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Lynx Seventeen

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Volskaya Industries (temporarily)

Lynx Seventeen is an omnic hacker.


Lynx has a dry wit. They regard being a hacker as part of their identity. They see humans and omnics as being similar, as both being programmed both figuratively and literally. Their muzzle-shaped mouth and antennae give them some resemblance to the large wild cats with which they share their name. The three diodes in the center of their forehead allow them to interface remotely with computer systems.[1] Lynx is gender neutral and prefers others to refer to them as "they" and "them."[2]


You're a robot. She didn't tell me you're a robot.
You're very observant. She didn't tell me you were observant.
~ Zarya and Lynx meet

Lynx and Zarya meet

Lynx was contacted by Katya Volskaya to aid her agent Zarya in her search for the hacker known as Sombra. Their meeting in Numbani began on a wrong foot, given Zarya's dislike of omnics. They revealed that they'd been investigating the "Sombra Collective" for some time, and it had begun something of a passion for them. Zarya revealed that the "Sombra Collective" was actually just one person, and that she had threatened Katya in Russia, hence her search. Lynx revealed that Sombra had recently taken down Guillermo Portero, the CEO of LumériCo. Given that Sombra's calling card was a sugar skull, and that Los Muertos had a large presence in Dorado, they concluded that the town would be a good place to investigate. Zarya told them that they weren't coming with her, but nonetheless, the two ended up in Mexico. Lynx and Zarya gained an audience with Portero, who wished them luck but couldn't give them any assistance.

The pair approach the warehouse

Lynx sarcastically asked if they should knock on every door in Dorado. Zarya did just that, and they went through hundreds of dwellings per day, all looking for a sign of Sombra. They repeatedly stated that the brute force approach wouldn't work, but they were proven wrong, as a girl named Alejandra directed them to Sombra's hideout. At the warehouse, Lynx deactivated the building's security protocols. They walked and talked, Zarya revealed how it had been omnics working for the Siberian omnium that had destroyed her village, and that she had fought them ever since, killing hundreds of them. Lynx expressed their gamut of emotions—anger that Zarya had killed so many of their kind, but also sorrow for her own losses.

Zarya saves Lynx

In the warehouse, the two met Sombra, and after a brief gunfight, Zarya incapacitated her. However, Lynx collapsed, as Sombra had hacked them in Numbani when they'd been searching for her. She also revealed that the warehouse would be destroyed in an explosion in one minute. Zarya let Sombra go and saved Lynx from the inferno. Lynx reactivated outside, their memory a bit hazy of the events. They asked Zarya why she'd saved them. She said that she didn't know, and that a few days ago she might have killed Lynx herself. The two parted ways.[1]


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