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Junker Queen

Junker Queen-portrait

"My throne is where I say it is."

Real Name
Odessa "Dez" Stone[1]
31; Birthday: June 14th
Gladiator champion (formerly)
Ruler of Junkertown
Junkertown, Australia
Wastelanders (temporarily)
Stone (father), unnamed mother
5 siblings[2]
Leah De Niese
Siho Ellsmore (Junkertown announcer, 2017-2022)
Davida McKenzie (trailer) (English)

Audrey Sourdive (French)
Barbara Kelsch (French - former Junkertown announcer)
Bianca Krahl (German)
Jolanda Granato (Italian)
Yuriko Fuchizaki (Japanese)
Kim Hyeon-sim (Korean)
Olga Omeljaniec (Polish)
Monika Węgiel-Jarocińska (Polish - formerly)
Camila Maia (Brazilian Portuguese)
Carla Araújo (Brazilian Portuguese - former Junkertown announcer)
Anastasia Lapina (Russian)
Yolanda Pérez Segoviano (European Spanish)
Betzabé Jara (Latin American Spanish)

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375 (Open queue)
525 (Role queue)
Character Video

Junker Queen is a Tank hero in Overwatch 2. Released on 28 June 2022, she is the 34th hero added to the game.


The Junker Queen is designed to take part in close combat with enemy heroes. Many of her abilities apply wounds that cause enemies to slowly drain health. This life-steal passive adds to her survivability and aggression. Pushing the boundaries of brawling, Junker Queen can be considered a "berserker tank," whose survivability is directly connected to how many enemies she's wounding.[3]


Role: Tank
Passive Ability
Reduces knockbacks and critical damage received. Less ultimate generated by healing and damage received. Increases base health in Role Queue game modes.

Ability details:
  • Reduces the speed of knockbacks received by 40%
  • Ultimate generation is reduced by 40%.
  • Reduces the total damage received from critical hits, such as headshots, by 25%.
    • Weapons with a lower 1.5x headshot modifier ignore this damage reduction completely.
    • The effectiveness to abilities that deal critical damage through other means than headshots is ambiguous: Ability-reinhardt5 Earthshatter and Overrun icon Overrun are affected by the damage reduction, but Ability Sombra Virus Virus and Volatile Chaingun icon Volatile Chaingun's forced critical hits against burning targets are not.
    • The reduction stacks additively with other modifiers affecting damage taken.
  • All tanks have 150 more health in Role Queue. The amount of armor and/or shields remains the same.

Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush Icon
Passive Ability
Heal from all damage over time dealt by wounds.
250% of wound damage dealt

Ability details:
  • Adrenaline Rush instantly heals for the remaining wound damage when an enemy dies with wounds on them.
  • Wound damage - and therefore also healing - can be affected by damage amplifications on Junker Queen and reductions on the target.
  • Wound is a damage over time effect, and is completely removed by Zenyatta's Ability-zenyatta4 Transcendence, Zarya's Ability-zarya2 Particle/Projected Barrier and abilities that grant phased out status, such as Protection Suzu Icon Protection Suzu and Ability-reaper2 Wraith Form.
    • Adrenaline Rush healing is tied to the wound effect, resulting in no healing received if the wound is removed.
    • Life Grip Icon Life Grip does not remove wounds, but prevents the target from being damaged by them for the duration of the pull, which momentarily also prevents the healing from Adrenaline Rush.
  • Each enemy can have one wound per ability. Reapplying a wound with the same ability refreshes its duration.
    • The wounds from return impact and quick melee of Jagged Blade are considered the same ability, but the wound from the direct impact is considered separate.

Key mouse 1
Scatter Gun Icon
Effect Type
Shotgun Shotgun (hitscan)
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Pump action shotgun.
8 – 2.4 (per pellet)
80 – 24 (per shot)
Falloff range:
15 – 25 meters
Rate of fire:
1.33 shots/s
Bullets per shot:
Ammo per shot:
Reload time:
1.5 seconds
Spread angle:
~1.8 degrees
Projectile radius:
0.05 meters

Ability details:
  • Damage per second: ~106 while firing (~85 overall w/reload)
  • Fire recovery stops while using melee.

Jagged Blade
Key mouse 2
Jagged Blade Icon
6 seconds
Effect Type
Melee Melee
Arcing projectile Arcing projectile
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Active: Throw the blade. Re-activate to pull it back with any impaled enemy.
Passive: Wound enemies hit by Quick Melee or Throw, dealing damage over time.
65 (thrown hit)
30 over 3 seconds (wound, thrown hit)
15 over 3 seconds (wound, return hit & melee)
Cast time:
0.13 + 0.24 seconds
3 seconds
Max. range:
60 meters
Move. speed:
20.74 m/s (pull), 15.56 m/s (pull, tanks)
Projectile speed:
40 m/s
Projectile radius:
0.35 meters

Ability details:
  • Direct hit wound heals for 75 over 3 seconds and return/melee wound for 37.5 over 3 seconds through Adrenaline Rush.
  • The cooldown starts when the blade is thrown.
  • The blade can be recalled anytime after the throw, even while still in mid-air.
  • The blade is automatically recalled, if has travelled for 1.5 seconds (60m) without hitting an enemy or terrain.
  • If the blade hits an enemy or terrain, it is automatically recalled 3 seconds after the impact.
  • The blade is automatically recalled when blocked by Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, Abilities-sigma3 Kinetic Grasp, Ability JavelinSpin Javelin Spin or Ability-genji2 Deflect.
  • The return of Jagged Blade only applies the wound.
  • Melee attacks while the blade is thrown do not apply a wound.
  • Jagged Blade drops down if the enemy it was stuck to dies or becomes phased out (e.g. Ability-reaper2 Wraith Form), or if the object it was stuck to is destroyed or recalled.
    • The falling knife may stick to another enemy.
  • Pull strength against tanks is increased, resulting in only ~25% overall reduction with tank passive taken into account.

