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"Spend every moment growing
into who you truly are."

Real Name
Niran Pruksamanee
(นิรันดร์ "บัว" พฤกษามณี [1])
"Bua" (nickname)[2]
April 28th
Thailand Thai
Chiang Mai, Thailand (formerly)
Architech Academy, India (formerly)
Atlantic Arcology
Vishkar Corporation (formerly)
The Collective
Unnamed parents
Unnamed older sister, unnamed younger brother[5]
Phuwin Tangsakyuen (English)

Rémi Gutton (French)
Sebastian Griegel (German)
Luca Appetiti (Italian)
Shūsaku Shirakawa (Japanese)
Ryu Seung-gon (Korean)
Qiao Zi-hao (Taiwanese Mandarin)
Tomasz Olejnik (Polish)
Vinícius Estefanuto (Brazilian Portuguese)
Sergei Gabrielyan Jr. (Russian)
Óscar Garibay (Latin American Spanish)

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Lifeweaver is a Support hero in Overwatch 2. Released on 11 April 2023, he is the 37th hero added to the game.


Lifeweaver is a support that provides reliable healing and utility that allows him to reposition his teammates and save them from dangerous situations.


Role: Support
Passive Ability
Begin regenerating health more quickly.

Ability details:
  • Reduces the time before passive health regeneration starts from 5 to 2.5 seconds after taking damage.

Healing Blossom
Key mouse 1
Healing Blossom Icon
Weapon (Primary Fire)
Effect Type
Projectile Projectile
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Hold to charge a healing burst. Release to heal a targeted ally.
80 over 0.3 seconds (max charge)
10 (min charge)
Rate of fire:
0.69 shots/s (max charge)
3.33 shots/s (min charge)
Reload time:
1.5 seconds
Max. range:
30 meters (targeting)
Move. speed:
-25% penalty, after 1 second
Projectile speed:
60 m/s
Projectile radius:
0.25 meters

Ability details:
  • Healing per second:
    • 55.2 while firing at full charge (51.8 overall w/ reload)
    • 33.3 while firing at minimum charge (25.4 overall w/reload)
  • The projectiles lock on to the targets, and follow them even if they leave the initial range or use movement abilities after its fired.
    • The projectiles can go through terrain if locked on.
  • Can be targeted through barriers, but the projectile will be blocked by them.
  • The blossom takes 1.15 second to reach maximum charge.
  • Healing Blossom automatically reloads after 2.5 seconds, when Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley is in use.

Thorn Volley
Key mouse 2
Thorn Volley Icon
Weapon (Secondary Fire)
Effect Type
Projectile Projectile
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Rapidly fire a spread of projectiles.
6 (per thorn)
12 (per shot)
Rate of fire:
11 shots/s
Bullets per shot:
Ammo per shot:
Reload time:
1.5 seconds
Projectile speed:
80 m/s
Projectile radius:
0.2 meters

Ability details:
  • 1 of the 2 thorns shot has 25% less spread.
  • Damage per second: 132 while firing (~85 overall w/ reload)
  • Thorn Volley automatically reloads after 2.5 seconds, when Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom is in use.
  • Thorn Volley's spread starts at 0 and builds to its maximum spread after 20 shots (~0.9 seconds)

Petal Platform
Petal Platform Icon
12 seconds
Effect Type
Arcing projectile Arcing projectile
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Throw a platform that springs upwards when stepped on.
Cast time:
3 seconds
∞ (unused)
10 seconds (after being triggered)
Projectile speed:
40 m/s
Projectile radius:
0.15 meters

Ability details:
  • Cooldown starts when the platform is thrown.
  • The projectile bounces off of barriers and other objects and only deploys upon hitting the ground.
  • The platform is a terrain-like object, which has collision and blocks line of sight.
  • Payload and Push robot will phase through the platform if it was placed in their path.
    • It cannot be activated by them, nor activated whilst underneath them.
  • The placed platform lasts indefinitely, until activated or destroyed.
  • The platform is activated when an allied or enemy hero (including Ability-ashe4 B.O.B.) steps on it.
    • The activation has 2 meter radius upon impact, reduced to 0.75 meters after initial placement.
    • The activation has a brief delay, which allows it not to be activated when jumping on it or passing over with fast movement abilities, unless the platform was deployed directly under a hero.
    • The platform may rise up to 12 meters height from the surface it was deployed on.
    • If the platform's center is below the payload/push bot, terrain or terrain-like objects, it will not rise even if a hero stands on it.
      • The activated platform may also stop without reaching maximum height if there is not enough vertical clearance.
  • Lifeweaver can destroy the platform by using the ability 1 key or by deploying a new one.
    • There is an option in controls to use the interact key to destroy the platform instead of the ability 1 key.
      • Symmetra's Ability-symmetra4 Teleporter has the priority if interact is used in its vicinity.
  • Can affect enemies that are immune to Crowd Control, like Orisa during Ability Orisa Fortify Fortify or Mei during Ability-mei2 Cryo-Freeze.
  • The momentum from the lift allows heroes to jump higher than normal when reaching the top.
  • Abilities and objects can be placed on the platform, and in most cases lifted by the platform.
  • The platform can be Ability Sombra Hack Hacked, preventing it from activating while on ground for 10 seconds or destroying an already active platform. Hacking Lifeweaver does not disable the platform.
  • Can lift players out of Ability-zarya4 Graviton Surge, provided it can be activated.
  • The platform is unaffected by Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex Icon Ravenous Vortex.
  • Heroes affected by Ability-Junkrat3 Steel Trap can be lifted by the platform, breaking the trap in the process if the trap was placed on the ground first.
  • If Mei's Ability-mei3 Ice Wall, Ramattra's Void Barrier Icon Void Barrier or Baptiste's Baptiste-ability4 Amplification Matrix are placed on the platform and said platform is destroyed, they will remain suspended in midair.

Rejuvenating Dash
Rejuvenating Dash Icon
5 seconds
Effect Type
Movement Movement
Dash towards your traveling direction and lightly heal yourself.
60 (self)
Max. range:
6.15 meters

Ability details:
  • Dash is horizontal only.
    • Ignores existing vertical momentum from falling.

Life Grip
Life Grip Icon
19 seconds
Effect Type
Targeted Targeted (ally)
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Pull an ally to your location, protecting them as they travel.
50 (ally)
Max. range:
30 meters

Ability details:
  • Only usable on heroes, including Ability-ashe4 B.O.B..
  • The targeted player is pulled to the location, where the ability was activated from, as opposed to Lifeweaver's current location.
  • Prevents the target from taking Crowd Control and damage during the pull, but does not cleanse debuffs applied beforehand.
    • Can pull allies out of Ability-zarya4 Graviton Surge, Abilities-sigma5 Gravitic Flux, Ability-Roadhog3 Chain Hook and Ability-reinhardt3 Charge.
    • Projectiles that hit the target during the pull are blocked, as opposed to passing through, but it does not block line of sight for AoE attacks.
    • Players will momentarily stop taking damage from damage over time effects, such as wounds inflicted by Junker Queen, while being pulled. In Junker Queen's case, it also decreases her self-healing,as it is based on damage dealt.
  • Life Grip can pull allies channeling an ability but it will not interrupt the channel.
  • After 0.75 seconds, the target can use movement abilities, such as Ability-reinhardt3 Charge, during the pull to get out of it.
    • Life Grip will, however, interrupt any on-going movement abilities when it is activated.
      • This doesn't apply to Mauga's Overrun icon Overrun however, which will pause during the pull and continue once it ends.
  • Life Grip cannot be used on allies casting one of the following abilities: Ability-dva6 Call Mech, Ability Doomfist Meteor Strike Meteor Strike, Rampage Icon Rampage, Ability-reinhardt5 Earthshatter, Ultimate TerraSurge Terra Surge, DUPLICATE Duplicate (initial cast), Ability-reaper3 Shadow Step, Ability-mei2 Cryo-Freeze and Ability-mercy5 Resurrect. Activating any of these abilities will also interrupt an active pull.
  • Following ultimates do not prevent the target from being pulled, but will interrupt an active pull when activated: Ability-dva4 Self-destruct, Annihilation Icon Annihilation, Cage Fight icon Cage Fight, Abilities-sigma5 Gravitic Flux (initial cast), Ability-winston4 Primal Rage, Ability-genji4 Dragonblade, Ability-reaper4 Death Blossom, Ability Sombra EMP EMP, Ability-Lucio4 Sound Barrier, Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie, Ability Moira Coalescence Coalescence and Ability-zenyatta4 Transcendence.
  • Allies cannot be pulled through terrain or terrain-like objects, like Mei's Ability-mei3 Ice Wall. The pull may attempt to path around the corners these obstacles.
  • The pulled ally can interact with Symmetra's Ability-symmetra4 Teleporter and will keep momentum after teleporting.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life Icon
2200 points
Effect Type
Area of effect Area of effect
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Place a tree that instantly heals allies upon sprouting and continues healing periodically as it lives.
150 (Instant)
90 per pulse
1 pulse every 1.75 seconds (8 pulses)
50% of overhealing is coverted to overhealth (max. 100)
15 seconds
Max. range:
30 meters (targeting)
Area of effect:
12 meters

Ability details:
  • Once a hero reaches full health, the tree will convert 50% of its healing to overhealth for up to 100 per hero.
  • Can be cancelled early by pressing the ultimate button again.
  • Can heal for a total of 870 HP per hero.
  • The AoE healing is line of sight blocked by terrain, but not by barriers.
  • The tree is a terrain-like object, which has collision and blocks line of sight.
  • Tree of Life can be placed on top of other objects. If the tree is placed or falls on top of any tangible non-barrier object other than Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform, another Tree of Life or Minefield Minefield, it will be destroyed by the tree. This applies to both allied and enemy objects.
  • Tree of Life cannot be Ability Sombra Hack Hacked, neither directly or by being hit by Ability Sombra EMP EMP.
    • EMP will still damage Tree of Life.
  • Payload and Push robot will phase through the tree if it was placed in their path.
    • The Payload can move the tree with them if it was placed on them.
  • Tree of Life can heal through Petal Platform.

