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Hybrid Hybrid
USA Los Angeles, United States
Various movie sets
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Hollywood is a Hybrid map in Overwatch. One of the 12 maps included in the game's release on 24 May 2016.

Hollywood (Halloween)[ | ]

Released during the Halloween Terror 2016, this version of the Hollywood map is only playable during the Halloween Terror event.

Halloween Hollywood

Hollywood during Halloween.

Official Description[ | ]

Welcome to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, California, where palm trees and fancy cars line the streets, and movie stars, directors, and high-powered studio executives rub shoulders for a chat and a drink at Galand's. Down the street from the Mandarin Theatre, Goldshire Studios' omnic film auteur, HAL-Fred Glitchbot, has created his two latest films, They Come from Beyond the Moon and Six-Gun Killer, to varying amounts of critical and commercial acclaim. However, even Tinseltown has been gripped by anti-omnic sentiment, and the outspoken director has become a prime target in the escalating conflict.[1]

Gameplay[ | ]

The 'payload' in the map is HAL-Fred Glitchbot, an omnic director. The map starts off in the Hollywood boulevard, then moves on to Goldshire Studios. Numerous studio sets are passed through.[2]

Known Locations[ | ]

Strategy[ | ]

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Attack[ | ]

At the setup of the game, have any snipers or Junkrat take the side exit. From here these characters can go up the stairs and snipe/blow up enemies. Have your tanks and healers at the main entrance (a Reinhardt is recommended since there isn't much cover) though healers can choose to take the side door if wanted, since many characters go for the healer first. Attack and defense can go either way, but keep mostly everyone at the main entrance to draw the enemy team's attention off the healers or snipers on the side.

Defense[ | ]

Usually you should have a strong backline on the first point. The best place to set up your snipers is usually the building to your right. Also, having tanks such as Roadhog, Reinhardt and D.Va is strongly recommended.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the attackers' spawn, a loop of part of the Cinematic Trailer can be heard, with Winston's roar being audible along with Tracer. This audio can also be heard in Busan.
  • Some of the names in the stars placed in the 'Walk of Fame' of this map are references to other Blizzard games:
  • In the real-world Hollywood Boulevard, a giant action figure of Tracer was displayed as part of the pre-release promotion for Overwatch.[3]
  • D.Va appears on the Hero of My Storm movie posters in the waiting rooms under her real name Hana Song.

  • Unlike every other map in Overwatch, Hollywood has a unique victory theme played with the regular one, it is also played with a movie reel sound effect and a highpass filter to make it sound more old-timey. Additionally, the screen has a scratchy film overlay and is turned to sepia
  • The idea for the map came around when the developers looked to set a map within the US. Jeff Kaplan and Chris Metzen decided to set the map in Hollywood. The map is more of a fantastical representation of Hollywood than a realistic one—very few people in the environmental art team have ever been to Hollywood (due to their international points of origin), so the map ended up how they imagined Hollywood to be rather than how it actually was. However, they were sent to Hollywood for a day so they could get an idea of what a Hollywood backlot looked like.[4]

Gallery[ | ]

360° Panorama[ | ]

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