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Loot Boxes are a feature of Overwatch. They will be removed in Overwatch 2.[1] Any unopened loot boxes from the original game will be automatically opened in players' accounts when Overwatch 2 goes live.[2]


One Loot Box is received for every level gained. Additional Loot Boxes can be purchased in the Loot Box menu.

Each Loot Box contains four random items, with at least one rare or better item. The contents of a Loot Box is determined when the Loot Box is received, not when it is opened.[3] If a Loot Box contains a duplicate cosmetic that the player already owns, they will instead receive credits.

To open a Loot Box, either navigate to the main menu and click the "Loot Box" option, or bring up the pause menu and click the "Open Loot Box" button. While opening a Loot Box, players can preview and equip the contents.

Loot Boxes and their contents are entirely cosmetic, and do not give any gameplay advantages.

The content of Loot Boxes are defined when you get them. The drop rates are as follows: A Rare item or above is included in every box. An Epic item is included in about 18.5% of all boxes. A Legendary item is included in about 7.5% of all boxes. A Rare Victory Pose is included in about 23% of all boxes. A Rare Skin is included in about 30% of all boxes. A Rare Player Icon is included about 48% of all boxes.[4]


(Credits for Duplicate)
Player Icons
Voice Lines
Victory Poses
Highlight Intros
Credits N/A Currency.png50 Currency.png150 Currency.png500


(US dollars, through Battle.net)

$1.99 for 2 Loot Boxes
$4.99 for 5 Loot Boxes
$9.99 for 11 Loot Boxes
$19.99 for 24 Loot Boxes
$39.99 for 50 Loot Boxes

Seasonal Loot Boxes[]

For the duration of a seasonal event, regular Loot Boxes are changed to special event themed Loot Boxes. Each of these seasonal Loot Boxes are guaranteed to contain at least one event-exclusive cosmetic item. Seasonal Loot Boxes that have already been purchased and unopened will remain seasonal Loot Boxes even after the event has ended.


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