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I'm alive!
~ Junkenstein's Monster
Junkenstein's Monster

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Junkenstein's minion
Jamison Junkenstein (creator)
Josh Petersdorf

Junkenstein's Monster is a fictional character featured in a scary Halloween story told by Reinhardt Wilhelm to fellow Overwatch members, presented in the comic Junkenstein. His story continues in The Return of Junkenstein.

He is also one of the bosses in the seasonal brawl Junkenstein's Revenge.


Dr. Jamison Junkenstein was a scientist who served the local Lord of Adlersbrunn. He was known for creating lifelike automatons that the lord was never impressed with, considering them as nothing more than slaves. Upset at this disrespect, Junkenstein intended to prove himself by creating a creature that was truly self aware. His attempts ended in failure, but before he was to give up the Witch of the Wilds and her servant, The Reaper appeared to him with an offer. She offered him the Spark of Life in return for a favor that she will ask of him someday in the future. The doctor agreed, and with the Spark of Life he succeeded in bringing his creation to life. The doctor allowed his monster to ravage the town as revenge against the people there who scorned him.[1]

With his army of mindless Zomnics, Junkenstein attempted to take over the castle Adlersbrunn alongside the monster, but four wanderers from distant lands came to stop him. They succeeded in defeating the mad doctor's army and ultimately killed him and his creation, bringing peace to the village. As he still had a debt to repay, the Witch revived both, and Junkenstein wasted no time building a new army more terrible than before. Helpless, the Lord of Adlersbrunn summoned four more champions from lands afar to bring an end to Junkenstein's seemingly endless rampage.[2]


  • Junkenstein's Monster is an obvious reference to Frankenstein, a novel written by Mary Shelley.
  • In the story, the character is visualized as Roadhog. This portrayal is also available as a skin in the game.