Come on, let's bring it together.

Lúcio is a playable hero in Overwatch and one of the original 21 heroes. He is in the role of support. Lúcio is a DJ and freedom fighter hailing from Rio de Janeiro.


Lúcio is an international celebrity who inspires social change through his music and actions.

Lúcio Correia dos Santos grew up in Rio de Janeiro, in a poor and crowded favela that was hit hard by the financial upheaval following the Omnic Crisis. As Brazil began the long process of recovery, he wanted to find a way to lift the spirits of those around him. He found his answer in music and its power to bring people together and even help them forget their troubles, if only for a short time. He performed on street corners, in block parties, and as he got older, at a string of legendary underground shows.

But Lúcio's close-knit community was thrown into chaos when the multinational Vishkar Corporation secured a contract to redevelop large tracts of the city. Lúcio and his neighbors had been told that the development would improve their lives. However, that promise never became a reality. Vishkar imposed controls on the residents in the name of building a more orderly society: enforcing curfews, cracking down on what the company perceived as lawless behavior, and exploiting the populace as a cheap labor force.

Lúcio wouldn't stand for it. He stole Vishkar sonic technology that had been used to suppress the people, and he converted it into a tool to rally them to action. In a popular uprising, they drove Vishkar out of their neighborhoods. Lúcio's leadership made him a star overnight and a symbol for positive social change. His music skyrocketed in popularity. Whereas he had once performed locally, he was now filling arenas across the world.

With his newfound fame, Lúcio realizes that he has an opportunity to make a difference and change the world for the better.


Sonic Amplifier
20 rounds per clip
1.25-second reload
Primary fire: Sonic Projectiles
Burst fire linear projectile type
20 damage per projectile
  4 projectiles per shot
  Max 80 bodyshot damage
1 burst per second
4 rounds per burst
50 m/s projectile speed
✔ Can headshot
Secondary fire: Soundwave
Knockback and damaging frontal area-of-effect type
25 damage
8 m range
4-second cooldown
✘ Cannot headshot
✘ Cannot inflict self knockback

Lúcio can hit his enemies with sonic projectiles or knock them back with a blast of sound.
Primary Fire Key: (PC LMB.png, PS R2.png, XB RT.png)
Secondary Fire Key: (PC RMB.png, PS L2.png, XB LT.png)
Continuous area healing/buff type
16.25 HP per second
13 HP per second on self
+25% movement speed
12 m radius
0.5 sec buffer
0-second cooldown
Lúcio continuously energizes himself, and nearby teammates, with music. He can switch between two songs: one amplifies movement speed, while the other regenerates health.
Default Key: (PC LShift.png, PS L1.png, XB LB.png)
Amp It Up
Continuous area healing/buffing type
46.8 HP per second
35 HP per second on self
+60% movement speed
12 m radius
Lasts 3 seconds
12-second cooldown
Lúcio increases the volume on his speakers, boosting the effects of his songs.
Default Key: (PC E.png,PS R1.png, XB RB.png)
Lucio wallride.png
Wall Ride
Non-damaging movement type
+30% movement speed
Lúcio rides along a wall.
Default Key: (PC Space.png, PS X.png, XB A.png)
Ultimate Ability: Sound Barrier
Cast-time ultimate type
Area-of-effect buff ability type
30 m radius
+750 temporary shield
Lasts 6 seconds

Protective waves radiate out from Lúcio’s Sonic Amplifier, briefly providing him and nearby allies with personal shields.

Default Key: (PC Q.png, PS Tri.png, XB Y.png)
"Oh, let's break it down!"

Besides these abilities, Lúcio is able to jump, crouch, reload (only when his ammo is not full), and perform Quick Melee.


All seasonal event items, which are marked with special event icons (Summer Games Item Icon.pngHalloween Terror Item Icon.pngWinter Wonderland Item Icon.pngYear of the Rooster Item Icon.pngUprising Item Icon.pngAnniversary Item Icon.png), are only available to be unlocked either through their respective Loot Boxes or by Credits within the event's duration. During the event, newly-introduced event items cost three times as much as non-event items of the same rarity, while returning seasonal items are unlocked at the regular price.


For all of Lúcio's skins and weapons, see Lúcio/Skins and Weapons.


a This emote, after activating, will remain in its animation until the player inputs other actions to interrupt it.