Commanding Shout
Commanding Shout Icon
12 seconds
Effect Type
Area of effect Area of effect
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Grants temporary health and movement speed to yourself and allies.
175 overhealth (self)
50 overhealth(ally)
Cast time:
5 seconds (self)
3 seconds (ally)
Area of effect:
15 meter radius
Move. speed:
+30% buff

Ability details:
  • Cooldown starts when the duration ends.
  • Commanding Shout can be activated while casting any other abilities without interrupting them.

Carnage Icon
8 seconds
Effect Type
Melee Melee
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Wound all enemies in front of you, dealing damage over time and reducing the cooldown for each enemy hit.
105 (impact)
40 over 3 seconds (wound)
Cast time:
1 + 0.26 seconds
3 seconds (wound)
0.144 seconds (hitbox active)
Max. range:
5 Meters

Ability details:
  • Wound heals for 100 over 3 seconds through Adrenaline Rush.
  • Each enemy hit by Carnage reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Carnage is not reflected when blocked by Ability-genji2 Deflect.
  • No wound is inflicted, if the attack is blocked by Ability-genji2 Deflect or Ability JavelinSpin Javelin Spin.

Rampage Icon
2700 points
Ultimate Ability
Effect Type
Melee Melee
Area of effect Area of effect
Movement Movement
Partially blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Charge foward. Wounds enemies, dealing damage over time and preventing them from being healed.
40 impact
90 over 4.5 seconds
Healing modification:
-100% received
Cast time:
0.5 + 0 seconds
4.5 seconds (DoT)
0.864 seconds (dash)
Max. range:
25 meters
Area of effect:
5 meters
Move. speed:
33 m/s

Ability details:
  • Wound heals for 225 over 4.5 seconds through Adrenaline Rush.
  • Walls and enemy barriers can line of sight block the effects from being applied in area.
  • Life Grip Icon Life Grip cannot be used on Junker Queen during Rampage. Activating Rampage also interrupts the pull.

Hero-specific options

Setting name Options Description
Hold to use Jagged Blade Off (default) Jagged Blade returns when player presses the button again.
On Jagged Blade returns when player stops holding the button.
Hide Commanding Shout timer Off (default) Timer UI element is displayed around the crosshair.
On Timer UI element is hidden.



Similar to heroes like Reinhardt and Zarya, Junker Queen is a very oppressive brawler. She can be difficult to kill, thanks to her Adrenaline Rush passive along with wounds. Her Scattergun has very tight spread and heavy burst damage, which makes it possible to two-shot 200 health targets from a medium distance. With her Commanding Shout, she can close distance very quickly while also prevent herself and her team from taking damage. Carnage allows for very high burst damage when used in tandem with Jagged Blade and her Scattergun, allowing her to chunk down higher health heroes quickly. Rampage can also be one of the stronger Ultimates in the game, completely denying abilities such as Transcendence, while also applying very high-damage wounds that make it very difficult for the enemy team to stay alive.


