Orisa ability halt
Linear displacement projectile type
20 m/s projectile speed
7.5 m radius
0.1, 0.45 seconds cast time
Lasts 0.65 seconds
8-second cooldown
Orisa launches a graviton charge which she can detonate, slowing nearby enemies and pulling them towards the explosion.
Default Key: (PC RMB, PS L2, XB LT)


Orisa fires a projectile which, after pressing the ability button again, or after hitting a surface, will pull all nearby enemies towards it over a period of 0.45 seconds and slow them down for 0.65 seconds. Enemies which are in Halt!'s radius will have a green line connecting to them from the projectile.

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Overwatchemblem black June 19, 2020 Patch: Increased sound effects volume Overwatchemblem black January 28, 2020 Patch: Snare duration reduced from 1 to 0.65 seconds

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