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Hybrid Hybrid
United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Narrow, cobblestone streets
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King's Row is a Hybrid map in Overwatch. One of the 12 maps included in the game's release on 24 May 2016.

King's Row (Winter Wonderland)[ | ]

Official Description[ | ]

King's Row is an upscale, cosmopolitan neighborhood of London, England, but just beneath its peaceful surface, tensions between omnics and humans are running high. While much of modern Britain was built on the backs of omnic laborers, they have been denied the basic rights that humans have, with most omnics forced to live in the dense, claustrophobic city-beneath-the-city known by some as "the Underworld." Of greater concern is that recent demonstrations by pro-omnic-rights protestors have resulted in violent clashes with the police, and a solution is nowhere in sight.[1]

Background[ | ]


A human helps an omnic

A ritzy neighborhood,[2] King's Row is situated in the heart of London,[3] and has cobblestone streets.[4] It has its own police force.[5] Omnics here are denied the same rights as humans.[2] Nowhere else in the world are human-omnic tensions as high as in this neighborhood.[6]

It is connected to the hyperloop line.[7]

History[ | ]


Riots flare up in King's Row

Prior to the Omnic Crisis, King's Row had its own omnic population. They built their own city beneath the surface.[8] Omnic-human relations became tense in the city in the wake of protests,[9] with the police clashing with omnics and their human sympathizers.[10]

Uprising[ | ]

This is Morrison. London has been attacked. King's Row has fallen. We're on the brink of open war.
~ Jack Morrison
Null Sector

Null Sector launches its attack

Seven years before the present day,[11] on the eve of a historic peace accord,[12] the terrorist group Null Sector launched an uprising in King's Row, causing London to go up in flames.[11] Prior to this, the King's Row Times had reported on growing unrest in London stemming from Null Sector's activities.[13] They took Mayor Nandah, Mondatta, and a hundred other prisoners captive in a guarded power plant. 27 days into the uprising, the British government forbade Overwatch from intervening, even while thousands in London needed medical aid. In truth, Blackwatch agent Cole Cassidy was already on the ground, and had scouted the area. Despite the gag order, Commander Jack Morrison dispatched four Overwatch agents—Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjörn—to put an end to the crisis.[11]

King's Row Uprising

King's Row, now a warzone

By the 28th day of the uprising, hundreds were dead, and thousands were injured. Cassidy reported the existence of Null Sector fortifications, and that they had complete tactical control. The team fought their way through the streets, even as hordes of Null Sector omnics tried to bar their way.[14] The events that transpired were classified within Overwatch's archives.[15]

The Powder Keg[ | ]

This city is a powder keg that could ignite the world. And Talon is the flame.
~ Doomfist

King's Row was 'visited' by Junkrat and Roadhog in their global crime spree, causing damage in their wake.[16]

Omnic spiritual leader Tekhartha Mondatta did much to try to improve the conditions of omnics within King's Row.[17] Five years after the disbandment of Overwatch, he gave a speech to a joint human-omnic crowd. However, he was assassinated by Talon agent Widowmaker.[18] In his memory, a large statue was built in his honor. Additionally, a memorial picture was placed on the stairs in front of The Meridian, where he gave his final speech.

Around this time period, some people wanted to take out the omnics of King's Row using an EMP device.[8]

The Return of Null Sector[ | ]

Underworld 2

Null Sector attacks King's Row

A year after Mondatta's assassination, Null Sector returned to King's Row, launching an assault on the area. Their objective was to wipe out the omnics of the Underworld. Overwatch arrived to defend them, using a modified TS-1.[19]

Game Map[ | ]

The map's gameplay involves escorting the EMP device into the omnic city.[20]

Known Locations[ | ]

Map layout and points of interest[ | ]

King map

King's Road map with points of interest (spawn points, health packs and routes).

Strategy[ | ]

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Attack[ | ]

Assault[ | ]

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Escort[ | ]

Defense[ | ]

Assault[ | ]

Mei can use her Ice Wall to block off the gateway at the first chokepoint forcing the attackers to wait for the wall to break or go through The Meridian (The building where Tekhartha Mondatta gave his speech before being assassinated by Widowmaker in the animated short Alive).

Snipers such as Widowmaker and Hanzo can take advantage of the vertical areas surrounding the point to guard the point and warn the team of any flankers trying to sneak around.

Escort[ | ]

Mei can take advantage of the narrow streets and use her ultimate ability Blizzard on the payload and erect an Ice Wall behind the attackers to prevent escape.

Hanzo can also use the narrow streets by using his ultimate ability Dragonstrike to clear people off of the payload.

Screenshots[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

King's Row-tower

A travel ad for King's Row

  • King's Row was one of the first two maps created for Overwatch, alongside Temple of Anubis.[21]
  • The anti-omnic graffiti found on the map was present before omnic lore was fully fleshed out. The graffiti ended up contributing to the development of said lore, albeit indirectly.[21]
  • Inspiration for King's Row was taken from London. [22] Originally, London itself was going to be the map, but it later became King's Row.[23]
  • Its name bears a resemblance to King's Cross, a famous region within London, as well as the King's Road, in Chelsea.
  • On March 24th, 2017, a user on the Overwatch Battle.net forums noted changes in King's Row's aesthetic on the PTR which was not noted in the update notes. The changes revolved around making the map brighter and improving visibility for players. Overwatch Principal Level Designer Dave Adams responded to users complaining about the change stating, "London was one of the earliest maps and some of the tech we use to build maps and optimize for performance has evolved. Some aspects of the art and lighting were updated to bring it in line with the newer maps and make it easier to make updates and changes in the future. That being said I sent your feedback over to our artists and they are taking a look. Thanks."[24]

360° Panorama[ | ]

References[ | ]

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