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Lijiang Tower
Lijiang Tower loading screen.jpg

China China
City area

Lijiang Tower is a Control map in Overwatch.


Lijiang Tower was built in the heart of a modern Chinese metropolis, its busy streets lined with stores, gardens, restaurants, and famous night markets, where foods from around the region are available at all hours. The tower itself is home to one of the leading companies in China's state-of-the-art space industry, Lucheng Interstellar, an organization with a long pioneering history that is currently pushing the boundaries of space exploration.


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Each turn is played on one of the three sections of the map:

  • Night Market
  • Garden
  • Control Center


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Pharah, Junkrat, and Soldier: 76 can use their explosives (Rockets, Concussion mines, and Helix rocket, respectively) to push enemies off the bridge.

Lúcio can wall ride near the bridge to easily boop enemies.

Mercy can and should hide behind the rock near the bridge to keep her Revive safe.

The windows on the objective in Lijiang Tower can be used for surprise attacks; the best heroes for this would probably be Genji and Pharah.

This map also has a lot of holes to fall into, which is both an advantage and a threat to Lúcio, Junkrat, Winston, and D.va.


  • Artist Arnold Tsang reveals that Lijiang Tower (漓江塔) is inspired by the night market of Chongqing, China.

[citation needed] Two other real-world places might be association too. The one Li-jiang (丽江) is a city in Yunnan province. It has the same pronunciation as game's but their Chinese letters are different. Another one Li-Jiang River as well as Li River (漓江) is located in China's Guangxi province, but it is pure natural landscape unlike the metropolis in the game. Chinese Versions of Overwatch indicate the latter is more possible.[1][2].

  • A spacesuit with the name "Hongyu Wu" appears on the Control Center map, with the subtitle "heroes never die." This is a tribute to the individual of the same name, who was killed while pursuing a motorbike thief.[3]
  • In Night Market a newspaper with a picture of Mei in her Yeti Hunter skin can be seen.

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