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She reminded me of so many children from the past. Battles were the same everywhere: soldiers fought for survival, victory, and glory; but innocent people were trampled beneath their booted feet.
~ Angela Ziegler on Hanan


Egypt Egyptian
1 unnamed brother
Unnamed parents (deceased)

Hanan is a girl that Angela Ziegler rescued during her time in Cairo.


When Talon attacked the Temple of Anubis, the resulting battle between them and Helix Security International caused collateral damage to a section of Cairo. The building she and her family lived in collapsed, and she was pinned by large bricks of concrete. She was able to catch the attention of Angela Ziegler, who descended from the sky to aid her, pulling the concrete off the girl. Hanan recognised her as the infamous Mercy, part of the Overwatch group who'd crippled Egypt ten years ago, but was willing to take what help she could get.

Hanan's injuries were minor, and Ziegler was able to use her Caduceus staff to heal her. Hanan was amazed at the technology, saying it was like magic, but Ziegler explained that it was something better—nanobiotics. Regardless, Ziegler said they had to leave, but Hanan refused, as her brother was still trapped inside the building, and everyone else had left. The two made their way into the building and found Hanan's brother, whom she tearfully embraced. However, they couldn't linger, as a mortar hit the building, leaving it on the verge of total collapse. Ziegler grabbed Hanan's brother in her arms, and told Hanan to follow her, as they ran out of the building before it came crashing down.

Afterwards, Ziegler took Hanan and her brother to one of the aid camps outside Cairo. As it turned out, Hanan's parents had been killed in the battle, and staff began searching for their next of kin.[1]