Considering her low health pool for a tank, she can also be very easy to burst down with heroes like Widowmaker and Roadhog. She is also vulnerable to Ana's Biotic Grenade, as it completely negates any healing she receives, which combined with her low health pool, makes her very easy to shut down. While Junker Queen has very high self-sustain and high damage, she can easily be taken down by heroes that have Barriers or similar abilities. These abilities make it very hard for her to use her Scattergun and apply wounds with Jagged Blade, as these abilities will block it. At higher ranges, she can also be easy to kill, as she will be unable to consistently use her Jagged Blade and Carnage, as well as her Scattergun, as it will start to suffer from damage falloff and spread. Abilities that cleanse like Zarya's Barriers and Kiriko's Protection Suzu can also completely negate all of her wounds along with the anti-heal from her Rampage. Once she has used all of her abilities, she is also a very easy target, as her biggest threat is the high burst-damage from Carnage and the sustain from wounds and Commanding Shout. Mei is one of Junker Queen's strongest counters. The high damage primary fire's slow, Ice Wall, and Blizzard all combine to make it very hard for Junker Queen to escape from an enemy Mei and her team.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Adrenaline Rush (Passive): Junker Queen's passive ability. When she applies a wound to a target, she will passively heal the damage dealt by the wound.
  • Scattergun: Junker Queen's primary weapon. The tight spread and low pellet count makes it extremely powerful against low mobility, large hitbox heroes like Cassidy and Torbjörn, who are very easy to hit with the Scattergun. Higher mobility heroes can be more difficult to hit with it, as they are typically able to increase the distance between Junker Queen and themself quite quickly, but if a Tracer gets too close, Junker Queen is able to one-shot her with a close-distance headshot.
  • Jagged Blade: Junker Queen's secondary weapon. When in her hand and Junker Queen melees, she will apply a wound to her victim. When thrown, it will stick to whatever surface it hits, be a player or piece of map geometry. If it does connect with a player, it will deal a small amount of damage and apply a wound on the victim. Once called back, it will fly back to Junker Queen, causing wounds to anyone it passes through. If it is connected to a player when it is called back, it will pull the enemy towards Junker Queen.
  • Commanding Shout: Junker Queen's primary ability. When activated, it will provide a temporary speed boost and grant Overhealth to herself and teammates.
    • Compared to abilities like Charge, it is a relatively weak mobility tool, but it is extremely strong when used to keep the momentum going during a fight. It is the best way for Junker Queen to have extra sustainability, as the Overhealth pool gives herself and her team a chance to top her up midfight. It is also a very strong closer, as it makes her considerably faster than her opponents.
  • Carnage: Junker Queen's secondary ability. When used, she swings a large axe that on hit, damages opponents within a short distance to her and applies a bleed to her victims.
    • Carnage is the primary way Junker Queen is going to apply her wounds. Compared to Jagged Blade, the wounds Carnage applies deal more damage, thus in return healing Junker Queen for more. It is best utilized against groups of enemies.
    • Carnage can be cancelled through the use of an opponent's stun, so be sure to watch for those before using Carnage.
    • As of a Season 3 balance change, Carnage's cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds for every enemy hit, so it is possible to infinitely loop Carnage's on a very grouped up team, inflicting massive burst and bleed damage.
  • Rampage: Junker Queen's Ultimate. When activated, Junker Queen will stand still, charge up her gauntlet, and charge forward at a very high speed. During this time, she cannot use abilities or change the direction she is moving in. Any enemy that is close to her will have a very high damage bleed applied along with an anti-heal effect.
    • She is relatively vulnerable during her ultimate, as she sits still for a decent amount of time and then moves in a very predictable fashion, allowing heroes like Ana and Orisa to cancel her ultimate with their stun abilities.
    • She can be knocked back during Rampage by abilities such as Orisa's Javelin Spin, so it is generally wise to wait for those abilities to be used before considering a Rampage.

General Strategies

  • Junker Queen is a very "burst" style hero: Rapidly engage, use your abilities, kill the enemy team. Once you use those abilities, you are very vulnerable, so it is important to time your engages properly. Look for an out of position player on their team and either use Jagged Blade to pull them in, or Commanding Shout to close the distance, as it allows you to use your Scattergun more effectively on that player.
  • While Junker Queen's passive does give her self healing capability, it cannot be expected to be as reliable as channeled abilities such as Take a Breather, Cryo-Freeze, or Recall for recovering lost health. It mainly functions to make Junker Queen last longer on the battlefield. Since she isn't able to protect her team very well, it's also very important to play cover and make sure you don't peek into open sight lines. Play around walls and safe map geometry.
  • Carnage is a very powerful finishing tool. Not only does it deal high burst damage, but it also applies a high damage wound that can finish off a target hit by it. Also consider that shields except for Zarya's Barriers do not block Carnage, so you are free to use Carnage on a tank that may be low health and is holding their shield up.
  • Due to the Scattergun's low ammo, it is wise to not shoot before you have closed distance, as you can end up having to reload before you've gotten a pick. Be careful to not expend the precious ammo on a tank, as tanks can be very hard to kill with their large amounts of health and/or armor. It is much wiser to focus on killing a support such as Zenyatta or Brigitte, as these heroes actively keep their tank alive.
  • Be very conservative with your Commanding Shout, as it has a very long cooldown that you probably won't get back in the same fight. Don't use it to walk out of spawn, as you will most likely need it when you get back to the fight, and any time you spend having to wait for it is very unsafe, as you can be quickly taken down without it.

Match-Ups and Team Synergy


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
Junker Queen and D.Va match-ups are very map dependent. Regardless of map, D.Va is capable of denying Junker Queen a heavy amount of damage by using Defense Matrix on the Scattergun and Jagged Blade. Rampage can deny a D.Va a lot of space, as she will be forced to Booster out to survive. On maps with heavy high ground, D.Va exceeds at denying Junker Queen value as D.Va can easily keep Junker Queen out of range by positioning with Boosters. But, on maps that have little-to-no valuable high grounds, Junker Queen is more able to play against D.Va, as she can consistently get close to D.Va and use Carnage and Rampage on her. There aren't any notable synergies between these two heroes.
A Doomfist matchup as Junker Queen is very skill-dependent. He deals massive AoE damage, which is typically unfavorable against a Junker Queen composition, as she is typically grouped with her team. While, on the inverse, Junker Queen does insanely high single-target burst damage, and can easily force Doomfist's cooldowns out. When facing a Doomfist as Junker Queen, you need to look to force out his Power Block and prevent him from getting an Empowered Rocket Punch. Afterward, toss a Jagged Blade on him to prevent him from escaping with Seismic Slam/Rocket Punch. If he's Empowered, look to use Commanding Shout before getting punched to give yourself some extra sustain.He is able to cancel your Rampage and Carnage, so be careful using them while he has Rocket Punch. Otherwise, just force out his cooldowns by shooting him and he becomes useless. There aren't any notable synergies between these two heroes.
Icon-junker queen
Junker Queen
Junker Queen mirrors are extremely skill-dependent. It's all about using your cooldowns better and engaging at better times. If an enemy Junker Queen uses her Commanding Shout or Carnage poorly, look to use your own and engage onto her, as she will be without survival tools and should be fairly easy to kill.

