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Lúcio is voiced by Jonny Cruz.


Ability Quote Audio
Soundwave Get back! ▶️
Push off. ▶️
Step to this! ▶️
Crossfade: Heal Audio medic! ▶️
Let's get patched up. ▶️
Feel that healing beat! ▶️
This is gonna make you feel better. ▶️
Yeah, time to heal up. ▶️
Healing boost! ▶️▶️
Let's get you healed up. ▶️
Heal up! ▶️
Crossfade: Speed Double time. ▶️
Yeah, let's pick it up! ▶️
Let's up the tempo. ▶️
Move to the beat. ▶️
Oh, oh, oh, time to accelerate! ▶️
Yeeeaah, let's move it, people! ▶️
Let's hustle! ▶️
Speed boost! ▶️
Amp It Up Haha, amp it up! ▶️
Oh, this is my jam! ▶️
Oh, turn it up. ▶️
Pump up the volume! ▶️
Raisin' the volume. ▶️
You feel that? ▶️
Ooh, you hear that? ▶️


English: Off the hook!


Ai sim.

English: That's what I'm talking about!

Sound Barrier (Ultimate) Oh, let's break it down! (self and friendly) ▶️

Vamos esculachar!

English: Let's show these guys up!

Wall Ride Nothing's gonna stop me. ▶️
Check this out. ▶️
I am loving this! ▶️
Aw, yeah! ▶️▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected Come on, let's bring it together. ▶️
During Set Up *idle song* (plays rarely) ▶️
Look at this team. We're gonna do great! ▶️
Enough waiting around, let's get out there. ▶️
Hey, break time's over. Let's get movin'! ▶️
I am ready to roll. ▶️
Let's show them what we can do! ▶️
(During New Year) My New Year's resolution? Hm, new skates for all the kids in the neighborhood. ▶️
(During Christmas) This is the time of year to think about everything we have to be thankful for. ▶️
(During Valentine's Day) It's Valentine's Day! Anyone need help making a mixtape? ▶️
Match Start Everyone, move together! ▶️
Let's get moving! ▶️
Let's get this party started! ▶️
Respawn Let's take it from the top. ▶️
And the beat goes on! ▶️
I hope nobody saw that. ▶️
I'm just getting started. ▶️
Time for an encore! ▶️
Time to change it up! ▶️
Back in the mix. ▶️
Pick Up Health Pack Good as new. ▶️
I feel great! ▶️
Now that's more like it. ▶️
On Fire Is it hot in here? Or is it just me? ▶️
Woo! Check this out, I am on fire! ▶️
Woo! I am on fire! ▶️
Damage Boosted Woo, get hype! ▶️
Thanks! ▶️
Now that's more like it. ▶️
We're on the same wavelength. ▶️
Woo! Nothing's gonna stop me! ▶️
Discord Orb Received/Hacked That's not right! ▶️
Ugh. ▶️
Voted Epic (5 Votes) Thank you, thank you. ▶️
Unreal! ▶️
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) I make this look easy! ▶️
I am runnin' this show! ▶️
Enemy Resurrection Heads up, they're back for more! ▶️
Oh, I guess they didn't have enough. ▶️
Resurrected I'm too young to die. ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Melee (shouts) ▶️
Boom! Ha ha! ▶️
Woo! ▶️
Landing on the Ground (exhales) ▶️
Ah, hah. ▶️
Stunned Oh, hey, hey! ▶️
Whoa! ▶️▶️
Death (dying sounds) ▶️
Death (big impact) (screams) ▶️
Falling off a Cliff (prolonged screaming) ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change Lúcio comin' at you. ▶️
Lúcio here! ▶️
Sniper Sighted Uh-oh, sniper, keep moving. ▶️
Look out, sniper, check your head! ▶️
Enemy Sighted Here they come. ▶️
They're crashing the party. ▶️
Found them! ▶️
Turret Sighted Check it! Enemy turret ahead! ▶️
Watch out for that turret! ▶️
Under Attack Little hand here? ▶️
I'm under attack! ▶️
I could use some help! ▶️
Enemy Ultimate Take cover! ▶️
Ally Damaged Watch your back. ▶️
Behind you! ▶️
Nano-boosted I am unstoppable! ▶️
Boostio! ▶️
Oh, there's no stopping me now! ▶️
Time Running Out (Defense) We got this, just a little longer. ▶️
We're so close! Just hang in there. ▶️
No way we're gonna lose this. Hang on! ▶️
Time Running Out (Attack) Don’t give up, we can still win this. ▶️
Get on the attack, or it’s game over. ▶️
We have to pick it up, let's attack! ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Point Being Captured Let's get them off our objective. ▶️
Come on! We need to get in control of the point! ▶️
They're taking the objective, let's knock them back! ▶️
Capturing Point Takin' the objective, come on over! ▶️
*laughs* I am rocking this objective! ▶️
Party on the objective, who's in? ▶️
I'm on the objective, you comin'? ▶️
I'm takin' the objective, you know you want some! ▶️
Payload Stuck Payload's stuck. Let's get it rolling. ▶️
Someone get the payload moving again. ▶️
We need to get the payload movin', pick up the pace! ▶️
Escorting Payload (Attack) Special delivery on the way! ▶️
I’m on the payload and moving out. ▶️
Moving with the payload. ▶️
This payload's bumpin'! ▶️
Payload Moving (Defense) No way they’re delivering that payload! Get on it! ▶️
Everyone, stop the payload! ▶️
Payload’s moving. Let’s shut this party down. ▶️
Flag Taken (Attack) Who has the flag? Oh, that'd be me. ▶️
Could have sworn your flag was just there! ▶️
Flag Taken (Defense) Get our flag back! ▶️
They have our flag! Oh, let's get it back. ▶️
Flag Captured (Attack) I'm making this look easy! ▶️
Lúcio scores! ▶️
Flag Captured (Defense) Aw, come on! ▶️
We let you have that one. ▶️
Flag Dropped (enemy) Hey! Someone grab our flag! ▶️
Now's our chance! ▶️
Dropping Flag Dropping the flag! ▶️
Ditching the flag! ▶️
Returning Flag Flag's on it's way back to base! ▶️
That's not where our flag is supposed to be. ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow Hah! Too good. ▶️
How you like that? ▶️
I could do this with my eyes closed. ▶️
I'm feeling some good vibrations! ▶️
Is this thing on? ▶️
Nailed it! ▶️
Right on target. ▶️
Sorry. Had to give you the hook. ▶️
That was the drop. ▶️
That was the sound of science. ▶️
That's more like it. ▶️
That's what I'm talkin' about! ▶️
We have them heading to the exits. ▶️
When the music hits, you feel no pain. ▶️
You got the beat... down! ▶️
You having trouble keeping up? ▶️
You lost the beat. ▶️
You're old news. ▶️