Hero-specific options

Setting name Options Description
Toggle Primary Fire Off (default) Healing Blossom charges by holding the button and fires on release.
On Healing Blossom charges when pressing the button, then fires when the player presses the button again.
Use Legacy Control Scheme Off (default) Healing Blossom is bound to Primary Fire. Thorn Volley is bound to Secondary Fire. Petal Platform is bound to Ability 1. Rejuvenating Dash is bound to Jump while airborne.
On Healing Blossom and Thorn Volley are bound to Primary Fire and can be swapped through weapon equip keys. Petal Platform is bound to Secondary Fire. Rejuvenating Dash is bound to Ability 1.
Healing Blossom sensitivity 10% ... 100% (default: 100%) Adjusts the targeting sensitivity of Healing Blossom. Setting this to a lower value reduces the maximum view angle for acquiring a target.
Life Grip sensitivity 10% ... 100% (default: 100%) Adjusts the targeting sensitivity of Life Grip. Setting this to a lower value reduces the maximum view angle for acquiring a target.
Tree of Life confirmation input Primary Fire (default) Tree of Life is activated by pressing Ultimate Ability then Primary Fire. Secondary Fire to cancel targeting.
Secondary Fire Tree of Life is activated by pressing Ultimate Ability then Secondary Fire. Primary Fire to cancel targeting.
Ability 3 press Tree of Life is activated by pressing Ultimate Ability twice. Secondary Fire to cancel targeting.
Ability 3 release Tree of Life is activated by pressing and releasing Ultimate Ability. Secondary Fire to cancel targeting.
Secondary Fire cancels Primary Fire when using manual swap On (default) Pressing Secondary Fire interrupts charging Healing Blossom. Neither Healing Blossom or Petal Platform is fired, but Healing Blossom ammo will be consumed.
Off Pressing secondary Fire launches Petal Platform without interrupting Healing Blossom charging.
Interact cancels Petal Platform Off (default) Pressing ability button destroys the active Petal Platform. Ability button must be pressed again to deploy a new platform.
On Pressing Interact destroys the active Petal Platform. Ability button immediately deploys a new platform.
Relative Thorn Volley aim sensitivity 0% ... 500% (default: 100%) Multiplier to base aim sensitivity during Thorn Volley.
Hide Tree of Life cancel prompt Off (default) Cancel text UI element is displayed to the left of the crosshair.
On Cancel text UI element is hidden.


Lifeweaver is one of the most healing-orientated Supports in the game, with his easy-aiming auto-targeting Healing Blossom Icon healing blossom having a long range and capable of going through even terrain to reach its target, making Lifeweaver a great source of sustain for the team. Due to his long range and vertical mobility, he's best utilized in the backlines, letting him heal allies in the front and use his Life Grip Icon Life grip to save them if necessary. His kit provides great utility for his team, with his Petal Platform Icon petal platform providing quick and easy repositioning for allies, alongside his Life Grip Icon Life grip which is also useful to save allies from near-death, overextending or rescue them from enemy abilities, all whilst repositioning them to you. Lifeweaver thrives with communication from his allies, being able to coordinate where and when to use his Petal Platform Icon petal platform for their benefit, for team plays or just for accessing high ground quickly. His kit provides some of the best vertical mobility in the game and shouldn't be wasted, being a great asset for Lifeweaver himself to use, letting him take high-ground or use off-angles to reposition allies, heal from above or damage enemies.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom: Healing that uses charge and can go on cooldown.
    • "The core of this hero's kit", who is described as a "burst healer" and a "main healer at heart".
    • As with all weapons that have ammo, ensure to reload if there is downtime.
    • There may be situations where you will not want to fully charge a blossom, such as if the target ally has taken less than 80 damage, or they need an immediate small heal to save them from a lethal blow.
    • Whilst releasing a healing burst, quickly flicking away from a target can cause the projectile to take a greater arc to the target. This can be used for healing allies behind certain barriers such as Sigma's Abilities-sigma2 Experimental Barrier or Ramattra's Void Barrier Icon Void Barrier.
  • Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley: Kick out a respectable amount of damage to ward off aggressors.
    • As your weapons automatically start reloading while the other is equipped, swap to Thorn Volley and look for opportunities to deal damage, when there is no pressing need for healing.
    • A common strategy is to switch between both weapons, using all your ammo before switching instead of waiting to reload, as to try maximise weapon usage.
    • Thorn volley is useful in helping destroy barriers as fully unloading all ammo onto a barrier can deal up to 480 damage. It may also be a better to try destroy barriers such as Winston's Ability-winston3 Barrier Projector as there's no way for Healing Blossom to heal allies through them.
  • Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform: Generates a pressure-sensitive platform that ascends when stepped on by heroes on both teams.
    • The cooldown is short enough that you can spend almost 100% of your time in the air (if you so choose). Just don't make yourself an easy sniping target.
    • Jumping at the peak of the platform gives you a much higher jump, which can be useful for seeing over obstacles, healing from above and accessing otherwise inaccessible high grounds.
    • This is your primary means of escape against low mobility enemies. Use it to elevate yourself to out of reach places, and time your Dash to extend the height it gives you.
    • The platform acts as a barrier, where it can block shots. It can similarly be used to block against piercing abilities such as Pummel Icon Pummel or Ability Moira Coalescence Coalescence, making it a useful to defend against them.
    • Use the ping system to notify your team of your platform. You can coordinate so multiple team members can use it at once.
    • You can put the platform under Ability-ashe4 B.O.B. to give him better sight lines if the enemy is behind cover.
    • The platform can be destroyed early if necessary, which is useful to utilize if enemies end up accessing it for themselves.
      • It's also important to destroy early against enemies such as Sojourn or Symmetra who can attack the platform to charge their abilites.
    • The platform can also be used to save you and your team from enemy abilities.
      • Allies who are immobilized can be saved if the platform is placed under them, such as enemies caught in a Ability-Junkrat3 Steel Trap (which they will be freed from the trap), or frozen by Ability-mei4 Blizzard (Lifting them out of the AoE)
      • Use of the platform can lift your team out of a Ability-zarya4 Graviton Surge, assuming the platform can be activated. Sometimes it cannot if those caught in the surge are hovering, not grounded.
      • It can also be used to lift enemies who are rooted or slowed when their ult is happening. Orisa's Ultimate TerraSurge Terra Surge is a key example, as Orisa stays rooted when charging it up. If lifted, your allies will be safe, assuming they are not on the platform as well.
      • Another example is Reaper's Ability-reaper4 Death Blossom, however this will damage the platform, and he may fall back down.
      • One other use is to protect your team from aerial attacks, this is much harder to set up, as the enemy can simply lower to fire under the platform or stand on the platform.
  • Rejuvenating Dash Icon Rejuvenating Dash: Dash towards your traveling direction and lightly heal yourself.
    • Its primary uses are to escaping from short-range heroes such as Reinhardt, help reposition yourself quicker and dodge abilities quickly.
    • When dashing along ground, jumping at the end of the dash allows the player to retain momentum and reach farther.
      • This can only be done through the legacy control scheme.
    • Avoid using it to dash into combat, as it will leave you with little chance to escape, and with no self-healing.
  • Life Grip Icon Life Grip: Shields a targeted ally and pulls them to his position.
    • This is a useful, powerful ability, but also has a lot of potential to cause more harm than good. This requires you to be aware of the situation.
    • Avoid pulling allies when they are using their ults, and avoid pulling them into further danger (Such as a Minefield Minefield, Ability-mei4 Blizzard, or Ability-torbjorn5 Molten Core).
    • If an ally is rooted during their ult and vulnerable (Such as Ability-Junkrat5 RIP-Tire and Artillery Icon Configuration: Artillery) consider moving them immediately if they are under fire.
    • If an ally has respawned, it may be worth using Life Grip to help them return to the fight, especially if they have no movement abilities of their own.
    • You can use Life Grip on Ability-ashe4 B.O.B. to reposition him, giving him a new angle to fire from.
    • When an ally is affected by Illari's Captive sun icon Captive Sun, using Life Grip will not remove the solar energy ball, but using Life Grip as the solar energy ball is about to detonate will protect them from taking damage. It may be better to wait until it is about to detonate before using Life Grip.
    • It is one of few abilities that can save allies from certain ultimate such as Mauga's Cage Fight icon Cage Fight or Sigma's Abilities-sigma5 Gravitic Flux.
      • If multiple allies are caught however, since the ability can only pull 1 ally, it's important to save whoever you deem to be the highest value for the team fight.
    • It can be used with certain Channeled ultimates like Ability-reaper4 Death Blossom, Ability-parah4 barrage and Ability-mccree4 Deadeye, helping reposition them to better maximise the impact of that ultimate, or save them from damage during it.
  • Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life: Heals allies within its perimeter for as long as it remains active and can be placed anywhere on the map to disrupt sightlines and block chokepoints.
    • This is a physical object like Mei's wall, so you can use it to trap enemies in a corner or tighten a choke point. Be careful not to trap allies.
    • You can plant the tree on the Payload, allowing the tree move alongside it.
    • The Tree of Life can be planted up to 30 meters away, allowing you to place it in the middle of your enemies for when your team engages them, or save allies too far in.
    • Tree of Life can negate various AoE abilities, such as Sigma's Abilities-sigma5 Gravitic Flux during the targeting phase, if placed directly above the center of the target area.
    • Tree of Life can be used as makeshift cover, such as from a D.Va's Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct. While not the most optimal use, the tree will survive the ult, and allow it to continue healing.
    • Using it after Sombra's Ability Sombra EMP EMP (Or as soon as your abilities come back) will quickly restore any lost health from EMP and help heal through any follow-up attacks the enemies may try.
    • Given the tree cannot be knocked back and is a large target, abilities such as Bastion's Ability-bastion2 Configuration: Assault and Roadhog's Ability-Roadhog4 Whole Hog can fell the tree within seconds.
    • A good habit for any Lifeweaver is to cancel your tree early once it's no longer needed, as to allow you to start building up your ultimate charge sooner or prevent enemies from utilizing it as cover from your allies.

