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King MEKA.png

Real Name
Kyung-soo Han (한경수)
South KoreaKorean
Professional gamer (formerly)
Mech pilot
Busan, South Korea
Mobile Exo-Force

King, real name Kyung-soo Han, is a member of South Korea's Mobile Exo-Force.


Before joining MEKA, Kyung-soo was D.Va's main eSports rival in Mecha Guardian V.[1][2] Prior to the Second Omnic Crisis, he helped defend Busan from a Gwishin attack, but was injured in the battle.[3]

New Blood[]

How are we supposed to clear a path? There's thousands of them! We can't leave the city defenseless, but if we don't stop the drop pods from deploying--
~ Kyung-soo during the battle

Kyung-soo during the battle

After Null Sector's assault on Paris, Kyung-soo and the rest of the squad watched the news reports on the attack. Captain Myung told the squad that MEKA would not be contacting the newly-reformed Overwatch, and ordered the squad to remain alert for another Gwishin attack. Not long afterwards, such an attack occurred, but not from the Gwishin. Instead, Null Sector was attacking Busan. Kyung-soo reported that the omnics were being deployed via drop pod from a command ship. He commented that there were thousands of omnics on the ground, so while there were too many of them to fight through, if they focused all their attention on the groundside forces, there was nothing to stop the command ship from deploying a constant stream of reinforcements.

Kyung-soo is hit

Myung ordered Kyung-soo and D.Va to attack the command ship, while the rest of the squad remained on the ground. The plan went awry immediately, as Kyung-soo flew too far ahead of D.Va, and was hit, disabling his main thrusters. The ground forces fared no better, and the situation appeared hopeless, until Overwatch arrived, and turned the tide. Overlord was able to repair Kyung-soo and Casino's mechs, while Overwatch kept the groundside omnics busy. Getting into formation, Kyung-soo and the rest of the squad delivered a synchronized strike against the command ship, causing it to retreat. This left only the groundside omnic forces to be taken care of.

With Busan saved, the squad returned to base.[4]


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