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Gabrielle Adawe didn't establish Overwatch, then sit back and relax. She kept fighting, kept moving forward as long as there was still breath in her lungs.
~ A Numbani citizen
Gabrielle Adawe

Gabrielle Adawe plaque.png

A plaque honoring Adawe

Nigeria Nigerian (likely)[1]
Under-secretary general
United Nations

Gabrielle Adawe was the under-secretary-general of the United Nations during and shortly after the Omnic Crisis. She was one of the key architects in the formation of the Overwatch taskforce[2] whom she believed would be able to negotiate a peace between humans and omnics.[1] She ended up negotiating such a peace, establishing the city of Numbani and overseeing its development for many years.[2]

After the end of the war, she admitted that she had possessed doubts as to whether Overwatch could succeed. However, she admitted that Jack Morrison and Overwatch had not only met the UN's expectations, but had surpassed them.[3] She gave Morrison the position of strike-commander over Gabriel Reyes, reasoning that while Reyes had led the team during the Crisis, Morrison could do a better job of rebuilding it.[4]

In order to abet peacemaking efforts between humans and omnics, she founded the city of Numbani.[5] Until her last days, Adawe continued her efforts to abet her peacekeeping efforts. At some point, she presented the "Harmony Key" to the Numbani Omnic Union.[1]


  • The Adawe International Terminal and Adawe Avenue within Numbani were named after her.
    • At the front entrance of the terminal is a plaque that contains a short summary of her accomplishments.
  • The Adawe Foundation was founded in Gabrielle's honor.
  • A statue of Adawe existed in Peace Park until it was destroyed by Doomfist.[1]
  • In Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani, it is revealed that Efi Oladele sampled recordings of her voice for Orisa.