General Strategies

  • Healing Blossom Icon healing blossom allows Lifeweaver to provide high, sustainable burst healing, but only to 1 ally at a time. Even so, you can quickly send a blossom or two to another ally without a problem, given its within Lifeweaver's range. As such, it's important to try keep all your allies within healing range as to be able to heal them when necessary.
  • When in the midst of a battle, choosing who to heal is important. Although you'll likely be spending most your time healing Tanks, their larger health pools mean they can sustain more damage than your Damage or Support Heroes, so whilst healing your Tank is important, keeping your other Heroes as close to full-health as you can will help save them from any big burst damage (Like a Hanzo headshot).
  • Whilst Lifeweavers healing is the core of his kit, his Thorn Volley Icon Thorn volley is a great source of damage that allows him to put pressure on his enemies from a distance due to it having no falloff damage. Quickly shooting at a Widowmaker to deter them from peaking, helping whittle down a Blocking Ramattras health, or just destroy a Sigmas Barrier are all examples in which Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley can help contribute towards a fight. It's important to know whether to switch to this weapon or not, as the time it takes to switch back and charge his Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom could lead to an ally being eliminated.
  • Utilizing your Petal Platform Icon Petal platform and Rejuvenating Dash Icon rejuvenating dash to take high ground and off-angles can greatly help with your own survivability. Lots of heroes with movement abilities lack vertical mobility, so keeping to high ground can help stay out of range or view from enemies, or at least make them use their abilities to reach you.
  • Although Life Grip Icon Life grip can reposition allies easily and quickly, it's best used this way out of battle when you can afford to waste it. During a battle however, its long cooldown means you'll want to save it to rescue an ally rather than reposition them, unless it's for the teams benefit, such as repositioning a Ability-ashe4 B.O.B. or a Cassidy using Ability-mccree4 Deadeye.
  • His Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life is a great lifesaving ultimate. Although not as big as a Ability-zenyatta4 Transcendence or Ability-Lucio4 Sound Barrier, it provides the whole team within range with sustainable & consistent burst healing. Combined with Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom it can quickly get any ally back to full health. It's best used either to counter an enemy ultimate and sustain the team, or prior to engaging to provide Overhealth to your allies as they engage.

Match-Ups and Team Synergy


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
With her large hitbox (including her large critical zone at the front of her Mech), it's very easy to deal a LOT of damage to D.Va with Thorn Volley at medium to short range. However, you will not be able to withstand a close-up one-on-one battle with D.Va; a smart D.Va will know this and will often chase you down and focus on you as a high-priority target. Try to reposition yourself with Petal Platform and Rejuvenating Dash to always keep yourself at a comfortable distance from her. While keeping your distance, you can use Life Grip to save a teammate being dived upon by D.Va. Life Grip can come especially in handy to protect a teammate from Self-Destruct; just be sure to time the ability right to ensure its invincibility doesn't wear off too early. Similarly you can use your Petal Platform to take cover from a Self-Destruct given it detonates below the platform When fighting alongside a friendly D.Va, you can decide whether it's more opportune to use Life Grip to pull her to safety just before her Mech is destroyed, or if you'd rather wait until she loses her Mech before pulling her to safety; both options are reasonably viable based on the situation and how aggressive or defensive your team is being. Since D.Va likes to flank and harass enemies, try to use Petal Platform to take the high ground and maintain line of sight with her.
Doomfist can prove to be one of Lifeweaver's worst match-ups due to Doomfist's multiple mobility options and ease with which he can chase you down. Try to maintain awareness of his location at all times and communicate this information with your team to ensure they keep you safe from him. Be wary of Doomfist using Seismic Slam to leap onto your Petal Platform; try to time the ability so he won't be able to chase you. A well-timed Life Grip can save a teammate being targeted by Meteor Strike. As an aggressive Tank, Doomfist benefits from the safety net your Life Grip provides. Always try to keep an eye on your allied Doomfist so you can Life Grip him to safety if a fight isn't going his way. If you ask him to use Seismic Slam in a dire situation, this will make him an easier target for Life Grip. That being said, be mindful of the situation and try not to be overly eager with your usage of Life Grip, as interrupting your Doomfist's attempt at a kill will make him more resentful than thankful.
Icon-junker queen
Junker Queen
Since Junker Queen lacks vertical mobility, it will prove extremely beneficial to maintain the high ground with Petal Platform. Watch out for her Jagged Blade, as it can pull you away from an advantageous position into her clutches. Should she pull you towards her, Petal Platform and Rejuvenating Dash can be used to regain distance before she deals major damage. Her ultimate ability Rampage is extremely dangerous, as not only can it quickly kill low-health teammates, but it will also render any who survive immune to your Healing Blossom shots for a brief period. If you're at a safe location and can see it coming, try to use Life Grip to pull an important teammate out of its way, or at the very least as the next best thing grab a teammate after the fact to spare them additional follow-up damage from Junker Queen's attacks. Junker Queen is a great brawler and wants to clash with the enemy frontline head-on. She lacks the vertical mobility to do this against certain enemies, so try to either place a Petal Platform for her to get to the high ground or manually pull her there with Life Grip, giving her more presence on the battlefield and more options to fight.
Mauga is a terrifying enemy for a Lifeweaver to go against. He cannot be stopped from diving you with his Overrun, and if you try to escape using Petal Platform, he can destroy it in seconds. His Incendiary Chaingun can set your creations on fire, which means his Volatile Chaingun will deal critical damage to them. This means he can quickly destroy your platform and ultimate if he's determined. However, Mauga's key weakness against Lifeweaver is his lack of vertical mobility, so your best choice as Lifeweaver is to keep to high ground where he can't efficiently damage you to help sustain your allies. If he does manage to catch you, falling to low ground to tempt him into falling as well, then quickly using your Petal Platform to go back to high ground can be used to try evade him. For his ultimate Cage Fight, you cannot lift allies out of it using your Petal Platform nor heal allies through the barrier, however you can use your Life Grip to save an ally caught in it. It's important to note however, you can't escape it yourself if your caught within. Another weakness of Mauga is his big hitbox, which can be exploiting to deal high damage to him with your Thorn Volley. Mauga has lots of self-survivability, with his Overrun providing him with damage mitigation, as well as his Cardiac Overdrive which also lets him heal himself through damaging enemies. This being said, he has a very big hitbox which means he's almost consistently taking damage. This makes him almost an endless source of ultimate charge for Lifeweaver, as he can consistently keep healing Mauga and quickly build up his Tree of Life. That being said, it's important to know when a Mauga needs saving as although his Overrun is a great escape tool, it won't stop him taking damage, so utilizing your Life Grip to save your Mauga in danger will help him survive. Your Petal Platform is also a great tool to provide Mauga with access to high ground. It's also good to know that your life grip is one of the only way Mauga can escape his own ultimate, allowing him to damage any Trapped enemies inside without being in danger himself.
Orisa can use her Energy Javelin to knock you off of your Petal Platform, so try to make sure you aren't positioned above a pit where you might fall to your death. When she's using her ultimate ability Terra Surge, you can use Life Grip to pull a teammate caught inside to safety. However, if multiple teammates are caught in the attack, a better option would be to use Petal Platform to raise Orisa up, freeing targets on the ground from her ability's magnetic pull and sparing them from any and all damage. However, this tactic carries with it the risk that you might miss your platform projectile; weigh whether this risk is worth potentially saving multiple teammates. Just keep in mind that if Orisa has a low ceiling above her, she won't elevate high enough for your teammates to escape. With Orisa's Fortify and Javelin Spin abilities, she can take a lot more damage than her initial health pool may imply, so try not to use Life Grip on her too early, as doing so might accidentally alleviate your team's offensive pressure against the enemy team. Instead, try to pull her when you know her Fortify is on cooldown and she's being forced to retreat. With her lack of mobility, Orisa will appreciate being elevated to the high ground with Petal Platform or Life Grip. You and Orisa are capable of a mechanically advanced combo (as seen in this video): if you use Life Grip from a higher location, if Orisa activates Terra Surge at the apex of the pull, Life Grip will be cancelled but its momentum will stay, slingshotting Orisa in a vertical arc while charging up Terra Surge. Upon landing, she can trigger Terra Surge's damaging effect, potentially catching opponents off guard by having her land right on top of her unsuspecting prey.
Allies caught in Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex are easy targets to kill especially if they're not very mobile, so always keep an eye out on them in case they need a Life Grip. During his ultimate ability Annihilation, try to Life Grip any of your less-mobile allies caught within it so that you may end his ultimate early. Additionally, you may also use Petal Platform underneath them to accomplish the same. If both of these options fail/aren't viable, you may use your ultimate Tree of Life in a pinch and counteract a hefty portion of his damage if not negate it entirely. As with most other immobile tanks, you want to set up Ramattra to take the high ground whenever needed. He can gain a burst of health with his Nemesis Form so try not to pull him too early otherwise this extra health could be wasted along with any extra pressure that could be applied with it. It's also good to use petal platform to escape Ramattra in his Nemesis Form as he cannot pierce your platform with his punches, just beware as he can still destroy your platform.
When facing an enemy Reinhardt, it is best to save Petal Platform for repositioning and/or providing a quick escape. Due to the fact that Reinhardt is a short ranged tank, using Petal Platform provides you and your team a quick escape against Reinhardt as it provides higher ground and some cover. Keep in mind that Life Grip can be used on allies Pinned by Reinhardt's Charge or Knocked down by his ultimate ability Earth Shatter. Additionally, you can use your Petal Platform on Knocked Down allies to keep them out of Reinhardt's reach while they recover. If no ally is in immediate danger, you can easily use your Thorn Volley to whittle down the HP of Reinhardt's Barrier Field since it's such a large target. Always keep an eye on your friendly Reinhardt, pumping him with Healing Blossom's as needed. Your Reinhardt can afford to be a little more aggressive than usual with his hammer, since you can use Life Grip to pull him out of dicey situations. Be careful not to use Tree of Life at the same time he's planning to use Earth Shatter; with poor communication, your Tree could accidentally block his Ultimate, rendering it useless. If enemies are on high ground, you can also utilize your Petal Platform to help a Reinhardt quickly get to them.
Roadhog lacks vertical mobility, but he makes up for it with his Chain Hook that allows him to take enemies off of the high ground. Try to Life Grip any ally that gets hooked, especially the low-health ones that can easily be bursted by Roadhog and his teammates. With Roadhog's ultimate ability Whole Hog, there are many ways for you to use your abilities to reduce its usefulness. Since it has a large amount of knockback, try to save your less mobile teammates from dying to Environmental Kills (either through his ultimate or his hook) by life gripping them. Use your ultimate Tree of Life if multiple teammates happen to get stuck inside of Roadhog's ultimate, but be aware that he can destroy it very quickly. With his massive health pool, plan to be pumping heals into your friendly Roadhog often. Petal Platform and Life Grip can also be used to bring him to locations that would normally be difficult for him to reach, helping him snag flankers easier with his Chain Hook. He also gets a burst of health with his ability Take a Breather, so try not to pull him too early since he has this extra sustain.
  • Sigma sets his team up for easy kills by softening up the enemy team, leaving them vulnerable and easily picked. With his Accretion ability, he can stun your teammates which leaves them open to a follow-up kill. Try to Life Grip your teammate before this happens, unless you're confident that you can keep them alive with Healing Blossoms alone. His ultimate Gravitic Flux can do this as well but to multiple teammates, so try to Life Grip the most vulnerable target (least mobile/least health).
  • A mechanically advanced technique involves using your ultimate Tree of Life and placing it directly in the center of Sigma's Gravitic Flux right before it's casted. This will entirely negate the effects of his ultimate, though hard to do.
With his low mobility, Sigma can sometimes find himself in situations where his defensive abilities are all on cooldown and he's prone to being dogpiled by the enemy team. With a well-timed Life Grip though, you can easily save him from these situations and drag him back to the bulk of your team. Be careful not to Life Grip him before he can use his Kinetic Grasp as this can allow him to stay in the fight longer, but if the enemy team has any beam heroes (Zarya, Winston, Symmetra etc.) it might be worthwhile to pull him anyway.
Icon-wrecking ball
Wrecking Ball
If a Wrecking Ball is determined to kill you, it can be difficult to stay away from him. Keep Petal Platform at the ready so you can quickly escape him should he approach you; between that and Rejuvenating Dash, you should be able to regroup with your team if they're still alive. You should only attempt to attack Wrecking Ball if he's near death or your escape abilities are on cooldown; otherwise, you'll stand little chance of killing him before he kills you. Your Tree of Life and Petal Platform can be used to destroy Wrecking Ball's Minefield mines, but your Tree will take damage and platform destroyed in the process. Consider on a case-by-case basis whether or not the trade is worth it; while there are often much simpler ways to deal with the mines that won't require you to waste your abilities, there is still the rare occasion where the Tree could save your team from the mines and win a fight. As with most friendly Tanks, plan to be pumping heals into your Wrecking Ball as need be. While his quick movement may make it difficult for heroes like Ana or Baptiste to continuously heal him, your Healing Blossom can heal him from a safe distance while not requiring pinpoint accuracy. Minefield and Tree of Life can be simultaneously used if you want to block off two different areas at the same time, which could stall the enemy team long enough to secure an objective.
If Winston dives an ally (or you!) with his Jump Pack, you can use your Petal Platform to help keep them out of harm's reach while simultaneously allowing them to fight back. Be sure to remember though that you cannot heal allies inside of Winston's Barrier Projector, so it may be worth using Life Grip to save them. Since Winston's ultimate ability Primal Rage has lots of knockback, try to Life Grip your less-mobile teammates before they can fall off the map edge, or if Winston manages to trap them in a corner during it. While your friendly Winston can usually escape dicey situations with Jump Pack, he is vulnerable in the ability's brief cooldown window; a timely Life Grip can be used to save his life in these situations. Remember that Tree of Life blocks friendly players, so be careful not to block Winston's path when he's using Primal Rage.
Your Petal Platform is a great counter to her ultimate Graviton Surge. Simply place underneath your teammates when they're stuck in its area of effect and they'll be free. Keep in mind that this only works in open areas without low ceilings; otherwise you might opt in to use your ultimate ability Tree of Life as it can be used as cover for your teammates and allows them to be healed continuously while they're trapped. Despite this, however, with enough focus it is possible for the enemy team to burst down one of your allies during the duration of Zarya's ultimate even with your ultimate up, so try and Life Grip any high-priority teammate, such as your 2nd support. Like other slow and sturdy Tank heroes, Zarya relishes from the mobility you can provide her, using Petal Platform and Life Grip to get her in and out of unlikely locations. You will also appreciate the protection Zarya provides, as her Projected Barrier can save you when you're vulnerable.