Ah, garoto.

English: Oh, boy.



English: See ya.



English: Bye.

(vs Tracer) Got you this time. ▶️
(vs Symmetra) That's for my family back home! ▶️
(vs Symmetra) Stay outta Rio. That's my turf. ▶️
Kill Streak Oooh, this is going off! ▶️
Ha ha! Let's keep it going! ▶️
I must have this track on repeat! ▶️
I'm feeling it! ▶️
I'm in the groove! ▶️
It goes to eleven. ▶️
Woo! Nothing's gonna stop me! ▶️
Turret Elimination Do you remember that turret? Me neither. ▶️
Enemy turret destroyed. ▶️
Hope you didn't work too hard on that. ▶️
Teleporter Elimination Enemy teleporter destroyed.
I got the teleporter. That should slow them down. ▶️
Melee Final Blow Boom! ▶️
Haha! Served. ▶️
Whoo! Check yourself. ▶️
Witness Elimination Have you been practicing? ▶️
That was awesome! ▶️
Ouch! Yeah! ▶️
Nice one! ▶️
I'll take more where that came from! ▶️
Witness Teammate Eliminated Oh, no!
So not cool!
Ugh, major buzzkill.
We have to pull together!
Revenge I need to learn to let go... Pfft, next time! ▶️
Team Kill Enemy team's down, time to push!
The enemy team is down! Now's our chance.


Trigger Quote Audio
Hello Hello, hello. ▶️
Hey. ▶️
Hello! ▶️
Hi. ▶️


English: Hi.


E aí?

English: What's up?


Fala tu.

English: Talk to me.

Goodbye Peace!
See ya.

Até mais.

English: See you later.

Thank Thanks! ▶️▶️
Thank you. ▶️


English: Thanks.



English: Thank you.

