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For hard-light architechs...We gather what we sense and bring it into being. Most of us use very precise movements. Exact.
~ Symmetra

Symmetra 'weaving' hard-light

Hard-light is a type of technology available in a post-Omnic Crisis world, considered to be a "radical" technology.[1] It is the process of creating physical objects from a light source.[2]

Hard-light has been heavily used by the Vishkar Corporation, who constructed the city of Utopaea out of hard-light, and instructs students in the process of light weaving in the Architech Academy.[1] People who 'weave' hard-light are referred to as "architechs." When weaving hard-light, most use very precise movements.[3]

Lúcio's skates project hard-light "blades," allowing for quick movement on any surface.[4] Hard-light can also be used for incarceration (a hard-light wall for a cell), and in computing (Sombra's arm terminal uses hard-light technology).[5]


A hard-light barrier

  • In the real world, "hard light" is unrelated to physically solid light, but instead refers to normal light which casts a crisp shadow (as opposed to soft light, which casts blurry shadows). In cinematography, hard light is often used when an object or individual is intended to appear to the viewer as morally dubious, harsh, and severe. The naming of "hard-light" technology could be related to the Vishkar Corporation's morally dubious actions.
  • Symmetra's photon barrier ability may be an example of hard-light technology.


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