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy

Try keep out of Ashe's sightlines, be careful not to lead allies into her view with your Petal Platform, but use it to help allies reach her. Try keep allies at high health against Ashe to stop her one-shots on allies. If an ally is being burned by Dynamite while not in danger, wait until the burning ends to heal all the damage with a single Healing Blossom to save ammo.
Placing B.O.B. onto a platform can protect anyone underneath the platform, just be careful not to put other allies in danger.

Help Ashe using your Petal Platform to provide her with high ground against enemies. Protect her from divers or flankers using your Life Grip if you think she need it. Her ultimate B.O.B. greatly benefits from Lifeweavers kit, as you can reposition him using your Life grip, or place him on a Petal Platform so he can better eliminate enemies.


Stay out of sight of him during his Assault Mode and Life Grip any allies who can't manage to hide in time. Be careful not to use Petal Platform to hide as he can quickly destroy it. In his Recon mode, you can deal damage with your Thorn Volley on his big hitbox. Be careful when using Tree of Life, as his Assault Mode can fell the tree in seconds.
During his ultimate, try dodge it with Rejuvenating Dash and Petal platform. If necessary, use Tree of Life as cover to survive. If you find him in Artillery Mode try eliminate him, but prepare to run if it ends.

Bastion is a glass cannon of a DPS. Whilst he's in his Assault Mode, providing him with high ground and better angles using Petal Platform can help him secure kills. Healing him during this mode will also ensure he'll survive as he's more tanky during it. Whilst in his Recon Mode however, he'll become a primary target for the enemy, so be prepared to save him using Life Grip or Petal Platform. During his ultimate, whilst he's in Artillery Mode, he's vulnerable to divers and flankers who find him, so placing him on a Petal Platform or using Life Grip to reposition him and hide him from enemies can help secure his safety.


Cassidy does best in mid to close range, so try keep a distance. Use Rejuvenating Dash Icon Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform if you're in danger to try escape his sightlines. His Magnetic Grenade Flashbang will hinder anyone it sticks to, so try use Life Grip Icon Life Grip to save them if needed.
During Ability-mccree4 Deadeye, Cassidy is Slowed and clearly visible. Use Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform to hide, also Life Grip to save an ally in danger. Otherwise, you can use Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life to block his line of sight, like an Ability-mei3 Ice Wall.

Cassidy lacks any vertical movement and benefits well with your Petal Platform for accessing high ground. During his ultimate Deadeye, Cassidy's lacks mobility so a Petal Platform can give him a better vantage point or you can reposition him using Life Grip to help him secure kills on enemies.

  • An advanced tech is Life Gripping a Cassidy from atop a Petal Platform, then having him use his Combat Roll mid-grip as to cancel it but keep the upward momentum, causing him to slingshot into the air. During this, he can use his ultimate from above so Enemies can't take cover from it. However, this requires very good communication, coordination and timing.

Echo's Flight allows her to easily access you on top of your Petal Platform, so avoid staying on it or on high ground alone. Her Sticky Bombs and Focusing Beam both deal big burst damage, so use Life Grip on someone you see being focused by her. It may be worth using Tree of Life for the initial burst healing to save an ally if needed.
For Duplicate, how you respond depends on who she copies. You can use your Tree of Life to encourage your team to destroy her copy before she gets the ultimate.

Echo hasn't got much use for your Petal Platform as her Flight and Glide provides her with all the vertical mobility she needs. Instead, you should be sure to use keep track of her and use Healing Blossom on her more frequently, as Echo can be a difficult target for your other support to heal (depending on the other support), so you're auto-aim burst healing may be more suitable. Be sure to sustain her during her Duplicate, as to make sure she can generate her ultimate in time, then be sure to help maximise the impact her ultimate has, if possible (like providing a Petal Platform if she uses Deadeye.


