Los Muertos is a cancer on this city.
Soldier: 76
Los Muertos (The Dead) is a gang of self-proclaimed revolutionaries centered in Dorado. It is unknown what they do, but they resent the Mexican government for "leaving them behind" after the Omnic Crisis. They often paint skull and bone motiffs on their bodies with phosphorescent paint and are mostly involved in arms trafficking. They also seem to accept omnics into their gang, despite members having anti-omnic views.

In Hero, members of the Los Muertos gang are seen beating up a helpless omnic. As Alejandra tries to pass by without them noticing, one of them unfortunately discovered her. After attempting to get her to beat the omnic, the members steal Alejandra's money and drive off, forcing her to chase them.

The gang later got into a fight with the vigilante known as Soldier: 76 but managed to escape after the soldier decided to shield Alejandra from the explosion caused by one of their grenades.

Known members

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