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Health packs are items found spread around on maps which can be picked up to regain lost HP.

A health pack cannot be consumed by a hero that has not taken damage to their recoverable HP, nor by a hero that is afflicted with anti-heal (e.g. from an enemy Ana's Biotic Grenade). Otherwise, the health pack will both be consumed, and apply its healing, instantly.

Health packs come in two sizes: small and large. Small health packs are vials, whereas large health packs look like traditional medkits, only with a glass case, that visibly contains 3 small health packs. The small packs are more common than the large.

  • Small health packs restore 75 HP and respawn in 10 seconds.
  • Large health packs restore 250 HP and respawn in 15 seconds.
  • Health packs instantly cleanse the damage over time effects of Ana's Biotic Rifle, Ashe's Dynamite and Widowmaker's Venom Mine.
    • For these abilities, it is possible for a single tick of damage to occur after the health pack provides healing.
  • The healing dealt by health packs can be amplified by the bonus healing effect of Ana's Biotic Grenade:
    • Small health packs are amplified by 37.5 HP to a total of 112.5 HP.
    • Large health packs are amplified by 125 HP to a total of 375 HP.
  • When hacked by Sombra, health packs cannot be used by enemies. Furthermore, they respawn 4 times faster.
  • To get the Achievement Survival Expert, it is necessary to receive 900 healing from Health Packs in a single life in Quick or Competitive Play.


  • If there are Support heroes around, avoid using Health Packs to heal because allowing Supports to heal gives them ultimate charge. Furthermore, Support heroes can use the Health Pack themselves to keep themselves alive and continue supporting the team.
  • Tanks benefit more from Large Health Packs than other members of the team because most heroes have less than 250 HP.
  • It is advised to memorise the location of valuable Health Packs in every map. Doing so allows a player to predict where enemies are going, as well as know where to safely retreat to after taking damage.
    • Control maps are symmetrical either side of the objective, and this is true for the positions of Health Packs too. This can make it easier to memorise these maps by only having to memorise one side of the control point, and then mirror it when necessary.
    • Health Packs go into a cooldown after use. Therefore you can only use them once every few seconds before reuse. Large Health Packs also take longer to regenerate than Small Health Packs.