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Hybrid is a combination of the game modes Assault and Escort. It is one of the 4 main game modes in Overwatch.

Game[ | ]

All Hybrid maps start with Assault and result in an Escort situation, should the attacking team manage to take the point.

Maps[ | ]

Capture times[ | ]

The Point (like the payload) can only be taken at up to 3x speed, despite the fact that the HUD will display the full number of players on-point, which can be up to 5.

Tables below display the number of seconds required by X amounts of players to capture each tick of Point A (Assault).

Point A[ | ]

1p 2p 3p
Tick 1 11 7 5
Tick 2 21 14 10
Tick 3 32 21 15

Payload[ | ]

Having an attacker within range of the payload once point A has been captured will cause the payload to move along a designated path. The payload will roll back towards the last checkpoint if no attacking players are near it for ten seconds. Defending players can stay within range of the payload to contest it, stopping it from moving forward.

Once point A has been captured attackers within range of the payload are healed at a rate of 10 health per second.

Like Escort, once the Payload is delivered on a checkpoint. A door will open but can alter an environment. (Battering Ram in Eichenwalde)

Payload Speed (in meters per second)[ | ]

Map 1 Player 2 Players 3 Players
King's Row 1.55 1.8 2.05
Hollywood 1.7 2 2.25
Numbani 1.7 2 2.25
Blizzard World 1.7 2 2.25
Eichenwalde 1.7 2 2.25

Exact Payload Speed mechanics are as follows:

1 person = 100.0% speed

2 people = 116.5% speed (100.0% speed + 100.0% x 0.165)

3 people = 133.0% speed (100.0% speed + 100.0% x 0.33)

Some maps got payload speed buffs from the transition to Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2: Hollywood & Numbani payload speed increased by 10%

Payload Appearance[ | ]