Victory Poses


Voice Lines

▪ Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Credits.png 25)
"Can't stop, won't stop!"
▪ Hit Me! (Credits.png 25)
"Hit me!"
▪ I'm On Top Of The World! (Credits.png 25)
"I'm on top of the world!"
▪ I Could Do This All Day (Credits.png 25)
"I could do this all day."
▪ Jackpot! (Credits.png 25)
"Hoouuu!! Jackpot!"
▪ Not Hearing That Noise (Credits.png 25)
"I'm not hearing that noise!"
▪ Oh, Yeah! (Credits.png 25)
"Oh, yeah!"
▪ Tinnitus (Credits.png 25)
"That's how you get tinnitus."
▪ To The Rhythm (default)
"Give yourself to the rhythm."
▪ Why Are You So Angry? (Credits.png 25)
"Why are you so angry?"
▪ You Gotta Believe! (Credits.png 25)
"You gotta believe!"
Be Champions
(Summer Games Item Icon.png)
"Be champions."
(Summer Games Item Icon.png)
▪ Killed It! (Halloween Terror Item Icon.png)
"Killed it!"
▪ So Good It's Scary! (Halloween Terror Item Icon.png)
"So good it's scary!"
▪ Happy Holidays! (Winter Wonderland Item Icon.png)
"Happy holidays!"
▪ I Make This Look Good... (Year of the Rooster Item Icon.png)
"I make this look good... real good."
▪ Boop (Uprising Item Icon.png)
▪ Learn To Take It Easy (Uprising Item Icon.png)
"You need to learn to take it easy."
▪ Everyone Gets Their +1 (Anniversary Item Icon.png)
"Everyone gets their plus-one."
▪ Have Some Lúcio-Oh's! (Anniversary Item Icon.png)
"Have some Lúcio-Oh's!"


For Lúcio-specific sprays, see Lúcio/Sprays.

Highlight Intros



One purchase of an alternate weapon skin will apply to the Sonic Amplifier of all unlocked skins when equipping it.



Lucio pixel.png
The Floor is Lava

Get 3 killing blows while wall riding as Lúcio without dying in quick or competitive play.
Reward: Pixel Spray

Lucio cute.png

Block 1000 damage with a single use of Lúcio's Sound Barrier in quick or competitive play.
Reward: Cute Spray


Lúcio's album Synaesthesia Auditiva.

Lúcio Correia dos Santos was born in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. When he was young, he found a hobby in DJing, and performed on street corners and at block parties. As he got older, he performed in a series of underground shows.

When the Vishkar Corporation took control of Rio, Lúcio stole the sonic technology that his Father had invented for the company as one of their employees and led the favela's citizens against the company. Vishkar was forced out of the city, and Lúcio's music career began to gain popularity around the world.

Lúcio's first single was Sonhos Ômnicos. A year later, his first album Synaesthesia Auditiva debuted. He went on tour to promote it; the tour includes new technology that Lúcio had worked on for two years.


Lúcio is a very positive and uplifting man, often finding ways to cheer up his teammates and others. He always likes to be on the move and isn't afraid to announce his reaction to doing something cool. He is a believer in a free society and is willing to fight for the people to have their equal rights. As such, he appreciates cities which allows its citizens to live how they choose according by his voice line in Numbani, and also has a deep dislike for the Vishkar Corporation, most notably for forcing people to acclimate to their way of life, as shown by his constant battle with them and not being too happy about teaming up with one of its members.

Lúcio is a huge fan of music as well as skating, often making puns to them during a match. He is also a big fan of sports, mainly being interested in hockey and soccer.[1] Skiing is also one of his hobbies; he had traveled to the Andes every winter to hit the slopes.[2] He also seems to be a fan of D.Va, as conveyed by him enthusiastically asking her for an autograph.



