, in time for the reporters to arrive. Fola handled them well, regaling Efi's praises to the world, and by extension, her parents' achievements.

The following day, Efi was given detention at school, much to her mother's shock. Efi reflected that she'd never seen her mother so disappointed. Eventually, Fola began to say words other than "detention," and softened her approach, explaining how worried she was for Efi. Her daughter agreed to spend more time with her friends, and less time with robots.

Later, Fola and Bolaji were contacted by Lúcio, who talked them into agreeing to let him give Efi a Tobelstein reactor for Orisa. Efi was reluctant, byt Fola told her that maybe Orisa didn't need to be perfect. That maybe all she had to do was just make the world a little better. Efi realized her mother was crying, and Fola admitted that it was hard to watch Efi grow up so fast. But that she was so proud of her.[1]


  • The Hero of Numbani implies that Bolaji and Fola are Christian. It establishes that they attend church, but does not specify the denomination. However, "Sunday dinner" is mentioned, so this might indicate a Christian faith.
  • Efi's grandfather fought in the Omnic Crisis, though it is unspecififed if this is Bolaji's father, or Fola's. Similarly, it is unspecified which side of her family Yewande belongs to.


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