If you have Rampage, it can be smart to use it to kill just the enemy Junker Queen, as she relies so heavily on her self-heal to survive. Be wary she might use hers to do the same to you, so try to save Commanding Shout when you rampage.

Commanding Shout can stack, so look to use it to get a very strong speed boost along with a large pool of Overhealth when engaging.

Two Rampages will always kill a 200 hp hero, pretty much always confirming a won teamfight unless the enemy has some sort of invulnerability tool.

Orisa is easily one of Junker Queen's worst tank match-ups. High health pool along with armor, Fortify reducing damage received heavily, and a lot of CC that leads to Junker Queen being unable to confirm picks on Orisa or her backline, as Orisa can easily outpace Junker Queen's cooldowns with her own. If you are looking to face up against an Orisa as Junker Queen, you need to bait her cooldowns out with as little of your own as possible, and look to engage on her backline. Rampage is your best bet, but be weary of a Energy Javelin or Javelin Spin. While Orisa is one of Junker Queen's worst match-ups, she is also one of her best teammates. Orisa can easily help confirm a low damage target that Junker Queen got a bleed on, she can engage with a Commanding Shout and easily overwhelm the opponents, and can use Terra Surge to pull enemies together for a Carnage or Rampage, leading to total mayhem.
Ramattra is also a fairly strong hero into Junker Queen, with high range and strong close range damage and armor with Nemesis Form, he can be a tough nut to crack as Junker Queen. Similar to Orisa, you need to look to bait out his cooldowns, especially Nemesis Form, and use a Carnage on him to survive, as Junker Queen's bleeds do not get affected by Nemesis' blocks. Once he is out of his Nemesis Form, Ramattra is fairly easy to kill considering his low health pool and large hit box. Look to use Commanding Shout and overwhelm him before he gets his Annihilation or Nemesis Form, or look to engage his backline as he can be rather useless without any cooldowns.

Rampage is fairly difficult to use into Ramattra, as he can use Nemesis Form's block to essentially make it impossible to kill him while he is anti-healed. It is best to use Rampage when he is either already low health in Nemesis, or when he has already used Nemesis Form. When Ramattra uses Annihilation, it is best to fall back and wait for his ultimate to wear off, as Junker Queen has no ways of blocking/denying Annihilation.

Ramattra and Junker Queen work very well together. Ramattra is able to provide protection and cover with his barrier, and Junker Queen is able to enable Ramattra to engage quickly with Commanding Shout and Nemesis Form. Ravenous Vortex can also be used to slow down an enemy team for a heavy Carnage or confirm a kill on a player pulled in by Jagged Blade. Ramattra's Annihilation and Rampage can also be used to quickly end a team fight, as the high damage-over-time can easily wipe out the enemy team if they don't have the proper resources to counter it.
Reinhardt is another tank that Junker Queen struggles heavily against. With his Barrier Field, unblockable EarthShatter, along with his high damage Rocket Hammer and Charge, all it takes it one Charge and two hammer swings and you'll be saying hello to the respawn room. If you do get pinned, look to use Commanding Shout once you exit the pin and swing your Carnage to get some quick chip damage along with some self-sustain via a wound. If a Reinhardt is out of position, a quick Jagged Blade to the noggin and a good Carnage can easily confirm a kill on Reinhardt.

Be weary of using Rampage against Reinhardt, as he can block it with his shield or completely stun you with Earthshatter.

Look to outrange him, as he has very low range and can just be ignored if you use Commanding Shout and walk past him.

Similar to the Rein/Zarya composition, Reinhardt and Junker Queen are very good together. Junker Queen's Commanding Shout enables Reinhardt to quickly engage and overwhelm the enemy team at blazing speed, and Earthshatter and Rampage can help confirm a teamwipe if the enemy team happens to have a Zenyatta saving Transcendence to counter Earthshatter.
Roadhog is a very weird matchup. He can easily demolish your health pool considering you have no armor, but you can do the same to him. If he hooks a teammate, look to either use Commanding Shout to give them a little extra health to survive his combo, or use Jagged Blade to displace Roadhog and mess up his combo. If he uses Take a Breather, it is also wise to use Jagged Blade on him to pull him in, so you can get good follow up damage once it ends. Look to use Rampage either when Roadhog has used his Chain Hook or is using Take a Breather.

When Roadhog uses Whole Hog, RUN. There is no chance for a Junker Queen to do anything here, as Whole Hog will completely outrange and knock you away from Roadhog. Just use Commanding Shout and escape. Do not use Rampage, as you will be knocked back and it will do absolutely nothing.

Roadhog and Junker Queen can be a very volatile and heavy damage pairing, but just be aware your team has absolutely no protection at all. These two can easily deny heroes such as Doomfist from engaging, as Roadhog can hook Doomfist in, and Junker Queen can throw a Jagged Blade on him, so if Doomfist tries to escape after a Hook, you can pull him back in. Commanding Shout can also be used to make Roadhog travel significantly faster while using Whole Hog.
Sigma is another very challenging match-up as Junker Queen. He has high damage, good range, a strong stun and a shield, making it very difficult to engage onto his team without taking a large amount of damage. Look to play corners and walls while closing distance to him, as the closer you are to a Sigma, the more killable he is considering he has a relatively weak health pool.

