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Gonzalo Flores

Web administrator

Gonzalo Flores is a web administrator for LumériCo.


He was contacted by CEO Guillermo Portero concerning unauthorized edits to the company's news feed. Flores tried to remove the posts, but something was preventing the website's content management system from carrying out the delete command. He promised to keep Portero informed.[1]

On a subsequent, separate issue, Portero contacted Flores concerning a malfunctioning espresso maker. Flores passed on the issue to company maintenance. While this was going on, he was contacted by José Leones, informing them of changes in the code of their servers that they hadn't planned. Likewise, Gabriela Moyano informed him of power spikes during an alarm test, while fellow web admin Valeria Valderrama warned him of unauthorized logins into Portero's personal page, and that if it continued, they might have to bring in security chief María Jiménez in on the issue.[2] He did so, informing her that the admin terminal had been set to safe mode.[3]


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