Be sure to sustain any of Genji's victims using Healing Blossom, then use Life Grip to save them before he can secure the kill to stop his Swift Strike from resetting. If he goes after you, use Petal Platform to avoid him, but don't use it near walls as he can Wall Climb to get to you.
Genji's Dragonblade is reliant on him getting eliminations. Once he uses Dragonblade, try Life Grip whoever he targets to prevent him securing the kill. If he doesn't dash immediately, try save your teammate and prepare to distance yourself from him dashing. If he targets you, use Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform to avoid him.

Genji can be extra aggressive knowing he can rely on Life Grip to save him if he's in trouble. Because of this, try keep him in range of your Healing Blossom to help sustain him diving, as well as rescue him if he needs it. Sometimes, he may end up going too far into the enemy team, at which point don't risk your safety for his mistake. Dragonblade is a powerful ultimate if used right, so using it alongside Tree of Life can help give Genji extra sustain during his ultimate to prevent him being eliminated as he dives. Rather than using Tree of Life, it may be worth just pocketing him using Healing Blossom, since the auto-aim healing may be enough to keep him alive.


Hanzo can Wall Climb to access high ground, so use natural cover and keep your distance. Heal all your team with Healing Blossom to keep them as close to full health as possible to stop his bow's headshots from finishing anyone off. Use Petal Platforms so allies can get to Hanzo on high ground.
Dragonstrike is fairly slow and predictable. It's best used with other ultimates that restrict movement, like Graviton Surge and Earthshatter. In these situations, use Life Grip and Petal Platform to save your allies from the dragons.

For a Hanzo there's not much you can help him with. His Wall Climb ability helps him reach high ground more efficiently than your Petal Platform, which would better be used on a Hero who lacked vertical mobility. Instead, you can use Petal Platform to provide him high ground in areas he can't utilize his Wall Climb, or even on high ground to provide him with the super high elevation. Beware of his position and prepare to save him with Life Grip should any enemies attempt to dive him, but only do so if he's low as he could manage to finish the enemy up-close. Also be cautious on using Life Grip as he uses his Dragonstrike, as it can cause the dragons to go mid-grip and travel some unexpected path.


Junkrat can destroy Petal Platform and Tree of Life with enough effort. Junkrat's do best up-close, so keep your distance from him with Rejuvenating Dash. Use Life Grip to prevent allies from dying when up-close to him. His Steel Trap can be countered using Life Grip and Petal Platform. Destroy Steel Trap if you find it to stop any unexpected victims later on.
Junkrat's RIP-Tire deals big burst-damage. If he's after you, keep your distance and trying to shoot it down. If you fail, use Petal Platform to try get above the explosion before it detonates. Attempt to Life Grip an ally before the tire detonates to save them.

Junkrat can use his Concussion Mine to access to high ground without needing a Petal Platform, however it's still worth offering him one as it'll save him wasting one of his charges. Since he's best suited to mid-close range battle, Junkrat can play more aggressively knowing you can Life Grip him if he's in big danger, thankfully his fairly long range means if necessary, he can play more defensively and save you using your grip on him. If he happens to catch someone in his Steel Trap, helping burst down the enemy if it's a Tank will help quicker eliminate them since they'd be Rooted and an easy kill. During his Channeled ultimate, Junkrat is stationary and unable to defend himself, similarly to Bastion during his Artillery Mode. As such, repositioning him using Petal Platform or Life Grip can help save him if he's caught by an enemy.


When an ally is Slowed by Mei's Endothermic Blaster, Life Grip the Ally to save them. Use your Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform to keep your distance from Mei and stay on high ground. She lacks any horizontal movement and the height her Ice Wall provides doesn't compare to Petal Platform. If she uses her Ice Wall to isolate an Ally, use Petal Platform to get over the wall. You can use your Tree of Life to destroy any Ice Wall pillars it touches.
In her Blizzard, use a Petal Platform just below you to lift you out its range. Life Grip allies to safety outside the area, or use Life Grip to reset the Slowed ticks to prevent an ally from being Frozen. You can use Tree of Life to block the Line-of-Sight Blizzard needs to Freeze your allies.

Mei is more a brawl-type character who thrives in up-close battles. be sure to manage to sustain her in the front and keep track of when she uses her Cryo-Freeze as once it's used, she'll lose her primary saving ability. If she does Cryo-freeze and is being surrounded by the enemy, you can try use Petal Platform below her to elevate her so she can more safety exit the Cryo-freeze, when you can then Life Grip her to safety. Be careful not to Life Grip her until she's used her Cryo-Freeze, as she could've otherwise used it to save herself. For her Blizzard, try help burst down enemy's with Thorn Volley whilst they're Frozen, as Lifeweaver's damage can help significantly contribute against high health targets.


Pharah's Hover Jets and Jump Jet help her access you on your Petal Platform and her Jet Dash helps chase after you. Help anyone she's targeting using Healing Blossoms, while trying to keep out of her sight lines. Help allies get closer to her with Petal Platform.
With Barrage, close up targets will almost immediately die so Life Grip them to safety quickly. It's easy to spot, as Pharah will usually get very close to her target. While she's Rooted shoot her with Thorn Volley. Tree of Life can counter her Barrage by placing the tree directly in front of her, so the self-damage will eliminate Pharah.

Pharah won't need to utilize your vertical mobility as her kit specializes in mobility. Instead, she can benefit more greatly from your Healing Blossom that can send her reliable, sustainable healing which other supports like Ana or Baptiste would have trouble with. She also benefits from your Life Grip, as it can help her quickly and safety descend to cover from any dangers she can't escape from, such as a Widowmaker or Deadeye. During her Barrage, you can pocket her as to prevent her from dying, though it may be best to Life Grip her as she's finishing her ultimate as to prevent any enemies finishing her off.


Keep your distance with Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform. You should try use Healing Blossom to try sustain any allies in the front dealing with Reaper. You can't out-heal his Hellfire Shotguns, so be prepared to Life Grip allies when they get too low. When he chases you, maintain a mid-range so he'll deal minimal damage to you and use Thorn Volley to damage him.
You can place a Petal Platform beneath his Death Blossom to lift him out of range, but he will break the platform quickly. Life Grip allies to safety if he's only damaging one.

With a Lifeweaver on his team, Reaper can play more aggressively if he wants, having your Life Grip as a safety net in case he's in trouble. Using your Petal Platform and Life Grip to help reposition Reaper helps him save his Shadow Step and Wraith Form for when he's disengaging or further repositioning. His Reaping passive gives him some minor survivability and he has an above average health pool, so he's not typically the first priority for Lifeweaver to heal, but it's important to keep track of his health should he need a quick blossom or two. When he does get low, Reaper will usually enter Wraith Form to escape taking further damage, so it's best to fully heal him during this so he can get straight back into the battle. Since Death Blossom is a Channeled ultimate, it can be moved using Life Grip. Considering Reaper is heavily Slowed during his ultimate, using Life Grip helps quickly reposition him into enemies whilst protecting him from taking any damage or any Crowd Control. Although you could place a Petal Platform beneath him to lift him above, this would only be useful if the enemies where in the sky or an elevated position.

Icon-Soldier 76
Soldier: 76

Be careful using your Petal Platform as it can expose yourself and allies to his line of sight. Try keep allies above the damage threshold of his Helix Rockets, as he'll usually use it to finish off allies. His Sprint means you can't outrun him, so utilize high ground away from him.
Tactical Visor is limited to enemies within Soldier's Line of Sight, so take immediate cover. Use Petal Platform next to Soldier so he has to break the platform to reach you. Life Grip any allies in his range to safety, or use Tree of Life to block Visor's auto-aim.

Help soldier get to high ground using your Petal Platform since he lacks much vertical mobility. Use Life Grip to help rescue him if someone's manages to get close-up to him, but if he's in danger and using Biotic Field, maybe use Healing Blossom to try help his healing before gripping him out, as him using Biotic Field contributes toward his Ultimate charge. During his Tactical Visor try pocket him to keep him alive and reposition him as necessary to help him get as much eliminations as he can. He can still shoot during your Life Grip, so it can be a good way for him to shoot safety.


Destroy Petal Platform and Tree of Life early to stop Sojourn charging her Railgun. Try use Healing Blossom to keep your allies high health to be able to survive it. Her Power Slide helps her reach high ground, but she can't reach you on your Petal Platform.
During Overclock, use Petal Platform and Tree of Life as cover from her shots. Life Grip any allies she's targeting and try outlast the ultimate.

Help her access high ground using Petal Platform to save her using Power Slide. From the platform she'll have better view of enemies and can more efficiently use her Disruptor Shot. Heal her with Healing Blossom to keep her alive and prepare to Life Grip her if she goes too far in. During her ultimate, pocket her as she'll be a targeted by enemies.


Sombra can hack your Petal Platform to disable it. Instead use it to escape from her to high ground. If she's trying to Hack you, place a platform directly below you to escape immediately. Use Life Grip to save allies she dives, pocket them and try keep them alive. Use Thorn Volley to try damage her out her Invisiblity if you think she's there.
Use Tree of Life before she uses EMP to sustain your team through it. If she EMP's first, use it afterwards to get remaining allies back to full quicker.

If you notice her use Translocator and still being dived, it may be worth using Life Grip to save her. Careful not to pocket her whilst using Stealth as it'll notify enemies where she is. Be prepared to pocket her and Life Grip her after she uses EMP if she doesn't have her Translocator available, as the whole enemy team will quickly attack her. Usually, Sombra will be in the far back going after weaker targets while out of range of your Healing Blossom, so just keep track of her whereabouts and be prepared to rescue her if she comes to you while low.


