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Trigger Quote Audio
Payload Stuck Why are we stopped?
Where is everyone? Lazy bums. This is why I hate mandatory human hiring quotas.
Could you at least stand in frame? Might as well try to get my money's worth.
Hello, anyone out there?
Last time I checked, this was not my trailer.
I'm not paying you for your acting ability! Let's get moving!
Escorting Payload (Attack) Yes, about time we got moving!
Move, out of my way! Come on, I've got a tea time to make!
I could have walked faster than this! ▶️
How long is this gonna take? May as well have tires on this thing.
Can we hurry this up? I've only got a whole day of shooting ahead of me.
What am I paying you for anyways?
Payload Moving (Defense) My trailer is that way, you imbeciles!
What are you idiots doing out there? We're going the wrong way!
Dying near the Payload *sigh* Union's not going to be happy about this.
Bodyguards. Dime a dozen.


Trigger Quote Audio
Stage 7 What, Jesse McCree? That is a terrible name for a cowboy.
Exterior. Dawn. Two men stare at each other down the main thoroughfare. He squints, six guns at the ready. "Hell, it's high noon somewhere in the world." Not bad, huh? Wrote it myself!
Interior. Whiskey Jack Saloon. He taps the shoulder of the man at the bar. "I got a gun with your name on it. Six of them."
Fourth Bank of the West. I swear that's where financing for my next picture is coming from, ah? ▶️
County Jail! My hairdresser should be in there. He oughta be locked up for how much he charges. ▶️
Stage 9 Aliens, rocket ships, and a human with a gun. The audiences never change, God bless them.


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Trigger Quote Audio
Unknown Do you know who I am? I'm HAL-Fred Glitchbot!
Hello, 911? What do you mean this isn't an emergency? I'm a famous person in an emergency. It's like double jeopardy!
Oh, someone forgot to refill my champagne bucket. Hey would you go in there and see if any of those bottles have whiskey in them?
Genius. Pure genius.
Get out of my way. Big Hollywood director coming through.
I swear if we don't make it, you're all fired!
You are all fired!
I can see the headlines now: Prominent omnic film director found dead in own limo. Cause of death: gross incompetence.
You freaks could be in this movie. What? No, I won't pay you! *scoffs* Are you kidding me?
What do you think you're doing? I just had this washed last week.
Where in central casting did they find you?
This is why I hate working with humans.
That's coming out of your paycheck!
Would you look at this guy! You know what, I'm seeing a title: World of the Four-Eyed Apes. *squeal*
No! Cut, cut, cut!
You're ruining my shot!
You could be a star, kid.
You ever think about acting? No? Eh, don't worry, none of my actors do.
I could make you a star!
Watch the scenery! I have a lot invested in it! *laughs* No, not really.
Uh, do you usually dress like that or did you just rob my wardrobe department?
I've seen period dramas that moved faster than this.
I've seen second act plot complications less bumpy than this ride!
If you want to build something, get down to the props department!
I can see the reviews: A visionary director the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Ed Wood.
Look, if you see that Kaplan kid, tell him to stop joyriding in my golf cart! Because I know it was him!
Now that's what I'm talking about!
Play of the Game!
Roll credits!
Roll film!
Smile for the camera.
Thank you, about damn time!
Hey, the end's in sight!
Took you long enough!
Hey, watch the cameras.
Hey, watch the paint job!
What? ...What?! I don't know! Call my assistant.
You have 30 seconds to get me to my trailer or you're all fired.
Let's make this look good for the evening news.
I think I've seen you standing on Hollywood boulevard taking pictures with tourists.
*gasp* Don't let this go to waste! Get the cameras rolling!
*sigh* Bodyguards.
And the award goes to...
And that's a wrap!
5 thumbs up!