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Japan Tokyo, Japan [1]
Residential area

Hanamura is an Assault map in Overwatch.

Official Description[]

Hanamura is a well-preserved village of unassuming shops and quiet streets, known mostly for its idyllic cherry blossom festival every spring. But to those who know its history, Hanamura is the ancestral home of the Shimada ninja clan, which had grown over the centuries to become a powerful criminal organization. As its neighboring cities expanded, Hanamura was encircled, and eventually it was incorporated as a district within a larger city. For now, the imposing compound of the Shimada family lies empty, but that peace may soon be broken.[2]


Hanamura is located in Japan,[3] It is a suburban area that features temple grounds and Shimada Castle, which is quite large.[4] With its restaurants, shops, and prime cherry blossom viewing, Hanamura is a popular tourist destination, but the sleepy town hides a dark secret known only to a select few.

For generations the town was the home of the Shimada Clan,[5] to which Hanzo and Genji used to belong.


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The attackers must enter Shimada Castle, and capture both Points, while the defenders must stop them from capturing them.

There are a lot of flanks in the map to help heroes such as Genji, Tracer, Pharah, and all other hard flankers attack the points but also defend faster.

The big health packs are located in the little building where Hanzo's arrow was sticking out, the left side of the second choke, the ramen shop at the beginning, and almost straight from spawn.



The choke point near the first capture zone has a small opening in the wall on the upper left (from the attacker's point of view) that certain heroes can reach with their abilities. There is also a gap between a small path near the first point and a balcony near the second point that can also be reached by a few heroes.

An interesting, but not that common attack is to utilize Pharah against the enemy. This particularly useful strategy is mostly reliable due to the fact that the Defense regularly groups up.


It should be noted that there is a choke point at the gate separating the urban zone from the first capture point that defenders can hold without too much effort. However, the opening on the wall should be guarded over and can even be a sniping spot.

A notable spot for Torbjörn's turret is in the building to the right (Facing towards the building) of Point A. There is a small window overlooking the right side (Opposite the small staircase on the other side of the point) that can be a very useful place for the Turret. The turret will be able to see just about everybody on the point, going through the main door (between the "City Area" of Hanamura and the point) and the small ledge to the left of the main door (Only accessibly by few heroes and is also a common flank spot for attackers.) Depending on the skin equipped for Torbörn, the turret can be very difficult to see. A good skin could be the Chief Engineer Lindholm skin, as the turret mostly consists of a dark color scheme, making the turret difficult to see with the combination of being very darkly colored and the lack of lighting in the turrets (suggested) position. It is also recommended that the turret be put on the far right side of the window (View is while in the building), so Torbjörn can have good cover to repair the turret, and the turret can also see a little bit more of the entrance.

Known Locations[]


  • Shooting at the murloc will cause it to make sounds.
  • Several arcade games can be found here: Vivi's Adventure, Fighters of the Storm, 16-bit Hero, The Lost Vikings VI and Siege Mode 3. Most pay tribute to a previous Blizzard game, and feature characters from other franchises.
  • The name "Hanamura" or "花村" literally means "flower village" in Japanese.
  • D.Va is shown in posters here. These are reference to her professional gaming career[6]
  • On the 2nd point (inside) you can find the damage caused in the initial fight between Hanzo and Genji in Dragons. This includes Hanzo's arrow in the wall outside the door, Hanzo's arrow in the floor, damage to the right standing lantern, and Genji's shuriken in the wall below the walkway beside the hanging scroll.
  • The mural above the final point originally depicted an archer clad in blue and a swordsman clad in green. It now depicts a blue dragon and a green dragon circling each other, referencing the Dragons short.
  • The map seems to be influenced partially by the Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto, which has a balcony very similar to the one at the second capture point.
  • Hanamura is a playable Payload map in Heroes of the Storm, added alongside Genji.[7]
    • In Heroes of the Storm update, Hanamura is reworked from having 2 Payloads turned into 1 Payload.
    • In Game, when Heroes managed to destroy a specific camp, they receive a Torbjörn turret.
  • Kyoto Temple was pitched as a map for Overwatch during development. This may have been a prelude to Hanamura.
  • The Hanzo vs. Genji LEGO Overwatch set takes place here, featuring a segment of the dojo where the two fought in Dragons. It was revealed by Target in 2016.[8]


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