Be wary using Carnage and Rampage against a Sigma who has Accretion, as the long cast time of both can lead to you getting stunned. Like D.Va, he can also eat your Jagged Blade and Scattergun, so be careful when fighting him while he has Kinetic Grasp.

Gravitic Flux is one of the best Tank ultimates in the game, and it is very difficult to counter as Junker Queen. Look to use your Commanding Shout to give yourself a little extra HP before hitting the ground in Flux. If you don't have Shout, look to Jagged Blade the Sigma closer to you while you are in the air so you can try to force him out of position.

These heroes have very different playstyles, so there aren't any major synergies between the two.
Icon-wrecking ball
Wrecking Ball
Similar to Doomfist, Wrecking Ball can be a very hard hero to play Junker Queen into, considering his high HP pool and mobility. Look to outpace his dives and attack his team before he can get into position to kill yours. You can also use Commanding Shout to negate some effects of his Piledriver and throw a Jagged Blade on him when he lands to pull him back in if he rolls away.

Be careful using Rampage against Wrecking Ball, as he can easily avoid it and use Minefield to obliterate your health pool if you run into the mines.

There aren't any notable synergies between these two heroes.
A Winston-Junker Queen match-up is very map and skill dependent. Junker Queen has high and effective damage against Winston considering his hitbox size, but Winston can also completely deny Junker Queen space and damage with his barrier. Similar to Doomfist and Wrecking Ball, look to engage his backline before he engages yours, as once a Winston is on top of you and your team, he will easily be able to isolate your backline and kill them. If a Winston does engage on you, look to shoot him and throw a jagged blade on the 3-4th shot, as you can pull him back when he uses his Jump Pack to disengage.

Considering Winston has no CC or stuns, Rampage is usually a free ultimate against him. All you have to worry about is his barrier, as it can block LOS of Rampage and make it miss its intended targets.

There aren't any notable synergies between these two heroes.
Junker Queen struggles into Zarya in almost every way. Zarya can completely deny Rampage and Wounds with her Barriers, and Zarya's high-charge damage output can melt Junker Queen's low health pool. Look to bait out bubbles by using Carnage and intentionally missing the Zarya, as most Zarya players with instinctively bubble Carnage, expecting to get hit and gain charge. Look to play corners, as your Scattergun will deal more consistent burst damage than Zarya's Particle Cannon will. Be careful using Rampage while the enemy Zarya has bubbles, as it will be fairly easy for her to deny it.

Being inside of a Graviton Surge as Junker Queen is a death sentence. You have no personal protection and Rampage will be completely useless. Your best bet is to play out of range and deny her a valuable Graviton Surge. If you do get pulled by Grav, look to use Commanding Shout to survive.

When it comes to this pairing, Junker Queen essentially becomes a high-health OP DPS. Zarya enables Junker Queen to use her abilities without risk via her barriers, and Junker Queen enables Zarya to quickly engage with Commanding Shout. Just note you will have low protection for your team besides Zarya's Barriers.

Rampage and Graviton Surge are an insane combo, as the grouping nature of Grav allows the AOE effect of Rampage to pretty much always hit the enemy team. Look to use Carnage into a friendly Grav as well, as odds are you will be able to repeatedly cast Carnage due to the amount of enemies in the Grav.


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
Cassidy has you beat on range but not damage up close. Due to your smaller hitbox, even for a tank, spamming Fan the Hammer won't guarantee all the shots hit. His roll will make it hard to use your Knife Carnage combo since he can roll away or negate most of the burst damage. His grenade also can cancel your Ultimate due to the Hinder effect it causes. Have you or your teammates try to bait his cooldowns, especially if you're going to cast your Ultimate. Try to stay out of his sights on range and you should be able to deal with a Cassidy. (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
Icon-Soldier 76
Soldier: 76
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
Due to not having damage drop off and Discord Orb, Zenyatta can easily melt you even when using Commanding Shout, especially at range. If you get bleeds off or even anti him, his Transcendence will wipe those effects away. However, it doesn't remove those effects from his teammates. If you Rampage after he uses Transcendence, you can completely negate any value he might get from his Ultimate. Be careful of an up-close battle as well. Zen can easily get lots of damage off with Discord orb and his kick can keep you at range enough for Carnage to miss. (To be added)


Icon-Junker Queen

The Junker Queen (also known as "the Queen of Junkertown" or simply "the Queen")[4] is the cutthroat leader of the Junkers.[5] The Queen is fierce, resourceful, and no stranger to survival,[3] happy to run headfirst into battle. Possessing a magnetic gauntlet, the Queen often wields an axe and blade in conjunction, able to call them back using said gauntlet, in order to achieve her brutal ends.[3] She is also proficient in the electric guitar.[1]

The Queen is based in Junkertown,[5] and has ruled over her subjects for the last decade. For the Queen, every city is her battlefield, every seat is her throne, and everyone on the planet is her subject—whether they know it or not[6]

All the Junkers have to be careful from getting on her bad side.[4] She has a group of enforcers that she sends round to the people of Junkertown when they don't pay their taxes, among other tasks.[7] She is prejudiced against omnics, and has banned them from entering Junkertown.[1]


