Halloween Terror 2017 Loot Box

The Halloween Terror Loot Box in 2017

There are 63 Halloween Terror 2017 items, which are comprised of 8 Skins, 2 Emotes, 6 Victory Poses, 28 Voice Lines, 7 Sprays (including 3 hero-specific sprays, and 4 achievement sprays), 1 Highlight Intros, and 11 Player Icons. During the Halloween Terror 2017 event, items can be earned by opening special Loot Boxes, which also replace the normal Loot Box during the Halloween Terror event. All items excluding Player Icons are purchasable with Credits in the Hero Gallery. Newly-introduced items are unlocked at a cost of thrice the price of items of the same rarity. Also, items which were not obtained during the event became unavailable after the event ends, and had remained locked until the next Halloween Terror event.


Legendary Skins


Victory Poses

Voice Lines

Don't Be Scared (Ana)
  "Don't be scared!"
Oooooooooooo… (Bastion)
  a ghost's haunting voice
I'm Not Scared (D.Va)
  "I'm not scared."
I Have Something For You (Doomfist)
  "I have something right here for you."
You Should Be Scared
  "You should be scared."
Genji voiceline happyhalloween
Happy Halloween
Master Your Fears (Hanzo)
  "Master your fears… lest they master you."
I'm Alive! (Junkrat)
  "I'm aliiivvee…euh!"
So Good It's Scary! (Lúcio)
  "So good it's scary!"
I Hear You, Pumpkin (McCree)
  "I hear you, pumpkin."
Did You Hear Something? (Mei)
  "Did you hear something?"
Sometimes You Scare Me (Mercy)
  "Sometimes you scare me."
Be Careful (Orisa)
  "Be careful when crossing the street."
Your Pulse Has Increased
  "Your pulse has increased. Are you frighten?"
I'm So Scared (Pharah)
  "I'm so scared."
Things Are Looking Grim (Reaper)
  "Things are looking… grim."
What Do We Have Here? (Reinhardt)
  "What do we have here?"
Boo! (Roadhog)
  "Boo! Huhaha…"
Trick Or Treat (Soldier: 76)
  "Trick or treat?"
Aw, Isn't That Sweet? (Sombra)
  "Aw, isn't that sweet?"
You Trying To Be Scary?
  "You trying to be scary?"
The Treat Is A Lie (Symmetra)
  "The treat… is a lie!"
I Smell Trouble Brewing (Torbjörn)
  "I smell trouble brewing!"
Boo! (Tracer)
Morning Spider… (Widowmaker)
  "Araignée du matin, chagrin. Araignée du soir, cauchemar."
Ooh, Scary (Winston)
  "Uhuhuhu, scary!"
Don't Be Scared (Zarya)
  "Don't be scare!"
Frightening (Zenyatta)


Hero-specific Sprays
Achievement Sprays

Highlight Intros

Player Icons

Seasonal Icons
a This player icon is given to every player who logged in during the event run.
Halloween Icons
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