When the hour grows late and the sun sets low...
When the shadows grow long and the nights grow cold...

Hollywood (Halloween) is a version of the standard Hollywood map that replaces it during Overwatch Halloween Terror.


The map is physically identical to the original map; the only changes are aesthetic.

  • The map is set at night rather than during the day.
  • Halloween decorations such as lanterns, jack-o-lanterns, hay bales, tombstones, cauldrons, and cobwebs are scattered around the map.
  • In both security rooms, all screens are off.
  • The They Came From Beyond The Moon set now depicts a wagon full of pumpkins and hay being abducted by a UFO.
  • The Mandarin Theater is lit with a blue light, and has four new movies: Junkenstein's Revenge, The Reapening, Rise of the Zomnics, and Pachimari's Halloween Special.
  • The gift shop has Pachimari's Halloween Special merchandise.
  • There is no Los Muertos graffiti.
  • Hal-Fred Glitchbot does not speak inside his limo.


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