Use Thorn Volley to destroy her Sentry Turrets and Teleporter. Be on the lookout for her Teleporter as she may use it to get to high ground or behind you. Stay out of her Beams range using Rejuvenating Dash. Destroy your Petal Platform and Tree of Life early to prevent her charging her beam on them.
Photon Barrier prevents Healing Blossom and Thorn Volley from going through. Go through the barrier and try heal allies on both sides. Life Grip allies caught on the wrong side if needed. Tree of Life can be used to heal allies on both sides.

Symmetra works well with Lifeweaver's mobility. Petal Platform saves her from having to use Teleporter for high ground and can help her place her Sentry Turrets from a better vantage point. She can place her Turrets and Teleporter on your Petal Platform or Tree of Life, which can help them have weird placement. Helping her survivability with Healing Blossom will help her stay in the front lines longer to charge her beam and deal lots of damage. Just be ready to Life Grip her when necessary, as she is a fairly vulnerable target for enemies. Utilize her Photon Barrier to your advantage to take cover from enemies.


Use Thorn Volley to destroy his turret. Use Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform to keep your distance from him and his shotgun. Life Grip any allies up close to him.
Careful when using Tree of Life on his Molten Core as it will destroy the tree before it gets much use. Use Petal Platform to keep away from it and Life Grip any allies caught in it.

Torbjörn can benefit from your Petal Platform by giving him access to high ground and providing him with more areas and off-angles for him to place his Turret. If you place your Petal Platform below his Turret, it can be elevated by it, but can't activate the platform. If you do elevate the platform for the Turret to have a higher vantage point, be careful to not let it be easily destroyed by enemies, as it means Torbjörn will have an increased cooldown for the ability. Using your Petal Platform to give him a higher position for his Molten Core can help increase its spread across the area.


Use Petal Platform and Rejuvenating Dash to stick to high ground and out of her reach. Keep track of any allies being dived by her, Life Grip them to safety.
Life Grip can counter Pulse Bomb but be careful as it only prevents the gripped ally from taking damage, so allies near the bomb will still take the damage. If you yourself is stuck, use Petal Platform or Rejuvenating Dash to try single yourself away from allies, or use Tree of Life to barely survive, given you're full health.

Tracer is a quick hero who typically works best in the enemy backlines. Lifeweaver is a good support for Tracer as his Healing Blossom is one of the best methods for healing her as it can't miss and she's a very fast-moving hero. Your Petal Platform provides her with the vertical mobility she lacks, helping her targets on high ground like a Widowmaker.


Your Petal Platform has no cover on it, so don't use it unless to access high ground or if you're certain Widowmaker can't see you on it. Use Thorn Volley to put pressure on Widowmaker from a distance since it has no falloff damage.
Her Infra-Sight lasts a short while, during this time avoid peaking corners and being in her sight lines. Use Tree of Life for cover from her ultimate and to get Overhealth. Use Life Grip if you want to save an ally who you fear will be headshot.

Helping Widowmaker get to high ground with Petal Platform saves her from using her Grappling Hook. Keep track of her situation at times, sending her Healing Blossoms if she isn't full health and preparing to Life Grip her when she's being dived. Utilize her Infra-Sight to help position yourself in better and track where the enemies are, as well as see which enemies are low.


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy

Life Grip allies affected by Anti-heal if they're in danger. Hold your Healing Blossom until Anti-heal ends to quickly heal allies. Avoid Ana's sight lines since Life weaver's big hitbox is an easy target for her. If an ally is Asleep, use Petal Platform under them to get them out of opponent's views, or Life Grip them to safety. She has no movement abilities so use high ground so she can't reach you if you get slept or naded.

Use Petal Platform to provide her with high ground more quickly and easily. Communicate with her about your platform and keep her in sights in case she gets dived. Use Life Grip if she is in danger, or to help her reposition quickly. She is a high healing support so use Thorn Volley to apply pressure if allies aren't in immediate danger.


Use Thorn Volley to destroy his Immortality Field if you see it. His Exo Boots means he'll be on high ground a lot, so use Petal Platform to help allies get to him. His Amplification Matrix can quickly eliminate you, so avoid it's sightlines, use Tree of Life for cover if necessary but it can be destroyed quickly.

He doesn't need Petal Platform for high ground due to his Exo Boots, instead use it for other allies to be on high ground with him. He's hard to eliminate with his Immortality Field and Regenerative Burst, so if he's dived wait for him to use his abilities before you Life Grip him to safety so he can deal as much damage as he can. Use his Amplification Matrix to double Healing Blossom healing to quickly save allies, or to double Thorn Volley damage to deal insane damage.


She has little range so keep your distance and avoid getting close to her. If she manages to get close to you, use Rejuvenating Dash to escape her reach and apply pressure on her with Thorn Volley. Use Petal Platform to escape her as she has no vertical mobility, but careful of her Whip Shot knocking you off. Her ultimate is reliant on her Barrier Shield to Shield Bash allies, so help destroy it with Thorn Volley and Life Grip allies in danger of her.

Help her reach high ground with Petal Platform and support her aggressive plays with Healing Blossom to help her maximise her Inspire usage, but Life Grip her if she's in too much trouble. Try stay in her range when she uses Rally to get some of the overhealth it provides. If used in unison with Tree of Life, the overall overhealth makes your entire team very tanky.


Her Solar Rifle has high damage and long range so avoid her sight lines. Her Outburst helps her reach high ground but isn't enough vertical mobility to reach your Petal Platform, be careful of her attacking you on top of it though. Destroy her Healing Pylon if you see so your team can focus on opponents. You can use Tree of Life to block Captive Suns line of sight so you don't get sunstruck. The healing and overhealth Tree of Life gives can help allies survive the sunstruck explosion. If only one enemy is caught in Captive Sun, use Life Grip just as they're about to explode to prevent them taking the damage.

Her Solar Rifle has high healing but short range, she'll likely focus it on your Tank as they're an easy target to heal. Focus on healing with Healing Blossom more so she can focus on what she does best, damaging enemies. Help her reach high ground with Petal Platform to save her using Outburst. Life Grip her if she is in dived but only once she's used her Outburst and gets low, as she may manage to eliminate the diver first. Use Thorn Volley to follow up on her Captive Sun if your allies don't.


Avoid getting into a 1v1 with her, try escape but otherwise try eliminate her. Her Kunai has no falloff damage so stay out of her sight lines. Avoid staying on high ground alone as she can use Wall Climb to get to you. She can't destroy your Petal Platform or Tree of Life, so use them as cover from her. Tree of Life can provide good sustainable healing during Kitsune Rush to try survive.

Prioritize healing so she can apply damage to opponents. Her Wall Climb let's her reach high ground without needing your Petal Platform. You don't need to Life Grip her, just stay in her Swift Step range so she can teleport to you when in danger. Don't rely on her Protection Suzu to save you from effects, instead avoid enemies so she can use it on allies who need it more. Use Kitsune Rush to charge Healing Blossom quicker, deal damage faster with Thorn Volley and use the cooldown reduction to get Life Grip sooner.


Against an enemy Lifeweaver, the most you can do is try control the high ground with your team. Be sure to ping his location and use Petal Platform to help allies reach him on top of his platform. If your team isn't in danger, use Thorn Volley to apply pressure to him from a distance. When he uses Tree of Life, it may be worth using yours too so that your team is just as sustained as the enemy, but it may be worth saving tree for when they're in bigger trouble.

Two Lifeweaver's means super high healing output for allies, two Life Grips can save two allies in need, two Petal Platforms means there's always some access to high ground for the team and two Tree of Life can ensure survivability in a team fight for the whole team, with a lot of healing and overhealth. If you do manage to be with another Lifeweaver, use Thorn Volley more often as they can help keep the team alive, but do heal often as well so your other Lifeweaver can do that too.


Lúcio can Wall Ride up walls to reach you on high ground or on top of your Petal Platform to knock you off, so if you platform to escape him do it away from walls. His speed makes it impossible to outrun him or opponents in his range, so use your Petal Platform to escape opponents chasing you. Life Grip allies who Lúcio knock off the map before they're eliminated. Lúcio only provides utility to nearby allies, so if he chases you to try eliminate you, given you survive then your team will have the advantage.

You'll have to be the primary source of healing for your team as Lúcio doesn't heal a lot. Keep allies well healed so Lúcio can mostly use his speed boost to help your team. Help him and allies reach high ground quicker with Petal Platform. If he plays aggressively, prepare to Life Grip him to safety. His Sound Barrier can save the whole team with instant overhealth, while your Tree of Life is more consistent healing for longer fights, so avoid using both for a single fight.


Mercy can easily get to high ground and maneuver around the map with Guardian Angel. The short cooldown and omni-directional movement means it's almost impossible to track her with Thorn Volley. Instead, provide allies with Petal Platforms to use high ground so she can't use it, as well as ping her location so allies can notice her. You can cancel her Resurrect with Petal Platform by placing it under her during the animation to bring her out of range of the soul, but be careful not to lift the soul with her. During Valkyrie, try avoid her sight lines incase she decides to use her Caduceus Blaster to get an elimination on you.

She is a very mobile support, keep her in sight so she can Guardian Angel to you if she needs to. Prioritize using your Healing Blossom to keep allies well healed, Mercy can focus on damage amplifying allies. If she tries a risky Resurrect, be prepared to use Life Grip to save her. Alternatively, use Petal Platform below both her and her target to lift both out of view, just be careful not to cancel the Resurrect. Keep Mercy in mind during battle, keep her well healed and safe.


Use Petal Platform to escape her if she dives you. Her primary fire can easily aim on your big hitbox, so avoid her range on the ground using Rejuvenating Dash. Your Healing Blossom can out-heal her damage if she's attacking someone, but Life Grip them if necessary. Her ultimate Coalescence is primarily good for healing, but if she uses it do damage try hide behind natural cover as it goes through shields. Her ultimate cannot pierce your Petal Platform and Tree of Life, so use them to hide if necessary, or to help allies in danger.