You're Welcome No problem.
You're welcome.
Acknowledge I hear you. ▶️
Okay. ▶️
Got it. ▶️
Understood. ▶️
Need Healing Someone call a doctor! ▶️
I need healing. ▶️
Group Up Group up with me. ▶️
Let's group up here. ▶️
Group up. ▶️
Fall Back Fall back! ▶️
Ultimate Status (0-90%) My ultimate is charging. ▶️
Ultimate Status (91-99%) My ultimate is almost ready. ▶️
My Sound Barrier is almost ready. ▶️
Ultimate Status (100%) I am ready to activate the Sound Barrier! ▶️
My ultimate is ready! ▶️
(directed at ally) My ultimate is ready! Let's do this! ▶️

Voice Lines[]

Trigger Quote Audio
Default Give yourself to the rhythm. ▶️
25Credits Can't stop, won't stop. ▶️
Check this out. ▶️
Hit me! ▶️
I'm not hearing that noise. ▶️
I'm on top of the world! ▶️
I could do this all day. ▶️
Hoo! Jackpot! ▶️
Oh, yeah! ▶️
That's how you get tinnitus. ▶️
Why are you so angry? ▶️
You gotta believe. ▶️
Summer Games (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Be champions. ▶️
Summer Games (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Suboptimal. ▶️
Summer Games (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Aw, come on, ref! ▶️
Halloween Terror (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Killed it! ▶️
Halloween Terror (2017) Exclusive 25Credits So good, it's scary! ▶️
Halloween Terror (2018) Exclusive 25Credits Trick or treat! ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Happy holidays! ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Climbing the charts! ▶️
Lunar New Year (2017) Exclusive 25Credits I make this look good... real good. ▶️
Lunar New Year (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Just how I like it. ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Boop! ▶️
You need to learn to take it easy. ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Turn it up in my headphones! ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Everyone gets their plus one. ▶️
Have some Lúcio-ohs! ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Can you hear me now? ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
  • Ashe: Do my eyes deceive me, or are you wearing skates?


  • Ashe: Nice skates. Very cute. You going to swap those out before we get to the gunfight?


  • Ashe: Y'all, our teammate is wearing skates. To a gunfight! Hahaha!
  • Lúcio: You'll see what these can do!

▶️ ▶️ ▶️

  • Lúcio: Hey, man! Happy to have you!
  • Baptiste: I've had bad luck with teams, but this one seems all right.
  • Lúcio: Yeah, that's the spirit!

▶️ ▶️ ▶️

  • Lúcio: Hey Bastion, check this out! [imitates beeping]
  • Bastion: [beeping]
  • Lúcio: D.Va in the flesh, woo! Can I get your autograph?
  • D.Va: Only if I can get yours, too. I love your new album.


  • Lúcio: Hey Genji, how bout I hook up your lights to my music?
  • Genji: That is not what they are for.


  • Genji: *Sighs* Just this one time.
  • Mei: Can I have your autograph?
  • Lúcio: Aw, you're making me blush, Mei! Need one for Snowball too?
  • Mercy: Lúcio, I never realized your father invented Vishkar's sonic technology.
  • Lúcio: The Core Tech was his life's work, owned and patented by Vishkar. But it's mine now.
  • Lúcio: Orisa, you are amazing! Could you ask Efi if she could help me out with my helmet sometime?
  • Orisa: I am sure she would love to. She is a big fan of your music. As am I.


  • Lúcio: You should come to Rio, Orisa. I could use your help with those Vishkar goons.
  • Orisa: I do not know about this Vishkar, but I am programmed to assist where I can.


  • Lúcio: What do you think, Pharah? Got time for a game?
  • Pharah: After the mission, you're on.
  • Reinhardt: You kids today with your techno music. You should enjoy the classics, like Hasselhoff!
  • Lúcio: Oh man, I can't even take you seriously right now.


  • Lúcio: Reinhardt, we need to find you some new tunes.
  • Reinhardt: What's wrong with the classic?I love Hasselhoff! Have you heard Night Rocker?


  • Lúcio: What you Vishkar will never understand is that people should be free.
  • Symmetra: What you call freedom is an illusion that causes more harm than good.



  • Lúcio: Vishkar's using you, just like they used my father. You just wait. You'll see.
  • Symmetra: Your father was a Vishkar employee. He understood our company's vision. A shame he never educated you.
  • Symmetra: To think I should have to work with a street ruffian.
  • Lúcio: I'm not all that excited about this arrangement either.



