Lucheng Interstellar is China's leading space exploration company. It is based in Lijiang Tower.

It is implied that this company oversaw the Horizon Lunar Colony, as their control center has several posters for it as well as a photo of Harold Winston. They also manage a space station which recently was reported to encounter a sudden error.

Known Members

Lunar Ops
  • Dr. Harold Winston: A caretaker of the enhanced gorillas of the Horizon Lunar Colony who was killed in the uprising.
  • Nevsky: A gorilla caretaker.
  • Yoshida: A gorilla caretaker.
  • Zhang: A gorilla caretaker.
  • Flores: Role unknown.
  • Azzarelli: Role unknown.
  • Patel: Role unknown.
  • Onyango: Role unknown.
  • Khouri: Role unknown.
  • 08: Hammond: A 'smaller test subject' who went missing just before the uprising.
  • 09: Simon
  • 10: Dyson
  • 15: Calvin
  • 20: Susan
  • 23: Hypatia
  • 24: Marie
  • 26: Ellie
  • 28: Winston: A gorilla with unusually fast brain development. Managed to escape Horizon before the uprising.
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