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Healing restores a hero's replenishable hit points. Healing is done by Health Packs, the spawn room, the payload (for the attacking team), and hero abilities. Although many heroes have healing abilities, Support heroes have a focus on healing. Generally, the act of healing generates ultimate charge (healing allies' self damage or environmental damage will not grant ultimate charge).

When receiving healing, hit points are restored in the following order: Health, then Armor, then Shields.

Ally Healing[]

The following heroes can heal allies.

  • Ana's Ability-ana1.png Biotic Rifle can heal an ally for 70 HP. Ability-ana3.png Biotic Grenade also heals all allies for 100 HP and boosts other sources of healing by 50% with an area effect of 4 meters. Ability-ana4.png Nano Boost also heals for 250 HP.
  • Baptiste can heal allies with his Baptiste-ability1.png Biotic Launcher's alternate fire for 70 HP per grenade for direct hits and 50 for just the explosion. Baptiste-ability2.png Regenerative Burst heals surrounding allies 75 HP over 5 seconds and 150 over 5 seconds for himself. Baptiste-ability3.png Immortality Field can heal teammates if their HP is below 10%.
  • Brigitte's Inspire PNG.png Inspire heals herself and all allies within 20 meters for 15 HP per second whenever she attacks. Each of her 3 Repair Pack.png Repair Packs heal the target ally for 110 HP over 2 seconds. Multiple Repair Packs thrown at the same ally will increase the healing duration by 2 seconds each.
  • Lúcio's Ability-Lucio2.png Crossfade, when toggled to healing boost, heals allies within 12 meters 16 HP per second, or 52 HP per second during Amp It Up. However, healing boost only heals Lúcio for ~12.3 HP per second, or 40 HP per second during Ability-Lucio3.png Amp It Up.
  • Moira's Ability Moira Biotic Grasp Alt fire.png Biotic Grasp can heal an ally for 70 HP per second + 35 HP over 2 seconds after usage. Ability Moira Biotic Orb.png Biotic Orb (healing) can heal 65 HP per second (max. ~300). Ability Moira Coalescence.png Coalescence can heal 140 HP per second.
  • Mercy's Ability-mercy1.png Caduceus Staff can heal an ally for 55 HP per second while they remain within 15 meters and maintains line of sight. Healing is increased to 60 HP per second during her Ability-mercy6.png Valkyrie ultimate.
  • Soldier: 76's Icon-ability.bioticfield.png Biotic Field heals allies within 5 meters for 35 HP per second.
  • Zenyatta's Ability-zenyatta2.png Orb of Harmony heals the targeted ally for 30 HP per second. Ability-zenyatta4.png Transcendence heals all allies within 10 meters for 300 HP per second for up to 6 seconds.


The following heroes can heal only themselves or have special self-healing.

  • Bastion's Ability-bastion4.png Self-Repair heals him for 90 HP per second while held.
  • Mei's Ability-mei2.png Cryo-Freeze heals her for ~51.28 HP per second for its duration.
  • Mercy's Ability-passive.png Regeneration passively heals her for 20 HP per second after avoiding damage for 1 second. Mercy gains no Ultimate Charge for this self-healing.
  • Moira's Ability Moira Biotic Grasp Alt fire.png Biotic Grasp (secondary fire) grants self healing of 24 HP per second while dealing damage to enemy heroes. Moira's Ability Moira Coalescence.png Coalescence grants self healing of 50 hit points per second, regardless of if it is healing any allies or damaging any enemies.
  • Reaper's Ability-reaper5.png The Reaping heals for 35% of damage dealt. Reaper gains no Ultimate Charge for this self-healing.
  • Roadhog's Ability-Roadhog2.png Take a Breather heals him for 300 HP over 1 second.
  • Tracer's Ability-tracer3.png Recall heals any damage taken in the last 3 seconds (although this doesn't count towards her Healing Dealt statistic, but rather to a unique Health Recalled statistic).

Other Healing[]

  • Small health packs heal 75 HP (respawning after 10 seconds).
  • Large health packs heal 250 HP (respawning after 15 seconds).
  • Shield health regenerates at 30 shields per second, after not being damaged for 3 seconds. This healing does not count towards the Healing Dealt statistic of any hero. It is the only instance in which healing is dealt outside of the usual order listed above.
  • Sombra's Ability Sombra Hack.png Hack and Ability Sombra EMP.png EMP cause Health Packs to respawn 4x faster (healing caused by Hacked Health Packs counts towards Sombra's Healing Dealt statistic, although it doesn't provide Ultimate Charge).
  • On Escort and Hybrid, the payload heals heroes on the attacking team for 10 HP per second while they are within 5 meters (the same distance necessary to move the payload forward).
  • The heroes inside of their spawn room will be healed for 400 HP per second (the most healing from a single source).
  • Genji's Ability-genji2.png Deflect can turn enemies' healing projectiles into ally healing projectiles. For example Moira's healing orbs or Baptiste's healing grenades.


  • As a result of a bug, D.Va and Sigma are erroneously credited for a small amount of healing dealt to enemies by healing projectiles they destroy using Ability-dva3.png Defense Matrix and Abilities-sigma3.png Kinetic Grasp, respectively. This can be recreated easiest by destroying Moira's Ability Moira Biotic Orb.png Biotic Orb (healing).