  • Lúcio is notably viable on Control maps because he can ensure that his team reaches the control point first. He is also (ironically, given his background) of significant benefit to Symmetra on all maps because arriving early increases the amount of time she has to place turrets, and the nature of Symmetra's primary fire also requires her to chase down enemies and avoiding fire in the process.
  • As Lucio, never stay still. You are meant to distract enemies and control points.
  • A good tip to earn the "the Floor is lava" Achievement is to get an environmental kill and before they die wall ride until you get the killing blow.
  • Lucio could be considered as one of the most mobile characters in the game, his Wall Ride combined with Speed Boost allow him to pass over many obstacles and reach high grounds quickly.
    • This allows him to get behind enemy lines safely and "Boop" them towards your teammates/a cliff or destroy buildings such as turrets.
    • Don't forget however that his Wall Ride is noisy and can distract enemies.
Sonic Amplifier
  • Lúcio's Sonic Amplifier is accurate, but does little damage and has minimal projectile speed and size that can easily be dodged. It is best used to finish off enemies in concert with his teammates or wear down enemy barriers in disengaged situations.
    • There is rarely a time where a player does not want to be firing Lúcio's Sonic Amplifier. Aim at corners and choke points.
      • The quick reload allows for a good transition to be able to keep up the shot and lay down the pressure.
    • Do not underestimate the Sonic Amplifier's secondary fire. Its knockback effect is exceptional at disorientating enemies and pushing them off the map, potentially scoring an instant-kill. Maps include Ilios's Lighthouse and Well, Nepal's Sanctum, Lijiang Tower's Night Market and Garden, and Oasis's Gardens.
  • Lúcio is affected by his own aura. This can make him extremely resilient if played carefully. Use the healing aura and "dance" around the objective.
    • Lúcio always starts in Speed Boost when he (re)spawns.
  • As Lúcio, it is important to watch the kill feed when spawning. If several members of his team were killed (especially tanks), it is beneficial to wait for them to spawn and then speed boost them back into the fight as quickly as possible. This is especially important during Competitive Play.
  • Lúcio will want to heal up when damaged, but don't forget that a quick switch to Speed Boost can help escape enemies first.
  • Lúcio's healing is not as fast as Mercy's or Zenyatta's, but it is area-of-effect, meaning he can heal his entire team at once.
  • In high-level play, Lúcio is generally considered more valuable for his Speed Boost than for his healing. Don't forget that when his teammates are all on full health, Speed Boost will make them harder for the enemy to hit and give them priority at desirable positions. However, beware of knocking his teammates' aim or movement off by activating Speed Boost when they are not expecting it.
Amp It Up
  • After respawning, choosing Speed Boost and hitting Amp It Up right out of the gate will get Lúcio and his teammates back to the fight faster, and Amp It Up will usually be recharged by the time they arrive.
  • If the enemy is holding a choke point, such as the gate on Hanamura, it may be more valuable to save Amp It Up for when Lúcio arrives at the choke rather than on the way to it. A group of high-speed players racing through the choke may surprise the enemy and will be much harder to hit.
Sound Barrier
  • Protect his team from massive damage with Sound Barrier. Note that Sound Barrier wears off quickly, so do not treat it as a permanent buff. Time it to activate when big damage is incoming. It can even neutralize some (but not all) enemy Ultimates if used at the right time.
    • Be careful: while he can activate the ultimate in midair, the buff doesn't apply until he hits the ground. This can leave him open to getting shot down mid-activation, which will cancel his ultimate. Note that ultimate charge will reset to 0% immediately after activation, even if the ultimate is never cast. Activating Lúcio's ultimate under a low ceiling or doorway will cause him to bang his head on the ceiling, aborting his jump and thus starting his Ultimate more quickly.
    • While Lúcio's ultimate will not save all members of his team from D.Va's Self-Destruct, it will at least save those in positions a bit further away from the destruction, as well as easily getting him the achievement for damage blocked.
    • If timed right, Sound Barrier can completely negate Junkrat's RIP-Tire, and when combined with hiding behind things, can almost always keep Lúcio's whole team alive during Soldier: 76's Tactical Visor.
    • Timing is key with the Sound Barrier. Using it right when hearing D.Va's Self-Destruct voice line is unwise, as it does not detonate until several seconds later. During those seconds, the Sound Barrier will decay at a fast rate, making for flimsy defense. The sound of D.Va's self-destructing mech is signaled with a sound of energy building up before the explosion. Try to use the Sound Barrier 1-2 seconds before the mech explodes.
    • Do not attempt to use Sound Barrier while near a Zarya Ult.  You will never hit the ground due to being held by the Graviton Surge.  Instead try and get away from it then activate it within range of your team while staying out of the range of the pull.
    • Sound Barrier is especially useful in a lopsided team fight. For example, if your team is on a losing path in a 5v6, activating Sound Barrier unexpectedly can knock the enemies off guard and will provide a huge boost for your teammates.
    • Do not attempt to use Sound Barrier near a Sombra Ult. Her EMP completely removes all shields, rendering Sound Barrier useless. Instead, try to bait the enemy Sombra into using there ult, and then use yours.
    • To ensure survivability, pairing amped up healing with Sound Barrier can make a team very tough to take down.


