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Black Forest, Germany (formerly)

Ganymede is a bird from the Black Forest in Germany, and the companion of Bastion.


Ganymede was building a nest on the shoulder of a fallen Bastion unit when he inadvertently reactivated it. Ganymede followed Bastion as it traveled through the forest until the gunfire-like sound of a woodpecker caused the omnic to reconfigure into combat mode, using its minigun to blast the surrounding forest with gunfire. The nest was destroyed and Ganymede was nowhere to be seen, likely leading Bastion to believe that he had been killed. Ganymede survived, however, and later caught up with Bastion as it was marching towards Stuttgart. With the bird's offering of a twig to rebuild its nest, Bastion snapped out of its destructive programming and returned to the forest.[1]


  • Ganymede is a figure from Greek mythology, and the namesake of one of Jupiter's moons.
  • The animation for Ganymede in The Last Bastion was modeled after Tikka, the pet parrot of Blizzard artist Kimberly LeCrone.[2]
  • Ganymede's species is on a picture hanging in the hunting lodge in Eichenwalde.
  • Ganymede appears as a spray in Heroes of the Storm.
  • Ganymede appears in LEGO Overwatch as part of the Omnic Crisis Bastion set.[3]
  • Ganymede's sex is confirmed to be male with the release of his plushie.


  • Ganymede's chirping sounds change depending his species, which is associated with the Bastion skin being used.
    • Classic: Ganymede
      • Classic (Ganymede) makes musical chirps.
    • Defense Matrix: Bluejay
    • Omnic Crisis: Cardinal
    • Woodbot or Antique: Woodpecker
    • Gearbot: Pigeon
    • Steambot: Dove
    • Tombstone: Crow
      • Tombstone (Crow) Ganymede makes Crow noises in place of its normal chirps and tweets.
    • Blizzcon 2016: Pepe
      • Blizzcon 2016 (Pepe) makes lower pitch variants on Ganymede's default chirps.
    • Rooster: Rooster
    • Dune Buggy: Chequered Roadrunner
      • Dune Buggy (Chequered Roadrunner) makes very similar chirps to Ganymede's default chirps.
    • Avalanche: Snowy Owl
      • Snowy Owl Ganymede makes hoots in place of its normal chirps.
    • Stealth: Birdlike flying drone
      • Stealth Ganymede makes melodic beeping noises instead of bird sounds.
    • Brick: Brick bird
      • Brick Ganymede has no bird noises, but instead will make brick noises while flying.
    • Sand Castle: Seagull with sunglasses
      • Sand Castle Ganymede makes seagull noises in place of Ganymede's default chirps.
    • Gwishin: Birdlike Gwishin drone
      • Gwishin Ganymede makes melodic beeping noises instead of bird sounds.
    • Gift Wrap: Partridge


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