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Brigitte Lindholm: I thought we talked about this. You don't have to do this anymore. Winston's message wasn't meant for you. This isn't your fight. Papa told me- after so many years of service- you gave Overwatch everything, and then they pushed you out! Why would you go back to them? What are you still fighting for?

Reinhardt Wilhelm: So, that's it? You're leaving us?
Balderich von Adler: I have been called, I must answer! It is a great honor.
Reinhardt: Ugh, to disappear into some secret organization, give up the glory of being a Crusader?! I don't think so!
Soldier: *laughing* He wishes he got picked!
Reinhardt: The Crusaders are immortal defenders of Germany! People will be singing songs about our legacies!
Balderich: Our legacies are our deeds, and this war is bigger than all of us.
Soldier: General Balderich! Drop pods to the East! They're coming!
Balderich: Alright, people! They're playing our song! Stick with your dance partners. Let's crush those rustbuckets!
Reinhardt: Here's your walking stick, old man!
Balderich: *laughs* Live with honor!
Reinhardt: Hah! Die with glory!

Balderich: We work as one! Rockets up, fire!

Reinhardt: (Charging through countless Bastion units ) *laughs* (Hurling a Bastion unit at several more) Catch!
Reinhardt: *laughs* I love the wind in my hair.
Balderich: Get back and protect your team!
Reinhardt: Ah, they're just slowing me down! *grunts* Besides, they're fine!
Soldier: Where is Reinhardt?!

Soldier: What is that?
Reinhardt: That... is mine! *laughs*
Balderich: Damn it, Reinhardt!

Balderich: Reinhardt!
Crusader: Heads up! More of those things!

Soldier: We're being overrun!
Balderich: Fall back to the rally point. I'll get Reinhardt.

Reinhardt: I had this!
Balderich: Obviously. They're cutting us off. Let's move!

Balderich: The door won't hold. Get back to the unit. I will hold them off.
Reinhardt: And let you have all the glory? We will fight our way back! Together!
Balderich: No. I'm staying here.
Reinhardt: But, I-- Without you?
Balderich: Lieutenant! You took an oath to be a Crusader. Now, keep it!
Reinhardt: I... I won't leave you!
Balderich: The team needs you. Be their shield!

Balderich: Reinhardt, live with honor.

Reinhardt: Die with glory... old friend...

Reinhardt: Barrier is failing!

Reinhardt: I have been called. I must answer. Always.