Help Moira get to high ground quickly with Petal Platform. Try keep her in range of Life Grip, as she often plays close to the front line. Prioritise healing allies out her range so she can focus on allies closer to her. Her Fade provides a great escape tool for her, only Life Grip her from safety when she cannot escape with Fade. Her Coalescence heals at a greater rate then Tree of Life can, but it's limited to allies in its beam. If she uses Coalescence, try reposition allies in danger if she isn't healing them and keep an eye on her, as her self-heal during it is good but still makes her vulnerable.


Zenyattas Orb of Destruction has no falloff damage and it's secondary fire can do big burst damage, so avoid his sight lines and peaking corners. If Orb of Discord is on you, move out of his Line of Sight until it's gone. If an ally has it, Life Grip them to safety out of his view if they're in danger. Use Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform to take cover from him, as he has no mobility. His Transcendence encourages his allies the opportunity to engage, so keep your allies alive and prepare to Life Grip anyone in danger.

Zenyatta has no mobility so use Petal Platform and Life Grip to help him reposition. Prioritise healing with Healing Blossom to keep allies alive as his Orb of Harmony has low healing output. Prepare to Life Grip him if he's dived to save him. During Transcendence, use Thorn Volley to apply pressure to the enemy as it heals a lot. Avoid Life Gripping him during Transcendence as he's invincible during it.



Lifeweaver is a scientist from Thailand who harnesses his biolight technology on his mission to heal the world.[6] Entwining the beauty of nature with the practicality of science,[3] Lifeweaver is an intelligent and curious adventurer who plans to use his biolight technology to make the world a better place.[4] Openly[7] pansexual,[8] witty, kind, cool, and confident, Lifeweaver has deep love and respect for nature, and is always looking to lift up those in need (sometimes literally).[9] He strives to find beauty in the world around him.[7]

Lifeweaver is a team player who loves collaboration, and has the best intentions for all he encounters. However, while he's doing the right thing in his mind, not everyone appreciates his actions.[9] His charm and wit are sure to bring a smile (and maybe a blush) to the heroes who encounter him on the battlefield.[6]



The Pruksamanee family

Born in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Niran Pruksamanee was the middle child of extremely wealthy parents with high expectations for their children.[5] The Pruksamanees were a traditional Thai family,[7] but from a young age, Niran resisted the structured life they had planned for him. He preferred wandering his compound's vast walled garden, mending plants alongside his family’s gardeners.[5] Likewise, he attended numerous botanical festivals.[7] Even early on, he was too intelligent for the expensive schools his family could afford. He often completed assignments incorrectly (his teachers often complained) by solving problems more thoroughly than was necessary, or in new ways that hinted at his brilliant future. His parents, desperate to instill order in Niran, sent him to the prestigious Vishkar Architech Academy.[5]


A perfect world is a perfect prison. They taught us that uniformity is strength, like links in a chain. That there was a formula for success that we all must follow. But...I've never been much of a follower. So I stepped away, beyond their lifeless gardens, into the wild, wider world, to explore its infinite beauty. And I learned that our home needs help. Each step has led me closer to understanding how passion and calculation, failure and resilience, science and life - all brought together - can lead us to something honest, vital, true.
~ Lifeweaver
Viskar Members

Niran and his family (see center) at the Architech Academy

Niran developed an almost immediate distaste for both the rigid, artificial beauty that Vishkar called "perfection,[5] and held the company itself in great contempt.[7] All of the other students shunned him, save one: his roommate, Satya Vaswani, Within a few weeks, they were inseparable friends, and while they rarely agreed – on anything - they grew to respect each other a great deal.[5] They shared their dorm with two other students, and Niran regularly stayed up late while Vaswani and the other two tried to sleep. He also had the habit of leaving dishes in the sink, much to her annoyance.[10]


Niran creates biolight

As Niran grew older, during breaks at school, he used his parents' wealth to travel and learn about his true passion - the natural world. In those journeys, he was struck by the turmoil that existed outside of his perfect bubble of wealth. All around the world, people needed help. Illness, injury, and many other ailments afflicted communities—a pain Niran grew determined to fix. Using the academy's resources and his parents' influence, Niran set about on his own project—one that would help him heal the world. In his research, he discovered that the late founder of Vishkar had hoped to provide his hard-light freely to the world before Vishkar implemented more restrictions to the technology. Using this original design and his fascination with botany, Niran created biolight; organic material that could heal terrible wounds in the blink of an eye.[5]


Niran leaves the Academy

Like his visionary predecessor, Niran dreamed of gifting biolight to the world. Vishkar disagreed, claiming ownership of the invention.[5] They pointed out that Niran had developed biolight on Vishkar's time, and on Vishkar's property, and as such, biolight belonged to the company.[7] Ignoring their demands (and Vaswani's advice), Niran fled the academy with his nascent technology. His parents cut him off from their wealth and pleaded for him to return, turn over his technology, and make peace with Vishkar.[5]

Atlantic Arcology

Perfection is overrated. Our strength lies in our differences, in our compassion, our willingness to grow. I have brought nature and technology together to create a new possibility, and I will heal our world.
~ Lifeweaver

Vishkar dispatched its lawyers and "other, more dangerous forces" to hunt down Niran, demanding that he hand over his biolight technology to them.[7] Alone and hunted, Niran turned to the Atlantic Arcology, and took on the name "Lifeweaver." Free from the governing laws of any nation, Lifeweaver continued stabilizing and perfecting biolight, and intended to use it to renew the world's connection with nature and help those in need.[5] The scientific community backed his endeavors. Aware of the risks associated with biolight, Lifeweaver refused to sell the technology.[10]

Skirmish at Petra


Lifeweaver and co. after repelling Talon

Lifeweaver was part of an Overwatch team which engaged against Talon at Petra. With the aid of Venture, Overwatch successfully repelled Talon.[11]


Name Icon Description Reward
Giving Tree
Tree of Life Icon Restore 1200 Health with a Single use of Lifeweaver's Tree of Life in Quick or Competitive Play
Spray Lifeweaver Cute
Life Weaving
Life Grip Icon Prevent 3 Deaths with Lifeweaver's Life Grip without dying yourself in Quick or Competitive Play
Spray Lifeweaver Pixel


  • Lifeweaver was released with Season 4. To unlock him, players must complete his hero-specific Unlock Challenges.[3]
  • Lifeweaver's debut in Season 4 coincided with Thai New Year.[8]
  • Lifeweaver's last name, Pruksamanee, means "Jewel of the Forest".[12]
  • Lifeweaver is said to exemplify Overwatch's bright and optimistic vision of the future.[7]
  • On a Reddit AMA in 2022 Team 4 members stated that Esperança has hints of a new faction, and that the faction has ties to an unannounced hero.[13] As terminals bearing the Collective name/insignia can be found on the map, the Collective may be the faction in question. If this is the case, it is possible that Lifeweaver was the hero in question, as he is the only hero to be affiliated with the Collective, and was revealed a year after Esparanca became playable.

Misc. Character Information


A Vishkar wanted poster for Lifeweaver

  • It is indicated that Lifeweaver is still in contact with his parents, much to his annoyance. In an interaction with Ashe, he states "They're [his parents] always trying to help, but frankly, I prefer they gave up."[10]
  • There is a price on Lifeweaver's head in 17 countries.[10]
  • He is interested in learning how to blow glass.[10]
  • Lifeweaver wears a traditional chong kben.[7]
  • Lifeweaver's nickname of "Bua" translates as "lotus" or "waterlily."[7]


A Thai hero was pitched to the character concept team by Chonlwat Thammawan.[8] At some point, Thammawan presented Thai skin ideas, which led to the idea of making Lifeweaver a Thai hero. Thammawan has stated that he had no idea that his skin concepts would lead to a Thai hero. The developers wanted to have Lifeweaver represent Thai culture as much as possible.[7]


Concept art of the physician version of Lifeweaver

An early concept for Lifeweaver depicted him as an older physician who drew healing energy into his hands and blasted it into his allies, similar to Moira's Coalescence ability.[9] A number of inspirations were taken for Lifeweaver's design, including the druid class from World of Warcraft. The biggest inspiration for Lifeweaver was the Mandala.[8] The Mandala's influence can be seen in Lifeweaver's gauntlet, Petal Platform, and Tree of Life abilities.[7]

From his clothes to his iconography, Lifeweaver was designed as a celebration of Thai culture,[8] and was designed to be "beautiful." Per his traditional Thai family, his attire was inspired by traditional Thai garmets. He was conceptualized as a "sci-fi druid," with the idea that he would heal with plants. The idea of hard-light flowers (later biolight) was developed; devices that he would use to heal his allies. Per the artists' intention to make Lifeweaver attractive, gold, white, and pink were chosen as his color scheme, coupled with silver hair and chiseled features.[7]

The developers intended players to be comfortable and supported around Lifeweaver, to "feel included in the circle he's creating, and learn[ing] how he sees the world."[7]

Healing Blossom was the starting point for Lifeweaver's kit, and from there, the developers built out his other abilities. The goal for Lifeweaver was to create an accessible support hero who was viable across scenarios and difficulty levels. Healing Blossom is soft-target based (similar to Brigitte's armor packs), making it easy to use for various players. The inspiration for Lifegrip came from many places (it is implied that Roadhog's hook ability served as partial inspiration). Petal Platform was the most challenging ability to lock down in development, and it was iterated many times. The platform mechanic was settled on as it added something to the support lineup that hadn't been seen before, its closest equivalent being Mei's ice wall ability.[9]

Lifeweaver Concept Art

Final concept of Lifeweaver

Lifeweaver's abilities were designed before his lore, personality, and aesthetic. Tree of Life was the basis for turning him into a nature-themed hero. Tree of Life filtered through a few iterations, including a healing Earthshatter-like ability, which turned out to be not that useful. A healing totem ability was also tried, but it didn't feel right for him. It was around Arbor Day when Tree of Life came into focus, as trees were already on the team's mind. The original Tree of Life gave its life to allies, withering over time. While the developers found this "incredibly poetic," this version was not intuitive on the battlefield. The version was iterated into the Tree of Life's final form.[9]

Lifeweaver was leaked a day early in a PCGamesN article. The article was subsequently taken down.[14]

After release, the developers made a number of modifications to Lifeweaver, making his control scheme more intuitive, and buffing him in a number of categories. His win rate went up.[15]

Removed Ability

Parting Gift
Parting Gift Icon
Passive Ability
Effect Type
Arcing projectile Arcing projectile
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
On death, drop a gift that heals the first enemy, or ally, to pick it up.
Ally: 250
Enemy: 75
12 seconds

Ability details:
  • Parting Gift persists even if Mercy's Ability-mercy5 Resurrect revives him.
  • Lifeweaver gains ultimate charge if an ally or enemy picks it up (max of 13.44%).