  • Lúcio was announced on August 5, 2015, alongside Volskaya Industries and Numbani. Before that, he was teased in an in-universe story, Lúcio Brings Music to Life with Synaesthesia World Tour.
  • Lúcio's ultimate used to be a time-scale for everyone in the match except himself before it was replaced with Sound Barrier.[3]
  • The beads in Lúcio's hair are actually speakers.
  • In the Summer Games, Lúcio's signature sport is soccer.
  • It was revealed in a voice line interaction that Lucio's father is or was an employee of the Vishkar Corporation and the inventor of Vishkar's sonic technology which Lucio's stole and uses.
  • His Concept art is used as a basis for "Equalizer" Skin.

Cultural references

  • Some of Lúcio's skins are named after colors in Portuguese. Azul, Laranja, Vermelho, and Roxo mean blue, orange, red, and purple, respectively.
    • Lúcio's Roxo skin was called 'Neon' initially, and in conjunction with its colors, might have been a reference to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Lúcio's Slapshot skin bears a striking resemblance to National Hockey League team Tampa Bay Lightning's alternative uniform. The skin itself is obviously hockey-themed, as is the name.
  • Lúcio's Breakaway skin is a reference to National Hockey League Hall of Famer, Wayne Gretzky, who played for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team while wearing the number 99. The skin has a 99 on the leg and is in the colors of the team.
  • All four of his Legendary skin have a frog theme. The Ribbit and Hippityhop skin have it in the names and masks; the Breakaway and Slapshot skin have the frog and frog's paw logos on the weapons and chest guards.
    • Lúcio's Ribbit and Hippityhop skins are a direct reference to his frog logo/mascot, which is shown on his poster and album cover.
    • Lúcio's Ribbit and Hippityhop skins may also be a direct reference to the real-life DJ Deadmau5, who is known to wear a mouse head during his concerts, similar to how Lúcio wears the frog head. Indeed, it the mouse ears are removed, what remains is nearly identical to the frog head.
    • Lúcio's Ribbit and Hippityhop skins' colors may also be a reference to electronic music duo Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who wear silver and gold robotic helmets respectively.
  • Lúcio's quote, "You gotta believe!" is likely a reference to the video game PaRappa the Rapper; "I gotta believe!" is the quote which the protagonist, Parappa, is known for. He says the phrase before each level.
  • Lúcio's voice line: "Mmph, Mmph, Mmph, I'm feeling some good vibrations!" is a reference to the famous song, Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys.
  • Due to the shared themes of music and skating, Lúcio's design may have been inspired by Sega's Jet Set Radio for the Dreamcast. Also, many of Lúcio's sprays resemble graffiti tags, which were a key gameplay mechanic in Jet Set Radio.
  • Lúcio's quote, "That's how you get tinnitus!" is likely a reference to a running joke in the popular TV series Archer, in which the protagonist, Archer, fires a gun next to someone's ear to get them to stop talking.
  • Lúcio's emote "Capoeira" has him practicing the Brazilian form of acrobatic martial arts of the same name.
  • Lúcio is referenced in Marvel: Avengers Alliance with Wobwub Device gear. Its skills' names and effects are either Lúcio's abilities or his direct quotes.
  • One of Lucio's sprays, the one called Mural, may be a reference to the video game Jet Set Radio which shares many similarites with Lucio's aesthetic, music and skating being a big part of the series. It may also simply be a reference to the graffiti artstyle.
  • Lucio's winter skin's name Andes is a reference to the Andes mountains in South America.
    • Andes is also a brand of chocolate candy known for its mint-green layer between two chocolate layers. These reflect the colors of the skin.

Patch changes

For changes made to Lúcio's abilities, see Sonic Amplifier, Crossfade, Amp It Up, Wall Ride, and Sound Barrier.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png August 9, 2018 Patch: Added under attack voice lines for Zenyatta, Lúcio, and Moira.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png November 16, 2017 Patch: Lúcio now has an effect above his head to indicate which song he's playing in spectator mode.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png September 1, 2016 Patch: When activating the "Needs healing" communication while targeting a teammate Lúcio will now tell allies to group up to receive healing. A marker will also appear above the player's head, allowing teammates to locate the healer more quickly.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png July 19, 2016 Patch: Ultimate cost increased by 10%. Self-healing abilities now charge ultimate abilities.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png April 5, 2016 (beta) Patch: Added “Breakaway” and “Slapshot” Lúcio Legendary skins.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png March 8, 2016 (beta) Patch: Health increased from 150 to 200. Also added "Space Frog" Lúcio Legendary skin.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png March 1, 2016 (beta) Patch: Health decreased from 200 to 150


  1. Seleção and Striker skin's lore information
  2. Andes skin's lore information
  3. Jeff Kaplan on the Overwatch forums
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