Odessa "Dez" Stone was born in a small Outback settlement after the destruction of the Australian omnium. As one of six children, she constantly had to fight to prove her dominance. Her parents were both former ALF members, and taught Dez the rules of the Wasteland, how to operate in a group, and how to survive the irradiated Outback. Dez and her friends learned to fight from a young age, and quickly formed a posse to hunt Wastelander omnics. She used pieces and equipment of her fallen enemies to craft macabre armor and weapons for herself, including a magnetic gauntlet.[2]


Please! Don't leave us out here alone!
~ Dez's plea
Stone Family

The Stones are banished

The Stones ended up living in Junkertown, but were banished by Mason Howl, who had just become the "king" of Junkertown. Despite her parents' pleas, Howl closed the door to them. Even 13 years later, the day gave Dez nightmares.[1]

Stone Family 2

The Stones, diminished in number

Dez and her family became part of the Wastelanders, and fought to survive over the next thirteen years. At some point, her father, and possibly some of her siblings passed away.[1]

Junker Queen-lighter

Odessa Stone

As recounted in The Legend of the Junker Queen, Dez made a name for herself in the Wasteland. She slew various feral omnics, mutants, and raiders, and embarked on a journey to the Burning Lands, destroying the Five Metal Demons. Eventually, she made her way back to Junkertown, declaring her intent to take part in the Reckoning.[8]

The Wastelander

No Wastelander has ever made it to the Reckoning before. But here I am. A free-for-all with zero rules. And the survivor...gets the throne. King Howl has never lost. Not in thirteen years of rule. Not until today.
~ Odessa Stone
Stone Howl

Odessa enters the arena

Odessa became a gladitorial mech champion[9] in the Scrapyard. A charismatic and skilled fighter,[10] she entered the Reckoning. In her debut, Odessa tore through the wall of challengers, leveraging her size and experience in the Wastelands to defeat more experienced opponents. Even mechs couldn’t stop her; she took them all down using her weapons and unwavering determination.[2]

Odessa made it to the grand final; the first Wastelander to make it this far.[1] In the ensuing free-for-all, she faced against Mason Howl, Geiger, and Meri.

Odessa vs Geiger

Odessa defeats Geiger

Apparently acting under Howl's orders, Geiger and Meri both focused on Odessa, while Howl sat back, enjoying the show. Wanting the pair of them on her side when she took the crown, she incapacitated Geiger, and when pinned by Meri, asked why she was working for Howl. Howl, jumping the gun (literally), tried to shoot Odessa, but instead ended up hitting Meri's mech. However, like Geiger, Odessa refused to take her opponent's life, and took on Howl directly.

While able to damage Howl's mech, the king activated the Scrapyard's magnet, the device bringing Geiger against it (due to his cybernetics), Odessa against it (due to her magnetic gauntlet), and Meri, who kept in place due to his mech's grapple. Odessa saved Geiger from being hit by a piece of debris, taking the blow herself, but leaving her at the mercy of Howl's mech. Impressed by Odessa's actions, Meri used his mech to hit Howl's (due to the magnet), causing his shot to miss, destroying the magnet, and freeing Odessa. As her gauntlet and Howl's channeled their power, hers proved the stronger device, and his mech was immobilized.

Stone Howl2

Odessa defeats Howl

Howl begged for mercy, and Odessa acquiesed, giving him the same "mercy" he'd shown her family 13 years prior by ordering his banishment. Howl realized who she was, and moments later, the crowd erupted in cheers, one of them yelling out the name "Junker Queen." The name stuck, as Odessa became the new ruler of Junkertown.[1]

The Queen's Rule

Listen up you wretched scum. I see your struggles. Trying to survive in the wasteland. It's time to face the facts. The end of the world's come and gone. Your past lives are a dream. It's time you woke up. They thought they could take our land and give it to the machines? They were wrong. We won the war. And now we reap the spoils. We built a new world from the ashes. So step into the Scrapyard. No rules. No mercy. Only the strong survive. This is your queen. Welcome to the apocalypse. Welcome to Junkertown.
~ The Queen
Junker Queen-throne

The Queen on her throne

Odessa's fight with Howl had been broadcast all over the Outback. The fight made her wildly popular overnight, and gave her clout with the other factions, which was exactly what she'd wanted.[2] Now the Junker Queen, Odessa established her reign, and her creed, including barring Junkertown to omnics, and establishing a system of law (such as it was) for the town.[1]

In the decade that followed her battle against Mason Howl, few dared to challenge the Junker Queen, and none succeeded.[11] She still found time to take part in brawls, play the electric guitar, and teach the children how to use throwing knives (made of wood).[1] Hammond served as her bodyguard.[12]

One of the town's Junkers named Junkrat blabbed on and on about a 'treasure' he had found in the ruins of the Australian omnium. She came to suspect that his claims might have some truth in them, and she sent some of her enforcers to wring the truth out of him. Unfortunately, the enforcers were incapacitated by another Junker named Roadhog, who became Junkrat's partner in crime.[7] The two went on to cause the Queen a string of problems, including stealing her gold and blowing up her summer shack. The pair were exiled as a result[13] and she gave orders for them to not be re-admitted to Junkertown, and if they were seen again, to shoot them on sight.[14] She personally told Junkrat that if she ever saw him again, she'd rip out his tongue.[15] After a worldwide heist spree, they returned to Junkertown to assassinate her but were stopped at the town gates.[13]


