The Houston Outlaws is an Overwatch League team representing the city of Houston, Texas. The team is owned by OpTic Gaming.


OpTic Gaming announced that they had bought the Houston spot on September 20, 2017, as one of the 12 teams participating in the inaugural season. On October 31, the Houston Outlaws branding was officially announced, along with their roster, which contained players from FNRGFE and the FaZe Clan as well as LiNkzr and Mendokusaii.

For mid-season pickups, Houston Outlaws signed on FCTFCTN on February 16, 2017, and ArHaN on March 30.


2019 Roster

OWLicon outlaws ID Name # Role
Fl usa Danteh Dante Cruz 6 Damage
Fl finland LiNkzr Jiri Masalin 49 Damage
Fl southkorea ArHaN Won-hyeop Jeong 57 Damage
Fl usa JAKE Jake Lyon 76 Damage
Fl belgium SPREE Alexandre Vanhomwegen 7 Tank
Fl usa Muma Austin Wilmot 17 Tank
Fl usa coolmatt Matt Iorio 69 Tank
Fl usa Rawkus Shane Flaherty 1 Support
Fl canada Bani Christopher Benell 3 Support
Fl usa Boink Daniel Pence 13 Support

Former Players

OWLicon outlaws ID Name # Role
Fl usa Clockwork Matt Dias 11 DPS
Fl usa FCTFCTN Russell Campbell 2 Tank
Fl sweden Mendokusaii Lucas Håkansson 12 DPS


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