Hanamura (Winter) is a version of the standard Hanamura map that replaces it during Winter Wonderland.


The map is physically identical to the original map; the only changes are aesthetic.

  • The map is set during the winter, and thus is covered in snow.
  • Both the attackers' and defenders' spawns have Christmas lights and kadomatsus.
  • The flag on top of Rikimaru is not being held up by the wind.
  • There are snowmen spread around the map; one by the well in the courtyard, one behind a rock in front of the pagoda, and one in the Rikimaru.



  • Although it is winter, the sakura (cherry blossoms) have still bloomed, which is a typical indication that it is springtime in Japan. This may mean it is actually springtime, albeit a cold one given the snow. However, Hanamura's location is given as being close to Tokyo. In Tokyo, the sakura typically bloom around early April, when snow rarely falls. It is possible that Hanamura could be further north, when the sakura bloom later and the snowfall is heavier, although that is also unlikely as temperatures would rise in the later months. Conversely, if Hanamura were further south, the sakura would bloom earlier and the snowfall would be lighter, although that is just as unlikely as temperatures would start out warmer than they would be in Tokyo.
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