Halloween Terror 2016 Loot Box

The Halloween Terror Loot Box in 2016

There are 116 Halloween Terror 2016 items, which are comprised of 12 Skins, 3 Emotes, 22 Victory Poses, 22 Voice Lines, 36 Sprays (including 10 common sprays, 22 hero-specific sprays, and 4 achievement sprays), 3 Highlight Intros, and 18 Player Icons. During the Halloween Terror 2016 event, items can be earned by opening special Loot Boxes, which also replace the normal Loot Box during the Halloween Terror event. All items excluding Player Icons are purchasable with Credits in the Hero Gallery. Newly-introduced items are unlocked at a cost of thrice the price of items of the same rarity. Also, items which were not obtained during the event became unavailable after the event ends, and had remained locked until the next Halloween Terror event.


Epic Skins
Legendary Skins


Victory Poses

Voice Lines

Are You Scared? (Ana)
  "Are you scared?"
W-W-Wooooo…? (Bastion)
  (An anxious questioning sound)
Happy Halloween! (D.Va)
  "해피 할로윈!"
My Halloween Costume? (Genji)
  "My Halloween costume? …Cyborg ninja."
You Are Already Dead (Hanzo)
  "You… are already dead."
Happy Halloween (Junkrat)
  "Happy Halloween!"
Killed It! (Lúcio)
  "Killed it!"
It's Your Funeral (McCree)
  "Heh... It's your funeral!"
Mei voiceline scary
Mercy voiceline superstition
  "Pheh… superstition."
Dead Or Alive (Pharah)
  "You're going to come with me, dead or alive!"
I Work The Graveyard Shift (Reaper)
  "I work the graveyard shift."
Smashing (Reinhardt)
Want Some Candy? (Roadhog)
  "Want some candy?"
Knock Knock (Soldier: 76)
  "Knock knock!"
A Frightening Thought (Symmetra)
  "What a frightening thought!"
If You Build It (Torbjörn)
  "Ohohohoo… if you build it, they will die."
Ooh, Scary! (Tracer)
  "Ooh, scary!"
The Party Is Over (Widowmaker)
  "The party is over."
This Is Not A Costume (Winston)
  "This is not a costume."
Never Forget The Fallen (Zarya)
  "Never forget the fallen."
Trick Or Treat? (Zenyatta)
  "Trick… or treat?"


Common Sprays
Hero-specific Sprays
Achievement Sprays

Highlight Intros

Player Icons

Seasonal Icons
a This player icon is given to every player who logged in during the event run.
Halloween Icons
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