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"Play your way using the Looking for Group tool! You can control your gameplay experience by hosting a group with custom options including restricting endorsement level or selecting roles prior to queueing up for Quick Play, Play vs AI, or any competitive mode. Choose to join a team of like-minded people or assemble your own."
~ PlayOverwatch website

Looking for Group is a tool designed to get like-minded players together, with customizable rules, game mode queue, and name.



Players can choose whatever name they want for their group. Including crucial information is recommended, since it makes understanding what your group is about easier.

Game Mode[]

The group leader can select from:

  • Quick Play
  • Competitive
  • Any
  • Custom Game
  • VS. AI

The selected game mode will appear in the group information. If the group leader has selected Competitive, they will need to specify their SR range. This will show up below the game mode text.

Wants Voice Chat[]

An option that automatically makes players that join your group join voice chat. However, speaking is not required. Selecting "Yes" will add a microphone icon beside your group name.

Minimum endorsement level[]

You can set a minimum endorsement level to any player joining your group.


Each player slot can be customized to a certain role. There is an option to Enforce Roles, which means the player cannot play heroes outside their role. The roles available are:

Players can select a secondary role, that lets them pick from that hero pool once another member of the group chooses their primary role.