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Energia limpia para todo Mexico.
~ Company slogan, translated as "clean energy for all Mexico."
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Guillermo Portero (CEO)
Dorado, Mexico[1]
Energy company

LumériCo is an energy company, based in Dorado, Mexico.[1] Partially state-sponsored.[2] it is the country's largest energy company.[3]


LumériCo took part in the reconstruction of Mexico in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis. To this end, it constructed a series of power plants in a network that ran throughout the country. The last one was constructed in Dorado.[4]


As CEO Guillermo Portero's speech to mark the power plant's construction loomed, its website was hacked.[5] This led to a series of emails being exchanged between staff members, as issues included unauthorized logins to Portero's personal page, power spikes during an alarm test, and unauthorized changes in server code.[1] The hacks continued, as the company reported a server outage, and Station 4 experienced a perimeter breach. Extra security shifts were given for all LumériCo sites.[6]

It was actually cyber rather than physical security that LumériCo needed, as Sombra leaked a number of company documents and emails to the public. The documents indicated that Portero used the company's funds as his own piggy bank, that he was personally involved in bribing public officials and creating a system of kickbacks and payoffs beneficial to LumériCo, and finally, that he proposed a plan to seize privately held land via government expropriation to expand LumériCo's facilities throughout Mexico. In addition, the emails revealed that LumériCo had been in negotations with the Vishkar Corporation to export its proprietary energy systems; a cause of concern for many, given that Vishkar itself was the subject of inquiries for its actions in Rio de Janeiro. Mexican law enforcement categorized the break-in as a criminal action, and Portero forcibly denied the accusations. Los Muertos came out as a supporter of Sombra, calling for the immediate resignation and arrest of Mr. Portero and his co-conspirators, the deactivation of LumériCo's power plants pending an independent investigation into the company's governance, and reparations to citizens affected by LumériCo's policies.[2] Less than a week after the leak, Portero announced that he was stepping down as CEO. Company officials stressed that he hadn't officially resigned or been removed from his duties. Portero retained some support within LumériCo, but some within the company believed it to be the end of his career. Meanwhile, the company suffered a second breach of its network, which had security insiders concerned that the company's wide-ranging network infrastructure could still be compromised.[7]

Recent Activities[]

Portero managed to retain his position as CEO. The company focused its efforts on dealing with Sombra.[8]

Known Members[]

A statue of Guillermo Portero, the company's CEO





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