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Test subject (formerly)
Lucheng Interstellar (formerly)
Horizon Lunar Colony

"Hypatia" was the name given to one of the gorilla test subjects at the Horizon Lunar Colony. Her official designation was Specimen 23.

After the gorillas were subjected to genetic modification, increasing their intelligence (and in some cases, aggressivenes), Hypatia became a follower of Simon, as one of his fellow troublemakers.[1][2] One night, Patel complained of noises in the break room. Nevsky discovered that Simon and his gang, Hypatia included, were behind it,[2] and thus confined Hypatia and her fellows to their quarters.

Years after the apes of Horizon took over the base, Lucheng Interstellar was able to retrieve information from Horizon's still-operating monitoring system. Hypatia was noted to still be in the colony.[1]


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