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Hashimoto clan

Japanese clan, criminal organization

The Hashimoto clan is a criminal group operating in Japan.


The Hashimoto has influence in nearly every city in Japan. Twelve years ago, their influence extended to Kanezaka.

Eight years before the present day, the Hashimoto abducted Toshiro Yamagami, forcing him to forge blades for them. In doing so, they had leverage over his wife, Asa, forcing her to serve as an enforcer in Kanezaka. Over the following years, they extorted the townspeople. When the lights went out, they would go from door to door, taking payment, and funneling it to the clan through the Tora no Sumika.

Twelve years after they made their mark on Kanezaka, things were approaching breaking point. The Hashimoto's demands were increasing, tempers were rising, and missed payments were met with more vicious abuses. Furthermore, shipments of Hashimoto contraband went missing. Their men were badly beaten or robbed when returning from their rounds, and messages in bright, conspicuous colors started to appear, before they were quickly painted over. However, while the vigilantes were happy to operate against the Hashimoto, they were just as happy to hide from them, which left the ordinary people of Kanezaka to suffer the consequences.[1]

Known Members[]


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