Concept Art

Character Kit (by Daryl Tan)


Balance Change Logs

For more information, see Patch Notes.

Overwatch 2 PvP

Rejuvenating Dash Icon Rejuvenating Dash

  • Heal Increased from 50 to 60.

Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life

  • Pulse healing increased from 75 to 90.
Projectile Size Updates
  • Global projectile size modifier for travel time projectiles with a speed greater than 50 meters per second reduced from 0.1 to 0.075 meters.
Developer Comments: We are decreasing the size of the fastest travel time projectiles because it reduces the frequency of these projectiles failing to headshot due to hitting the enemy's chest hit volume first.
Hero updates
Developer Comments: We’re increasing the burst potential of the Heal Blossom to reinforce Lifeweaver's role as a high healing throughput support. The heal per second is roughly the same as before, but individual Heal Blossoms can be charged further.

Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom

  • Maximum heal amount increased from 70 to 80.
  • Maximum charge time increased from 1 to 1.15 seconds.
General updates

Most damage-dealing projectile sizes have been increased by a new global modifier added to their base size.

  • +0.05 meters for hitscan projectiles with a high rate of fire or spread (e.g., Tracer's Pulse Pistols or Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns).
  • +0.08 meters for hitscan projectiles that are more precise (e.g., Cassidy's Peacekeeper or Soldier:76's Heavy Pulse Rifle).
  • +0.05 meters for travel time projectiles that are shotguns or have a very high rate of fire (e.g., Roadhog's Scrap Gun or Ramattra's Void Accelerator).
  • +0.10 meters for travel time projectile with a speed greater than 50 meters per second (e.g., Zenyatta's Destruction Orb).
  • +0.15 meters for travel time projectile with a speed less than or equal to 50 meters per second (e.g., Pharah's Rocket Launcher).
  • Very large projectiles with a base size greater than 0.5 meters have been excluded from these increases (e.g., Orisa's Energy Javelin or Reinhardt's Fire Strike).

Hero combined HP (base health/armor/shields) increased by 15-25%.

  • 150-175 HP heroes increased by 25 HP.
  • 200-300 HP heroes increased by 50 HP.
  • 300+ HP (Tanks) increased by 75-100 HP.
  • Each hero's precise health increases are listed in their patch notes below.

Ultimate Charge

  • All Ultimate ability costs increased by 10%.

Regenerative Passive for All Heroes

  • All heroes now regenerate 20 health per second after 5 seconds of not taking damage.

Support Role Passive

  • Now reduces the delay before regeneration begins by half (2.5 seconds).

Quick Melee

  • Damage increased from 30 to 40.
Hero updates
  • Health increased from 175 to 225.

Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley

  • Projectile speed increased from 70 to 80 meters per second.

Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform

  • No longer pierced by piercing projectiles.
Dev Comment: Lifeweaver's total healing over a match is significantly higher than any other hero so to help bring it more in line we're making some adjustments to his primary Healing Blossom.

Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom

  • Ammo reduced from 20 to 16.
  • Max heal reduced from 75 to 70.

Life Grip Icon Life Grip

  • Cooldown increased from 16 to 19 seconds.
Developer Comments: The Tree of Life outputs substantial healing but often doesn't provide enough value for an ultimate ability. To increase its utility, any overhealing done via the Tree is now converted to overhealth. Thorn Volley's spread is now less random, with half the projectiles having a smaller base spread to promote better mid-range consistency. Life Grip now has a longer mobility lockout duration to prevent accidental cancels by the affected ally using a movement ability immediately after the pull being started. Finally, we are supplementing Lifeweaver's survivability with an increase to his overall health pool by converting some of it to shield health in order to account for the large petal hit volume on his back, as well as increasing the healing done by Rejuvenating Dash.
  • Base health reduced from 200 to 175.
  • Base shield health increased from 0 to 50.

Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley

  • Reduced spread for one of the two Thorn Volley projectiles fired per shot by 25%.

Rejuvenating Dash Icon Rejuvenating Dash

  • Healing increased from 25 to 50.

Life Grip Icon Life Grip

  • Mobility lockout duration increased from 0.45 to 0.75 seconds.

Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life (Ultimate)

  • 50% of Tree of Life’s overhealing is now converted into Overhealth – up to 100 maximum Overhealth.
Developer Comment: Lifeweaver provides a lot of healing and defensive utility but struggles with the consistency of his offensive damage output when not in close range. As he typically wants to position himself further away from his allies, these changes will enable well-aimed burst fire with the Thorn Volley weapon to be more effective at applying pressure to the enemy team.

Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley

  • Increased the number of projectiles to reach maximum spread from 0 to 20.
  • Maximum ammo increased from 70 to 80.
Developer Comment: Lifeweaver's stats have been improving over time, but he is still underperforming. These adjustments are primarily straightforward improvements to nearly every aspect of his kit, outside of his ultimate ability, which received a small cost adjustment for the increased healing and damage output. The Petal Platform area shrinking is a quality-of-life change intended to help avoid accidentally activating the lift after it has been placed.
  • Petal ornaments on his back have had their size and hit volume reduced by 10%.

Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom

  • Maximum healing increased from 65 to 75

Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley

  • Damage per projectile increased from 5 to 6
  • Projectile radius increased from 0.1 to 0.125
  • Ammo increased from 60 to 70

Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform

  • Walkable area increased by 15%
  • Area to trigger lift now shrinks from a radius of 2 to 0.75 meters after initial placement

Life Grip Icon Life Grip

  • Cooldown reduced from 20 to 16 seconds
  • Now heals the target ally for 50 health

Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life (Ultimate)

  • Ultimate cost increased by 8%
Developer Comments: Earthshatter is an ultimate where positioning is critical to effectively use, so we are adjusting it so that Reinhardt doesn’t have their ultimate be effectively canceled when Lifeweaver uses Life Grip.

Life Grip Icon Life Grip

  • Reinhardt is no longer a valid target for Life Grip during Earthshatter, and using Earthshatter will cancel Life Grip.
Developer Comment: We’ve received feedback that Lifeweaver’s control settings leave much to be desired, especially on controllers. We agree and have updated the default control scheme along with adding a new hero option for those who prefer the previous layout. Additionally, we added the ability to cancel Petal Platform by pressing the button again, similar to how Tree of Life already works, in order to help simplify the controls and reduce the amount of ability buttons displayed. We hope these changes will make playing Lifeweaver approachable for more players.

Lifeweaver’s Controls & Options have been changed, with a new default control scheme added:

  • Rejuvenating Dash has been moved from Ability 1 to Jump while in the air
  • Petal Platform has been moved from Secondary Fire to Ability 1
  • Petal Platform can now be manually destroyed with the Ability 1 input
  • Secondary Fire will now automatically swap to the Thorn Volley weapon and fire it, and while Thorn Volley is equipped, Primary Fire will weapon swap back to Healing Blossom and begin charging
  • Added a new Hero Option: "Use Manual Weapon Swap Control Scheme" which reenables the original control scheme for swapping weapons and changes the Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform ability assignments
  • Added a new Hero Option: "Interact Cancels Petal Platform" which reenables using the Interact input to destroy the Petal Platform and disables the Ability 1 input from destroying it
  • Diverged the Healing Blossom and Life Grip targeting sensitivity options so that they can be adjusted separately


  • Automatic reload time for the inactive weapon increased from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds

Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom

  • Ammo count increased to 20 from 12
  • Slow now steadily applies after 1 second of max charge being held

Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley

  • Projectile Size reduced from .125 to .1
  • Spread pattern adjusted, with random spread reduced. 1 of the 2 projectiles per shot now fires closer to the crosshair

Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life

  • Health increased from 1000 to 1200
  • Healing pulse increased from 50 to 75

Parting Gift Icon Parting Gift (Passive)

  • Parting gift has been removed
  • Lifeweaver has been added to the line-up.

Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom

  • Hold to charge a healing burst. Release to heal a targeted ally.

Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley

  • Rapidly fire a spread of projectiles.

Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform

  • Throw a platform that springs upwards when stepped on.

Rejuvenating Dash Icon Rejuvenating Dash

  • Dash toward your traveling direction and lightly heal yourself.

Life Grip Icon Life Grip

  • Pull an ally to your location, protecting them as they travel.

Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life (Ultimate)

  • Place a tree that instantly heals allies upon sprouting and continues healing periodically as it lives.

Parting Gift Icon Parting Gift (Passive)

  • On death, drop a gift that heals the first enemy or ally to pick it up.


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