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Cuba Havana, Cuba
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Havana is an Escort map in Overwatch and Overwatch 2. Released on 7 May 2019, making it the 31st map added to the game.

Background[ | ]

Havana (Spanish: La Habana) is the capital city of Cuba. It is home to the Don Rumbotico distillery and the Havana Sea Fort, both locations considered iconic of the local area. Alicia Díaz, a local, feared that Havana is changing and losing elements of its cultural legacy.[1] A travel poster advertising tourism to Havana is located inside the Adawe International Terminal in Numbani.[2]

Gameplay[ | ]

Havana is an Escort Map which takes place in three main locations: The City Streets, the Distillery, and the Sea Fort.

City Streets[ | ]

The City Streets are the first part of the map where the attackers spawn. There is a very long open street which leads up to several buildings, and curves right then left up to the distillery. Along the road there are buildings to provide cover, as well as obtain high ground for both attackers and defenders.

Distillery[ | ]

The Distillery is an enclosed building with a second floor which extends around the edges and center of the building. There are large Vats blocking sightlines, as well as an office building near the end with a corridor which leads to above the checkpoint. Defenders spawn in the distillery for the first checkpoint defense. The payload curves around the right of the inside of the building before heading straight.

Sea Fort[ | ]

The Sea Fort has a very large straight heading up to it, with very minimal cover. Defenders can use the destroyed building on the corner, or the gaps in the Sea Fort to maintain high ground. On the entrance to the fort is an environmental hazard which also follows the straight to the fort, but underneath and to the left. This underneath area loops to the side of the fort, or back around to the entrance. Inside the fort there are two high grounds which provide sightlines or cover depending on the side. The left side of the Fort (from an attacking perspective) has an opening which can be flanked. The defenders spawn at the corner building for the second checkpoint defense, and spawn in the Sea Fort for the final defense.

Strategy[ | ]

Heroes[ | ]

  • Widowmaker is especially powerful on Havana due to the massive sightlines. It is one of the few places where she has enough distance to receive fall-off damage however.
  • Heroes with limited range such as Reaper will struggle on this map for the first and last points, due to the long open stretches.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Havana is based upon the map used for the Storm Rising PvE mode. Unlike Rialto, which is used for Retribution, Havana is played forwards and has no extra locations accessible to the player.
    • It is however modified, with more open sightlines in the Distillery, as well as platforms for the Talon Snipers. The last checkpoint of the map also has Stormy weather, but this doesn't affect any gameplay.
    • Havana also still has Maximillien's crashed car in the Attacker's first spawn, which is strange as the events of Storm Rising took place years before Havana does, and the crash should have been cleaned up.
  • Development for Havana began in August 2018. Development for Storm Rising started the month after.[3]
  • The Numbani map originally showed a poster featuring Temple of Anubis. On March 2, 2019, it was discovered that the map was changed on PTR to replace the Temple of Anubis poster with a new Havana poster.[4]
  • The map contains many references to Shakespeare's works.
    • Taller de Sebastián and Viola y Orsino are named for three main characters of Twelfth Night: Sebastian, Viola, and Orsino. The computer in the operations room of Don Rumbotico also displays text about Viola and Olivia. Together, these four make up the two central couples of the play.
    • The logo of Viola y Orsino, in reference to the real-world cigar brand Romeo y Julieta, shows the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet.
    • La Cocina de Miranda is named after a main character of The Tempest. A poster also notes that a film adaptation of The Tempest is playing at the Gran Teatro.
  • Havana was disabled for Unranked and Competitive Queues from the launch of Overwatch 2 up until Season 3. Using spectator mode at the time of its launch, players could see an extension to the map, inaccessible on normal play. As shown previously with King's Row in development material, the map has been extended for PvE related content.

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