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Hurricane Fernand is a Category 3 hurricane observed in the Atlantic Ocean. It flooded the Florida coast before moving southward toward the Bahamas. It is projected to make landfall in Guardalavaca, Cuba two days after initially hitting Florida, then moving along the coast toward Havana. The storm is projected to have winds of up to 193 kmph, and substantial flooding and severe damage is expected. Residents living along the coastline of Cuba were asked by Governor Oriole Delgado to evacuate rather than attempt to wait it out.[1]


  • The path of the storm southward from Florida to Cuba is an unusual direction for an Atlantic hurricane to move. They typically move east to west. Additionally, for the storm to travel from Guardalavaca to Havana, it would have to sharply change direction toward the west, creating an overall path shaped at an angle.
  • Hurricane names are chosen from a set of six lists that are rotated every six years. Names are retired from the list only if a storm bearing that name is significant. Fernand is among the names for North Atlantic storms occurring in 2019, the year the fictional hurricane was introduced to the lore.