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Listen up you wretched scum. I see your struggles. Trying to survive in the wasteland. It's time to face the facts. The end of the world's come and gone. Your past lives are a dream. It's time you woke up. They thought they could take our land and give it to the machines? They were wrong. We won the war. And now we reap the spoils. We built a new world from the ashes.
~ Queen Odessa Stone

King Mason Howl (formerly)
Queen Odessa Stone (current)
Junkertown, Australia
Cuthroat salvager society

The Junkers are a cutthroat society that resides in the Australian Outback.

Background[ | ]

The origins of the Junkers lie with the destruction of the country's omnium, which turned the Outback into an irradiated wasteland that was uninhabitable to most humans. Those who survived formed the Junkers, who scavenged the husk of the omnium and formed a lawless, cutthroat society in its shadow.[1] The Junkers are divided into squabbling factions that are kept in line by their queen.[2] Examples include the Tinkers[3] and the Wreckers.[4]

The Junkers continue to pilfer the omnium. When they aren't doing that, the Junkers blow off steam in the Scrapyard—a massive gladiatorial arena whose combatants fight for glory, riches...and to survive.[5]

The Junkers are ruled by a monarch which is chosen through the Reckoning. Their ruler has the authority to banish Junkers into the surrounding Wasteland. At least prior to the rule of Odessa Stone, the Junkers were generally prejudiced against Wastelanders. Under Stone's rule, the Junkers' anti-omnic stance was solidified/established.[3]

Known Members[ | ]

Monarchs[ | ]

  • King Mason Howl, the Junker King (former ruler, banished)
  • Queen Odessa Stone, the Junker Queen (current ruler)

Minions[ | ]



Trivia[ | ]

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