The key is not to hesitate. When you have the shot... you take the shot.

Legacy is a Digital Comic Short about Ana.


Ana and Jack Morrison are leading an Overwatch mission to rescue scientists that Talon had taken hostage. As Jack leads the hostages out of the building and through the ruined streets of the unnamed city, Ana watches from above, taking out Talon agents as necessary. While doing this, she reflects on how each of her fellow agents and her targets have lives and families of their own.

As Ana tells Jack the path is clear, two agents, Bayless and Al-Farouk get shot from two different angles. The rest of the agents take cover inside, and Ana is forced to change position while she is being shot at. Two more agents are shot while she moves. Jack notes that the assailant could be the new Talon sniper that "moves like lightning". Ana sends drones to blow up a building where the sniper might be, creating a diversion so that the other agents can escape. As the remaining agents escape in a carrier, Ana stays behind.

Ana leaves the building (by jumping out the window), and the sniper fires a rocket at her. Ana dodges, and, now knowing where the sniper is, takes a shot through a small crack in a wall. However, the blow is not fatal; the sniper's helmet cracks apart to reveal Amélie Lacroix underneath. Ana is shocked, and hesitates for long enough for Amélie to pick up her rifle and shoot Ana directly in the eye.

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