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Helix was a peacekeeping force, but in my mind, they were little better than mercenaries. They were paid to protect the interests of the government, not its people: an unsurprising replacement for Overwatch.
~ Angela Ziegler
Helix Security International
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United Nations
Helix Base of Operations, Cairo, Egypt[1]
Private security contractor

Helix Security International, otherwise referred to as Helix Security Systems[2] Helix Security,[3] or Helix Securities[4] is a private security firm.[5] It is funded by the United Nations and acts as a global security force.[6] It is one of the most powerful corporations in the world.[7]

Background[ | ]

Egypt has become a safe haven under our guard. And that haven is growing beyond our borders.
~ Captain Fareeha Amari

In the current era, Helix serves as a replacement for Overwatch. While officially a peacekeeping force, the group has shown disregard for collateral damage at times;[3] Jack Morrison regards them as nothing more than mercenaries.[8] It is based primarily in Egypt, and effectively acts as the country's military.[1]

The Temple of Anubis[ | ]

HSI currently has a contract to safeguard the Temple of Anubis.[5][2] A few years after it took control of the facility, the "god program" Anubis broke containment. 3 hours after the incident, HSI sent in an engineering team, but lost contact with them. It thus sent in a "kill everything" team under the command of Captain Khalil. From the outset, the team was dogged with adversity—Okoro, an omnic, was hacked by Anubis, the omnic taking his own life to prevent himself falling under Anubis's control. Soon afterwards, the team was attacked by sentry bots, which resulted in Khalil's death. As Lieutenant Amari took command of the operation, she and her fellow members successfully entered the temple and shut Anubis down. After the battle, Amari was promoted to the rank of Captain, replacing Khalil and continued to lead her team.[4]

Watchpoint: Grand Mesa[ | ]

HSI personnel were stationed at Watchpoint: Grand Mesa—a former Overwatch outpost. However, they failed to stop the theft of a pulse rifle by an unknown assailiant. No personnel were killed, though some had to be treated for non-threatening injuries.[9]

The Doomfist Breakout[ | ]

The organization's maximum security prison was breached in a Talon operation. A Talon aircraft bypassed the base's defenses without incident, which led some to speculate that Talon had moles within Helix. The mercenary known as Reaper easily overcame the base's security and freed Akande Ogundimu, possibly freeing other inmates and retrieving items stored in the facility. HSI lost track of Ogundimu until he resurfaced in Numbani, where he clashed with the newly introduced OR15 defense robots at the Adawe International Terminal, easily destroying them and reclaiming the Doomfist gauntlet.

It was three months later that the events at the base became public knowledge, and when asked, HSI refused to confirm whether other inmates had escaped. Questions were ranged at Helix's effectiveness and methodology, as the breakout was just one of a number of incidents where Helix's effectiveness had come up short. Nonetheless, HSI requested, and was granted, additional funding by the UN to cope with rising threats, much to the dismay of those who'd objected to the increased privatization of security following the disbandment of Overwatch.[6]

Talon and the Temple[ | ]

Talon had no concern for innocent life, or civilians, or property damage, and the Helix Security forces, little more than mercenaries, weren’t much better. Rockets sailed through the air, and buildings were destroyed. People fled the area in terror.
~ Angela Ziegler reflecting on the battle

Talon attacked the Temple of Anubis. HSI deployed its Raptora units to defend the complex, and the resulting rocketfire resulted in civilian casualties and damage to the surrounding buildings. In the aftermath, HSI members were treated for their injuries, along with those caught in the crossfire.[3]

Cairo[ | ]

This is a dangerous time. We are Cairo's first line of defense. And that line is challenged every day.
~ Fareeha Amari

Raptora troopers in Cairo

HSI continued its anti-Talon operations in Cairo; Fareeha Amari spent months tracking them, and led numerous missions against the group. All of them ended in failure.

A Talon hit squad traced an unidentified target in Cairo, and a firefight erupted in a marketplace against two other targets. The attack was bigger than anything HSI had seen from Talon before.

A few days later, an HSI Raptora squad tracked the Talon agents to their warehouses. An attack was launched under the command of Captain Fareeha Amari, and the warehouse was razed to the ground. However, she reflected that HSI's success would do little to dent Talon's operations. She ordered that HSI medics be brought in to tend to the wounded.

Later, another Talon hit squad attacked Amari in the streets of Cairo, alongside former Overwatch members Ana Amari and Cole Cassidy. She called for reinforcements, while she and her allies fought their way through the streets. The reinforcements she requested were intercepted en route, leaving her and her allies to fight their own way out of the ambush. In the resulting firefight, the entire Talon cell was wiped out.[1]

Known Members[ | ]

Well, I must never worry about my safety when the brave agents of Helix are with us.
~ Moira
Pharah Party

HSI soldiers

Trivia[ | ]

  • Sombra has expressed a desire to break through Helix's firewalls in a set up voice line on Temple of Anubis.[10]
  • It has been indicated that HSI was established shortly after the Omnic Crisis.[11]
  • HSI apparently has a presence in Oasis. Their operatives were called in to recover some escaped wolfbats.[8]

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