Name Icon Description Reward
Adrenaline Junkie
Adrenaline Rush Icon Have 7 of Junker Queen's wounds active on enemies at the same time in Quick or Competitive Play.
Spray Junker Queen Pixel
Coup De Gracie
Carnage Icon Use Junker Queen's Jagged Blade and Carnage to pull and kill an enemy in Quick or Competitive Play.
Spray Junker Queen Cute


The Queen

Junker Queen poster

  • Similar to HAL-Fred Glitchbot on the Hollywood map, the Queen has in-game voice lines on certain triggers throughout Junkertown.
  • The Queen's voice was missing in the patch prior to the reveal of Wrecking Ball, leading to speculation of her being the next hero. This was later confirmed to be a bug by Michael Chu.[16]
  • The Queen's knife is called "Gracie," while her axe is called "Carnage."[2]
  • The Junker Queen's age can be hypothesized through The Wastelander and her origin story. In the former, it is established that 13 years pass between her banishment and return to Junkertown, while the latter states that she "fought the world since [the age of] seventeen." If one takes the starting point of her 'fighting' as the time of her banishment, she would be 30 years old when she became queen, and around 40 years old by the timeframe of Overwatch (given her decade of rule).[2] However during the flashback in The Wastelander she appears to only be around 12. Given the previously established timeline this would make her around 35.


As of April 2019, Arnold Tsang had produced several pieces of concept art for the Junker Queen, and according to Jeff Kaplan, the team had "big plans" for her, though the plans were on more of a long-term timeframe.[17] The Junkertown map showcased her tough, almost brutal, personality, and the developers wanted her abilities and playstyle to match that energy. When designing the Queen, her playstyle and kit were derived from her pre-existing lore. She was designed specifically for Overwatch 2's 5v5 nature.[3]

The Carnage ability was the starting point of the Queen's design, as she had always been depicted with an axe prior. Remembering the issues they'd had with Genji, the axe was made an ability rather than her primary attack. The original iteration of Carnage let her throw her axe following the initial swing before recalling it back to herself with her magnetic gauntlet; however, when implemented, the practice of throwing her axe felt wrong. It led to a rigid playstyle that didn’t allow for the use of other axe-based abilities while her weapon was out-of-hand, so the throw was swapped to a slash with a wound effect. The concept of throwing and recalling her weapon eventually led to her next ability: Jagged Blade.[3]

Jagged Blade was inspired by one of Reinhardt's old abilities, where he could throw his hammer at the enemy. Despite not making it into Reinhardt’s final kit, this prototype ability heavily inspired Jagged Blade. Whereas Reinhardt had to go and pick up his hammer, the Queen is able to recall the blade back to her via her magnetic gauntlet. Care was taken to ensure that the gauntlet didn't make the Queen feel too "mage-y" or similar to Sigma, who can levitate people and objects. Instead, the gauntlet was designed in a way that the Queen uses her magnetic powers to control her axe and knife.[3]

The Commanding Shout ability was implemented to enhance the Queen's "tankiness." This was the first team movement speed buff in the game since Lúcio. The ability was intentionally designed as such, rather than something like a dash or teleport, as it helped reinforce her nature as someone who sprints headfirst into battle.[3]

Initially, her Ultimate was a spinning whirlwind-type ability. However, the developers wanted to incorporate her gauntlet into her Ultimate. They didn't want the Ultimate to feel elegant or magic-influenced, either, because it didn’t align well conceptually with character, so they tried to push her magnetic gauntlet to its limits.[3]

On June 12, 2022 it was revealed that she would be a playable hero in Overwatch 2.[18]



Balance Change Log

For more information, see Patch Notes.

Overwatch 2 PvP
Developer Comments: Junker Queen is relatively small and fast for a Tank hero, so Commanding Shout doesn't need a ton of bonus health to be effective. The increased wound healing better rewards her for managing her abilities well.

Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout

  • Overhealth increased from 150 to 175 HP

Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush

  • Wound damage self-healing multiplier increased from 2 to 2.5x
Developer Comments: The Tank knockback resistance passive was affecting Junker Queen's pull effect more than intended. The distance can be affected by their movement, but Tanks are now pulled in about 5-6 meters instead of only 3 meters or so.

Jagged Blade Icon Jagged Blade

  • Now pulls tanks further.

Rampage Icon Rampage

  • Startup time reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds.
Developer Comment: Junker Queen being able to activate Commanding Shout while swinging her axe or during her Ultimate ability will make it more responsive for when an additional burst of health or movement speed is needed.

Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout

  • Can now be activated while using other abilities.
  • Cooldown reduced from 14 to 12 seconds.

Carnage Icon Carnage

  • Impact damage increased from 90 to 105.
General updates

Most damage-dealing projectile sizes have been increased by a new global modifier added to their base size.

  • +0.05 meters for hitscan projectiles with a high rate of fire or spread (e.g., Tracer's Pulse Pistols or Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns).
  • +0.08 meters for hitscan projectiles that are more precise (e.g., Cassidy's Peacekeeper or Soldier:76's Heavy Pulse Rifle).
  • +0.05 meters for travel time projectiles that are shotguns or have a very high rate of fire (e.g., Roadhog's Scrap Gun or Ramattra's Void Accelerator).
  • +0.10 meters for travel time projectile with a speed greater than 50 meters per second (e.g., Zenyatta's Destruction Orb).
  • +0.15 meters for travel time projectile with a speed less than or equal to 50 meters per second (e.g., Pharah's Rocket Launcher).
  • Very large projectiles with a base size greater than 0.5 meters have been excluded from these increases (e.g., Orisa's Energy Javelin or Reinhardt's Fire Strike).