  • Symmetra: Vishkar is building a better future for humanity.
  • Lúcio: You believe that? I don't even know what to tell you.



  • Symmetra: You should return what you stole from Vishkar.
  • Lúcio: Stole? Psh! You need to go ask your bosses where it all came from; then we can talk.

▶️ ▶️

  • Torbjörn: Such intriguing sonic displacement technology.
  • Lúcio: Thanks, my dad invented it. You two would get along great!

▶️ ▶️

  • Lúcio: Can't keep up?
  • Tracer: Then stay out of our way!

▶️ ▶️

  • Tracer: Lúcio! I'll race ya!
  • Lúcio: Oh, you're on.

(Winter Wonderland)

  • Lúcio: Hey, Tracer, you and Emily wanna hit the slopes some time?
  • Tracer: Absolutely!.. If you think you can keep up with us!
  • Widowmaker: You're making too much noise.
  • Lúcio: It's not noise, it's music!
  • Widowmaker: Very Well. You're making too much music.
  • Lúcio: Winston, how's it hangin'?
  • Winston: Uhm, okay, I guess. We got this big mission coming up-- Oh, I get it.


  • Lúcio: I've been thinking about my football name. Ready? How about... Winston. What do you think?
  • Winston: I... Like it!
  • Lúcio: Winston! Started on your Halloween costume yet?
  • Winston: Actually, I have! I was thinking of a safari costume. Haha, you thought I wasn't going to have one, didn't you?


Trigger Quote Audio
Hanamura Wish I'd practice my Japanese more, Konnichiwa! ▶️
Hollywood Wonder if I have time to catch a hockey game. ▶️
Horizon Lunar Colony (looking through telescope) I never thought I'd see the world like this! ▶️
King's Row Let's not waste time, I have tickets to a show tonight. ▶️
Numbani Now this is my kinda city, everyone's free to live as they choose. ▶️
Volskaya Industries I wish I'd brought my stick and pads. I'm sure I could've found a pick-up game here. ▶️


Skin Trigger Quote Audio
Seleção or Striker Hero Change Lúcio, checking in the game. ▶️
Thanks (communication) Oh, thanks for the assist! ▶️
During Set Up My ratings? 99 pace, 99 dribbling, 99 making this look good! ▶️
Oh, nothing like playing in front of the home fans! ▶️
Practice? I mean... what are we talking about... practice? We're talking about practice. ▶️
(hoots) This is one good looking team. The beautiful game, am I right? ▶️
Eliminations C'mon, he dove! No snipers here. ▶️
Oh, sniper! ▶️
Ally Eliminated Are you blind, ref? ▶️
C'mon, ref! ▶️
C'mon, ref, show him a card! ▶️
That was a dive! ▶️
Slapshot or Breakaway Pre-match Setup (at Volskaya Industries) Brought my gear, time to find a game! ▶️
Final Blow You get five for fighting. ▶️
Melee Final Blow Come on, drop the gloves! ▶️
Kill Streak Just call me the New Great One. ▶️
Jazzy Pre-match Setup Everybody get your stuff together and let's jam! ▶️
Match Start Let's kick the beat! ▶️
Witness Elimination You got chops! ▶️
Payload Moving (attack) This payload's jumping! ▶️
Replaced Voice Line Turn it up in my cans! ▶️
Unknown Hanging out over here. ▶️
I'm over here! ▶️


