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Alejandra: I'm not a baby anymore, mama, stop treating me like one!
Alejandra's mother: Listen to me, mija. Get the flour and get back quickly. No stops.
Alejandra: Fine.
Alejandra's mother (V.O.): I worry about Alejandra. Every day. No longer a child and nowhere near grown up. She is at a crossroads. I tell her about the heroes who saved our world time and time again, because I want to give her hope. But I'm afraid that she could be forced to make a choice that will decide the direction of her life.

Los Muertos thug #1: Ey, ey, ey, Ale. Where you going, girl?
Alejandra: No-nowhere?
Los Muertos thug #1: Nowhere is right. Come here, you gotta see this. Here, here, look at this thing. Give him what he deserves.
Alejandra: I-I don't know. I've gotta go.
Los Muertos thug #1: Come on. Do it! It's just a bucket of bolts.
Alejandra: I have to go to the store before it closes or my mama's gonna kill me.
Los Muertos thug #2: Gonna be hard without any money, niña.
Alejandra: Come on, give it back, I need it.
Los Muertos driver: Come on. Let's go, let's go!
Alejandra: Hey! Where are you going? My money!

Los Muertos thug: No, no! No!
Los Muertos loader: Yo, go check that out.
Los Muertos thug: Hey. Come on, compa. Get up.
Los Muertos thug: What was that?
Los Muertos thug: Y-you see anything? Who's there? Enough games, perro! Come out and fight!
Los Muertos thug: No! Please, no!

Los Muertos thug: Nonononononono, please! Please, please, please, please! Please!
Soldier: 76: These aren't your streets anymore!
Alejandra: No, please, I--
Los Muertos driver: Get on the truck, let's go!
Soldier: 76: You don't get off that easy!
Los Muertos thrower: Eat this!

Alejandra: You... You saved me. Why?
Soldier: 76: Old habits die hard, I guess. Run home, kid. It ain't safe out here.
Alejandra: You're one of those heroes, aren't you?
Soldier: 76: Not anymore.
Alejandra: I think you are.

Alejandra's mother: You're late, mija. I've been worried sick!
Alejandra: Oh, I'm sorry, mama, but you won't believe what happened tonight! Los Muertos, they came, and they took my money...
Alejandra's mother (V.O.): And then there are the times when I see her smile and the hope in her eyes and I think... maybe I don't need to worry about Alejandra after all.