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Gwishin (귀신)

East China Sea omnium
Militant omnic group

The Gwishin (귀신, lit. "Ghosts") are a faction of omnics that have emerged from an omnium in the East China Sea.[1]


MEKA vs. Omnic Colossus

The first known Gwishin was the Omnic Colossus that emerged from the East China Sea 20 years ago. Every few years the omnic would return, assaulting South Korea and its neighbors. The omnic learned from these encounters, often reconfiguring itself in a different form and appearing with new weapons and capabilities. Each incident ended in a stalemate, with the Colossus defeated but not destroyed. MEKA, initially providing defense via drones, was forced to replace its drones with human-controlled mechs, as the omnic managed to disrupt the drone network.[2]

As the conflict wore on, the attacks from the Gwishin began to occur every few months. In addition to the Colossus, the Gwishin deployed were aquatic and squid-like in design (due to the underwater nature of the omnium).[1] MEKA found itself struggling to keep the Gwishin in check, as they continued to adapt and become stronger. In an example of this, the Gwishin launched an attack on Busan one week after their last, rather than the previous gap of months. Having to deploy solo, Hana Song was able to destroy them but at the cost of destroying her own mech in the process.[3]


At least two types of Gwishin omnic are known to exist:

  • 'Airborne omnic': Small, flying, squid-like omnics. Highly maneuverable, capable of firing multiple missiles at a time.[3]

Additionally, the Gwishin Bastion skin may indicate that the East China Sea omnium is also producing its own variants of the Bastion Siege Automaton unit.


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