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Ilios is a Control map in Overwatch. One of the 12 maps included in the game's release on 24 May 2016.

Background[ | ]

Ilios is located in the Aegean sea of Greece, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea.[1]

Situated atop a small island rising from the Aegean Sea, Ilios is a postcard-perfect Mediterranean town, with a bustling harborside, winding paths for rambling hillside strolls, and gorgeous vistas. It is the ideal vacation stop for people looking for a place to relax, or for those interested in exploring the ruins scattered at the top of the island, where many artifacts and relics of the ancient world have been unearthed. The ruins were declared an internationally protected heritage site,[2] and the Wayfinder Society was allowed to operate within them.[3]

Talon attempted to steal the artifacts,[2] plundering the site with reckless abandon. With no other recourse, Wayfinder archeologist Sloan Cameron was forced to stand up to them, and after a long-fought scrap, forced the terrorists to retreat.[3]

Gameplay[ | ]

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Each turn is played on one of the three sections of the map:

  • Lighthouse
  • Well
  • Ruins

Strategy[ | ]

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On the Well section of the map, the big hole in the middle of the control point can be used to score easy eliminations, especially on durable heroes such as Roadhog or Reinhardt. Abilities capable of doing that include:

Some heroes, however, have ways of escaping from the well:

Trivia[ | ]

Ilios Billboard

Ilios billboard.

  • In Greek, ήλιος (pronounced ilios) means sun.
  • The style of the houses and buildings in the map is possibly following cycladic architecture. The brilliant white color comes from the use of lime as the building material.
  • Ilios was an alternate name for the ancient city of Troy that was used in Homer's epic poem, 'The Iliad.'
  • Ilios is an homage to a real world location, namely Santorini island, east of Santorini - Irida.[4]
  • The big statue which can be faintly seen in the distance is a reference to the Colossus Of Rhodes, which portrayed Helios or Ilios, and was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.
  • In Titan, reference was made to "raising Atlantis" within the game's lore.[5] The idea of artifacts being unearthed in a Greek location bears resemblance to this concept.
  • In Legacy, a billboard advertising tourism to Ilios can be seen.

360° Panorama[ | ]

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