Honor and Glory is an animated short that was released on November 3, 2017.



[Eichenwalde. Scene cuts to a few shots of the area before cutting to Reinhardt and Brigitte at a rundown bar.]

Brigitte:[to Reinhardt] I thought we talked about this. You don't have to do this anymore. Winston's message wasn't meant for you. This isn't your fight. Papa told me, after so many years of service, you gave Overwatch everything and then they pushed you out.

[cut to Reinhardt looking at the Overwatch medal he is holding.]

Brigitte: Why would you go back to them?

[cut to the Overwatch medal. Scene then cuts to the medal being held by a much younger Reinhardt, many years in the past. Scene finally cuts to Reinhardt's torso.]

Reinhardt:[to Balderich] So, that's it. You're leaving us. [Tosses medal to Balderich.]

Balderich:[catches the medal] I have been called. I must answer. It is a great honor.

Reinhardt: Uh. To disappear into some secret organisation. Give up the glory. Being a crusader? [chuckles] I don't think so.

[Reinhardt grabs a knife and starts to inscribe a word on the bar table.Scene cuts to a nearby trooper.]

Trooper #1: [laughs] Ah, he wishes he got picked.

[The trooper reaches to grab his drink, but Reinhardt grabs it first and guzzles it.]

Reinhardt: The crusaders are immortal defenders of Germany! People will be singing songs about our legacies!

Balderich: Our legacies are our deeds. And this war is bigger than all of us.

Trooper #2: Commander Balderich!

[Enter Trooper #2]

Trooper #2: Drop pods to the east! They're coming!

Balderich: Alright, people. They're playing our song! Stick with your dance partners. Let's crush those rustbuckets!

[Everyone in the bar heads for the exit.]

Reinhardt:[passes Balderich his rocket hammer.] Here's your walking stick, old man.

Balderich:[laughs] Live with honor.

Reinhardt: Hah! Die with glory!

[Balderich and Reinhardt shake hands. Cut to a scene of B73 units shooting at the crusaders' shields with multiple troopers running behind them.]

Balderich: Rocket up!

[Rocket troopers load their lauchers with rockets.]

Balderich: Fire!

[Rocket troopers fire their rockets at the B73s.]

[cut to Reinhardt charging through the swarm of omnics, grabbing one by the head and scraping it against the floor before tossing it into another crowd of omnics and smashing another B73 with his rocket hammer.]

Reinhardt:[laughs] I love the wind in my hair.

Balderich:[catches up to Reinhardt] Get back and protect your team!

Reinhardt: Ah, they're just slowing me down! [rushes off to fight more omnics.]

Reinhardt: Besides, they're fine!

[cut to troopers taking cover.]

Trooper #3: Where is Reinhardt?!

[Cut to an omnic pod dropping from the sky and crashing into the ground, stirring up a dust storm. The dust clears, revealing an OR-14 omnic.]

Trooper #4: What is that?

Reinhardt: MINE!

[Reinhardt charges at the OR-14, laughing.]

Balderich: Damnit, Reinhardt!

[The OR-14 fires at Reinhardt. Reinhardt pins the omnic, which causes it to firmly plant its legs into the ground, stopping the charge. The OR-14 then grabs Reinhardt and shoves him away, before attacking him by the head with its blade. Reinhardt falls to the ground in agony.]

Balderich: Reinhardt!

Crusader: Heads up! More of those things!

[Another OR-14 drops on the crusader. It then gets up and fires at Balderich and the troopers.]

Trooper #5: We're being overrun!

Balderich: Fall back to the rally point! I'll get Reinhardt!

[Reinhardt gets back up, but gets pinned by the OR-14 he tried to attack. The OR-14 draws its blade. Balderich smashes it by the side with his rocket hammer. The OR-14 fires at Balderich, breaking his shield, before stabbing him in the thigh. Balderich gives out a slight moan and grabs the OR-14. He crushes its arm and smashes it with his rocket hammer before trying to maintain his balance, holding his left thigh.]

Reinhardt: I had this!

Balderich: Obviously!

[Cut to the OR-14s firing at them both.]

Balderich: They're cutting us off! Let's move it!

[Reinhardt grabs his rocket hammer. Balderich and Reinhardt run from the omnics and into the castle. Reinhardt quickly closes the doors.]

Balderich: The door won't hold...

[Balderich and Reinhardt walk down the stairs.]

Balderich: Head back to the unit. [holds his stabbed thigh] I'll hold them off.

Reinhardt: Hah! And let you have all the glory? [laughs] We'll fight our way back together!

[Balderich slams his rocket hammer on the ground and takes off his helmet.]

Balderich: No. I'm staying here.

Reinhardt:[in disbelief] But I...without you...

Balderich: Lieutenant! You took an oath to be a crusader. Now, keep it. [holds out his hand]

[The omnics crash against the door.]

Reinhardt: I...I won't leave you!

Balderich: The team needs you. Be their shield.

[Reinhardt hesistates for a moment, before finally grabbing Balderich's hand. Balderich hands Reinhardt his Overwatch medal.]

Balderich: Reinhardt. Live with honor.

[Reinhardt offers Balderich his rocket hammer, which Balderich accepts]

Reinhardt: Die...with glory, old friend.

[Exit Reinhardt. The doors crash open. Balderich dons his helmet and charges at the omnic horde, swinging his rocket hammers at them.]

[Cut to the troopers. One of them gets wounded and supported by another. The B73s switch to their sentry configuration. The trooper shoots at them while fleeing. Reinhardt then crashes through the wall of a nearby building and activates his shield.]

[Cut to Balderich. He swings his hammers at the omnics, obliterating them.]

[Cut to Reinhardt. His shield gets cracked.]


[Reinhardt's shield gets destroyed, and he gets blown back.]

[Cut to Balderich, who gets blasted, and then throws one of his rocket hammers at an OR-14, destroying it.]

[Cut to Reinhardt, who is shielding both the wounded trooper and the supporting trooper with his body.]

[Cut to Balderich, who charges at OR-14 and smashes it with his rocket hammer.]

[Cut to Reinhardt, who grabs the two troopers to protect them from an airstrike. After the airstrike passes, the troopers look at Reinhardt, who looks at the castle Balderich is in.]

[Cut to Balderich, who is extremely weary. He lies back on the throne before his helmet lights deactivate.]

[Cut to the present, at the throne that Balderich sits in. Reinhardt places his Overwatch medal on the right armrest.]

Reinhardt: I have been called. [turning to Brigitte] I must answer. [walks away] Always.

[Cut to Balderich's armor. Exit.]



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