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Landing a Headshot (or critical hit) deals critical damage, and is done by attacking an opponent's head hitbox[1] with a hero's weapon or ability. All headshots gain a natural 2.0x damage modifier, making them deal double the damage of a bodyshot (for example, Cassidy's Peacekeeper deals 70 damage to the body, but 140 damage to the head).

Some heroes can gain a natural 2.5x damage modifier when dealing a headshot in specific situations: Widowmaker, while firing Widow's Kiss in Sniper mode; Genji, while Deflecting scoped shots fired from Widow's Kiss; and Echo, while firing scoped shots as a Duplicated Widowmaker.

Not all attacks are capable of dealing critical damage, even when aiming at the head (some heroes are incapable of dealing critical damage entirely). Note that in game modes that restrict all damage to headshots only, some heroes and deployables may not deal any damage whatsoever (like Symmetra, Moira, turrets, and B.O.B.), while others may become immune to damage (like Hammond, Bastion, turrets and barriers).

Example Video showing Hitboxes [1]

Weapons and Abilities capable of dealing Headshots[]


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