Hero combined HP (base health/armor/shields) increased by 15-25%.

  • 150-175 HP heroes increased by 25 HP.
  • 200-300 HP heroes increased by 50 HP.
  • 300+ HP (Tanks) increased by 75-100 HP.
  • Each hero's precise health increases are listed in their patch notes below.

Ultimate Charge

  • All Ultimate ability costs increased by 10%.

Regenerative Passive for All Heroes

  • All heroes now regenerate 20 health per second after 5 seconds of not taking damage.

Quick Melee

  • Damage increased from 30 to 40.
Hero updates
  • Health increased from 300 to 375.

Rampage Icon Rampage

  • Wound damage over time increased from 60 to 90
Developer Comments: Tightening the spread on Junker Queen's Scattergun will make it more effective at range against small targets and give her slightly more team fight presence before fully committing to getting in close to the enemy team.

Scatter Gun Icon Scattergun

  • Spread reduced 8%.
Developer Comment: This change rewards throwing accuracy with the Jagged Blade without directly affecting Junker Queen's self-healing.

Jagged Blade Icon Jagged Blade

  • Impact damage increased from 50 to 65.
Developer Comment: The last round of Junker Queen changes increased both her sustained damage and self-healing. Hence, she ends up staying alive and in the fight longer, which was the intent, but naturally, her ultimate charges much more quickly on average as a result. The passive Adrenaline Rush healing becoming more potent has been interesting for gameplay as it's tied to landing her abilities. To bring her survivability more in line, we're shifting some of the power out of the Commanding Shout temporary health gained for Junker Queen herself.

Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout

  • Temporary health reduced from 200 to 150.

Rampage Icon Rampage

  • Ultimate cost increased by 15%.
These changes increase Junker Queen's front-line presence by increasing her self-healing and offensive sustainability. We've also increased Jagged Blade's projectile size so it's more consistent to land.

Scatter Gun Icon Scattergun

  • Maximum ammo increased from 6 to 8

Jagged Blade Icon Jagged Blade

  • Projectile size increased from 0.15 to 0.20 meters

Rampage Icon Rampage

  • Now deals 40 impact damage
  • Wound damage decreased from 100 to 60

Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush

  • Adrenaline passive healing multiplier increased from 1.25 to 2x damage dealt by wounds
The overall base health for Junkerqueen is increased by 25 HP.
  • Base health in Role Queue modes increased to 450
  • Base health in non-Role Queue modes reduced from 425 to 300

Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush

  • Now heals for the remaining wound damage when an enemy dies with wounds on them

Carnage Icon Carnage

  • Cooldown is now reduced by 2 seconds for each enemy it impacts

Jagged Blade Icon Jagged Blade

  • Thrown impact damage reduced from 80 to 50
  • Thrown direct impacts now add a 30 damage wound to the stuck target. Stacks with wounds caused by Quick Melee or returning Jagged Blade hits.
Commanding Shout is Junker Queen's primary tanking ability and utility, but the additional survivability it granted her team proved to be too powerful and needed to be tuned back significantly in a previous patch. We're looking to shift more of that survivability into Junker Queen herself by increasing the amount her passive ability heals through dealing damage with wounds.

Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush

  • Adrenaline passive healing multiplier increased from 1 to 1.25x damage dealt by wounds

Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout

  • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 14 seconds

Rampage Icon Rampage

  • Wound duration reduced from 5 to 4.5 seconds
  • Ultimate cost reduced by 10%
Based on data and feedback received from beta testing and (more recently) from observing professional play, we believe the temporary health granted by Junker Queen’s Shout ability has proven too strong overall and enabled a dominating team composition at the very upper ranks of play. Reducing the health gain and duration while increasing the ability’s cooldown are intended to reduce the overall power of this ability and make its use more deliberate and less forgiving. We’ll continue to monitor Junker Queen’s performance and win-rate, as well as broader player sentiment in the weeks following launch.

Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout

  • Allied health bonus reduced from 100 to 50 HP
  • Allied duration reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
  • Temporary health no longer decays over its duration
  • Cooldown increased from 11 to 15 seconds

Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout

  • Radius reduced from 20 to 15 meters
  • Allied bonus health now decays over its duration
  • Maximum duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds

Rampage Icon Rampage

  • Radius reduced from 6 to 5 meters

Scatter Gun Icon Scattergun (Primary Fire)

  • Pump Action Shotgun

Jagged Blade Icon Jagged Blade (Secondary Fire)

  • Active: Throw the blade and re-activate to pull it back, along with any impaled enemy
  • Passive: Wound enemies with Quick Melee or Throw, dealing damage over time

Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout (Ability 1)

  • Temporarily increase health and movement speed for yourself and nearby allies

Carnage Icon Carnage (Ability 2)

  • Wound all enemies in front of you, dealing damage over time

Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush (Passive)

  • Heal from all damage over time dealt by wounds

Rampage Icon Rampage (Ultimate)

  • Charge forward and wound enemies; dealing damage over time and preventing them from being healed


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