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Ingrid Lindholm

Ingrid Lindholm.png

Ingrid with her husband

SwedenSwedish (presumed)
Chemical engineer[1]
Torbjörn Lindholm (husband)
Brigitte Lindholm (youngest daughter)
Unnamed children and grandchildren

Ingrid Lindholm is the wife of Torbjörn and the mother of Brigitte Lindholm.


Love and War[]

My dear Ingrid,
I know that by now you have gotten news of my injuries in our latest mission. While the descriptions may sound terrible, the doctors are quite sure I'll make a full recovery. Even Angela came to visit me! On the matter of my arm, I promise to make it my first priority to construct a suitable prosthesis that will make everyone forget that it was ever gone. If only Angela's dreams of tissue regeneration were a reality! I told her she should be working harder!
~ Part of Torbjörn's letter to Ingrid

Reinhardt visiting Ingrid, Torbjorn, and Brigitte

Ingrid was many months pregnant with Brigitte when Operation White Dome occurred. She heard how her husband lost his arm in the battle. He later wrote to her, saying that he was quite alright, and that he would create a prosthetic to replace his missing arm. He added that young family friend Angela Ziegler was able to visit him. He told her that he had told Reinhardt Wilhelm (who had saved his life in the battle) that he could become godfather to their daughter, that he could name her, and that Ingrid would have to agree to it. He hoped that she'd be alright with this and apologized for not consulting her first. As Ingrid had not yet gone into labor, he hoped that he could return home in time to see the birth of their child.[2]


In the Christmas following the recall order of Overwatch, Ingrid spent time with her family and Reinhardt.[3]


  • Ingrid makes apple pie for the holidays, which Mercy and Brigitte are known to enjoy.[4]
  • It's hinted she might have also made her husband's Santa outfit, as Torbjörn teases Reinhardt that she'll make something for him as well.[5]