Helix Security International is a service that provides armed protection to vital military bases and facilities.


Giza Plateau facility

Helix was hired to defend the facility where Overwatch quarantined Anubis, a God Program capable of taking over omnics.

In Mission Statement, Anubis broke free and began to take over omnics in the city. Helix sent in an engineering team to contain it, but once communication with the engineering team was confirmed to have ceased, Helix sent a security strike-team to stop the problem. Though successful, this new team suffered a number of casualties. Anubis was able to slowly gain control over Okoro, an omnic member, who then took his own life to save the team. The division's Captain Khalil died in combat shortly after the team was ambushed. After having lead the rest of the team through heavy resistance and successfully destroying Anubis, Pharah, then still ranked Lieutenant, was awarded with a promotion to Captain.

Maximum security prison

Helix maintains a maximum security prison at a top secret location. The only known prisoner - Akande Ogundimu - was broken out in a Talon attack by Reaper and possibly Sombra.[1]

Watchpoint: Grand Mesa

Watchpoint: Grand Mesa was an Overwatch base in Colorado where experimental weaponry was being held. In the article Experimental Weapon Stolen from Watchpoint: Grand Mesa, US spokesperson Marc Guerra describes how a masked intruder, later determined to be Soldier: 76, broke into the watchpoint and stole weaponry, including a Heavy Pulse Rifle. No guards were killed in the process, but many were minorly injured.


  • Aizad (unknown, presumed MIA)
  • Khalil (deceased)
  • Mahmud (unknown, presumed MIA)
  • Okoro (deceased)
  • Pharah
  • Saleh
  • Tariq


  1. Talon Involvement Confirmed in Previous Attack on Helix Facility
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