Gérard Lacroix was a key member of Overwatch, spearheading their operations against the terrorist organization, Talon. He survived multiple assassination attempts by their agents. 8 years ago, Gérard, along with blackwatch commander Reyes and agent McCree, were present in a new headquarters in Rome, discussing their plans to take down one of Talon's leading members, Antonio, after a recent incursion in Oslo, Norway. Unbeknownst to them, a Talon covert agent had planted a bomb in the building. Reyes and McCree were leaving the building when it went off, escaping mostly unharmed, but Gérard was hospitalized. He was later seen debriefing Reyes following the Blackwatch mission that killed Antonio, indicating he recovered fairly quickly.

Talon, frustrated at their failure, turned their attention instead to Gérard's wife, Amélie. After being subjected to neural reconditioning, she was later retrieved by Overwatch.

She killed Gérard two weeks later while he slept.


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