Skin Trigger Quote Audio
Lúcioball Score Goal Bend it like Lúcio! ▶️
Goal of the season. ▶️
Goooooooal! ▶️
Haha, did you see that? ▶️
He shoots, he scores! ▶️
Now that's playing the beautiful game. ▶️
Oh, yeah! ▶️
That's the hand of God! ▶️
Witness Goal (against enemy) Nice shot! ▶️
Oh, what a strike! ▶️
Witness Goal (against team) Suboptimal. ▶️
We'll get it back. ▶️
Own Goal (team) I can't believe I just did that. ▶️
Own Goal (enemy) *laughs* Own goal? I'll take it. ▶️
Overwatch Archives Enemy Reinforcements Get ready for more! ▶️
Here come more of our "adoring" fans! ▶️
Here they come! ▶️
Look out! Enemy reinforcements. ▶️
Watch yourselves, bad guys incoming! ▶️
Enemy Coming via Boats Heads up! Enemy boat coming in! ▶️
Heads up! Enemy boats coming in! ▶️
Heads up! Enemy skiff coming in! ▶️
Heads up! Enemy skiffs coming in! ▶️
Enemies on that boat! ▶️
Enemies on those boats! ▶️
Enemy Coming via Dropship Dropship coming in! ▶️
Enemy dropship on the way! ▶️
Enemy Coming through Ceiling They're coming down from the ceiling! ▶️
They're dropping down from above! ▶️
Enemy Coming through Door They're breaking down the door! ▶️
They're breaking down the doors! ▶️
They're coming in the door! ▶️
They're coming in the doors! ▶️
Enemy Coming through Doorway They're in the doorway! ▶️
Watch the doorway. ▶️
Enemy Coming through Window They're breaking the window! ▶️
They're breaking the windows! ▶️
They're coming through the window! ▶️
They're coming through the windows! ▶️
Trooper Found Talon troopers over there! ▶️
Enforcer Deployed Shut down that enforcer! ▶️
Enforcer Found Enforcer, over there! ▶️
Heavy Assault Eliminated Enforcer's out of the picture! ▶️
Sniper Deployed Look out for that sniper! ▶️
There's a sniper, watch out! ▶️
Sniper Found Sniper! Over there! ▶️
Look out! She's taking pot shots at us! ▶️
Sniper Not Eliminated We have to do something about that sniper! ▶️
We need to take her out of the fight! ▶️
Sniper Eliminated I took care of the sniper! ▶️
Sniper's down! ▶️
Sniper Locked on Ally She's locked on you! ▶️
Assassin Deployed They have an assassin! ▶️
Watch out for the assassin! ▶️
Assassin Found Assassin's over there! ▶️
There she is! ▶️
Assassin Not Eliminated Can we please do something about that assassin? ▶️
Anyone wanna get her out of our hair? ▶️
Assassin Disappeared She just disappeared! ▶️
Where'd she go? ▶️
Assassin Eliminated Assassin's down! ▶️
She's not moving so fast now! Ho ho ho! ▶️
Assassin on You Get her off me! ▶️
Get off me! ▶️
Assassin on Ally Assassin's locked on you, get down! ▶️
Assassin's on you! ▶️
She's on you! ▶️
Heavy Assault Deployed Heavy assault! Up ahead! ▶️
Watch out! Heavy coming in! ▶️
Heavy Assault Not Eliminated Someone wanna take down the heavy? ▶️
We should probably do something about him! ▶️
Heavy Assault at Low Health Looks like he's hurt! ▶️
Now's our chance! ▶️
Heavy Assault Eliminated Heavy's out of the picture! ▶️
Don't worry, I took care of it. ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Sound Barrier Let's drop the beat! (hostile) ▶️


Quotes marked "datamined" might not exist in-game, and may be outdated. Do not take them as representative of the game in its current or future states.

Please move quotes that do exist in game to their appropriate sections above.

Trigger Quote Audio
Datamined Oh, watch your step! ▶️


  • "Sniper! Check your head!" may be a reference to The Beastie Boys rap album "Check Your Head".
    • "That was the sound of science." may also be a reference to The Beastie Boys song "The Sounds of Science", which is in turn a play on the song by Simon and Garfunkel, "Sound of Silence,"
  • "When the music hits, you feel no pain." is a reference to musician Bob Marley's quote "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
  • "You gotta believe!" may be referencing to the PaRappa the Rapper series, as PaRappa's main catchphrase is "I gotta believe!"
  • "I'm feeling some good vibrations!" may be referencing The Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations".
  • "My ratings? 99 pace, 99 dribbling, 99 making this look good!" is most likely a reference to the 99 rating cap in the popular online sports gamemode FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • "Boostio!" is a reference to the term of the same name used by the Overwatch community. It originated as a way to describe an Ana accidentally Nano-Boosting Lúcio instead of her intended target.
  • "Can't stop, won't stop!" is a possible reference to the Junior Senior song "Move Your Feet".
  • "And the beat goes on!" may be a reference to the song title And the Beat Goes on by The Whispers.
  • "Practice? I mean... what are we talking about... practice? We're talking about practice." is a reference to a famous quote from NBA player Allen Iverson, when he was asked about his practice regimen. This was due to questions about his commitment to the team at the time.